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anonymous asked:

u seen the tweet where she searched ggl for TS50 and its actually a site for decoding morse codes and when she typed in flirtaus code it says “i am v”????

No? What? I’m confused. TS50 meant top social 50 she even tweeted that bc people made theories fjslfnsk

Top 50 Tweets Curated by Eamonn Marra/MVH
by Eamonn Marra & MVH
Contact @yourjokesarebad
or @laboured_pun

This is a double-ended zine – each story starting at either end, and contain a series of 50 tweets compiled by one author of the other’s Twitter feed.

I enjoyed the contents of this zine, some of my favourite tweets include: “I’ve never owned a flip phone and now I’m worried it might be too late”, and “Whoa check out this guy using a 50 to pay for the wine and L&P she’s going to mix together”.

Each cover features a portrait of an author, which is used throughout the zine next to their selected tweets. The production of this zine is a little rough – uneven pages and there is a bit of text that’s been cut off in the process of photocopying. That being said, I would still recommend this zine to others.


This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 2