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For anyone who is into Counter-Strike please watch this.

Top 50 Counter-Strike players of all time part 1/5 [x]

"Just stop, I love her." Draco Malfoy Imagine

Request?: No
Warnings: No
Word Count: 1,203

Description: You are in Gryffindor and you and Draco have had a secret relationship for several months.
Guide: Y/N = Your name, Y/F/N = Your first name, Y/L/N = Your last name

It has been 5 months that you and Draco have been in this secret relationship. You feel weird for keeping it a secret this long. Draco, the most popular boy in the school and a “dreaded” Slytherin would never go out with the award-winning Gryffindor Quidditch player…or so everyone thought.
Draco loved you, that you were certain of; but he also really loved his image. Draco was worried that the Slytherin King’s reputation would be ruined by dating a Gryffindor. You knew your friends wouldn’t care, and you didn’t care about anyone else’s opinion; but he cared highly of everyone else’s opinions.
It was a typical day in the Hogwarts dining hall where everyone was gathered for breakfast. Your friends sat eagerly at the table waiting for you to join. Once you sat down to eat they all started to look nervous. “Why do you all look so nervous?” You asked with a little bit of a chuckle while you took a sip from your glass of Earl Grey Tea.
“You don’t remember??” They all looked at you with astonishment and a little bit of worry.
“Remember what?” You question as you put down your cup.
“The Daily Prophet?!? Does that ring a bell??” Sam questioned.
“What about it? Is there another phoney horoscope that is way too vague to be a wizard writing it?”
“Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you have forgotten!” Sam exclaimed.
“The list for “The Worlds Best Upcoming Quidditch players” is coming out today!“
You nearly choke on your food when you remember that you were nominated for that a few months ago. Alongside you being nominated, it was a bunch of of other kids from Hogwarts and some of the newest Quidditch players in Universities around the world.
The messenger owls start flying in with people’s mail, packages, and the Daily Prophet. Your owl drops your newspaper on the table and you hurriedly found the page that had the listings. It started with 50th and ended in 1st. You looked through each name and picture very carefully. Rory Eldridge from Thundelarra Thunderers (Australia) was 50th, Hannah Mason from Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team was 42nd. You put your finger on her number to not lose your place and looked at the overall statistics of each team; Afria: 7, Asia: 3, Oceania: 5, Europe: 9 , North America: 10, South America: 3, United Kingdom and Ireland: 14 (Hogwarts: 3)
You knew that 10 were nominated, but only 3 got ranked top 50; you knew these weren’t great odds. You continued down the list. Mary Wellington from Appleby Arrows (England) was ranked 36th; you knew she took a tremendous fall in the Quidditch World Cup when one of the beaters from Barton proceeded to "accidentally” kick and break her broom. Your boyfriend Draco was ranked 29th; not surprising with his poor performance last year, you knew he wouldn’t be able to redeem himself for this year. You got to 3rd when Dumbledore hushed the room. Dumbledore proceeded to say
“As most of you are aware, the top 50 upcoming Quidditch players in the world came out in papers today. Ten of our amazing students were nominated but only three landed in the top 50 and made the papers. I would like to congratulate Hannah Mason from Hufflepuff for earning the 42nd spot overall. I would also like to congratulate Draco Malfoy from Slytherin who earned the 29th spot overall and who was our highest placing male.”
You prepared yourself for not getting called because you knew your performance wasn’t great this year.
“And lastly, I would like to congratulate Y/F/N Y/L/N from Gryffindor for gaining the first spot overall and also gaining the title of Worlds Best Quidditch player!”
You were completely shocked, you didn’t expect placing, nevermind 1st! Sam and Kat were basically screaming while everyone else clapped and congratulated you.

*Later that day after all classes end*
You were on your way down to the locker rooms to get your gear on when Fred and George ran up to you and gave you a huge hug and congratulated you. Sam and Kat came to the locker room to give some of their “world-famous” pep talks; which basically included Quidditch statistics, gossip, and them telling you how awesome you are.
“Jorden was telling me that Slytherin want to play extra dirty today” Sam spat out.
“Oh yeah?” You chuckled “Why would they want to play extra dirty?”
Kat blurted in “Because you outranked their best player by a lot. That’s enough to get any Slytherin mad.”
“I’ll be fine. I promise. I’ll play my regular game, but I’ll play dirty right back if I have too.” You reassured them.
You gave Sam your Gryffindor scarf since it was fairly chilly outside. When Regan the captain was giving a pep talk, you started stretching and warming up, you didn’t want to psych yourself out.

*During the game*
“And Y/N deals her Woollongong Shimmy, that’s something I haven’t seen done successfully in a long time!” The announcer roars into the microphone.
Draco has been pulling up a bunch of fouls and illegals this game and it’s concerning you, but you keep your head in the game.
Ross, a fellow beater in Slytherin, yells to Draco
“Get Y/N off her broom or there’s no way we have a chance at winning.”
“I will not kick her off her broom. I have picked up too many fouls and illegals this game; one more and I’m out.” Draco hissed back
“Do you love her or something? Get your head out of your a-”
Draco got up in Ross’ face and replied “Yes, I do love her. Leave her alone.”
Draco them looked over as Y/N scored yet another goal and winning the game.

*After the game, in the corridors*
You, Sam, and Kat were all walking back to the Gryffindor common room when before you turned a corner you heard an argument break out so you three just listened.
“What is bloody wrong with ya mate? Are ye lovestruck or somethin’?” Owen spat at Draco
“Y/N is a worthless overachiever who doesn’t understand the word normal” Ross yelled.
Draco furiously yelled “Y/N IS NOT WORTHLESS. SHE WORKS SO DAMN HARD AND DESERVES EVERYTHING.. Including a better boyfriend….” Draco trailed off
You, Sam, and Kat’s jaws dropped.
“What do you mean "better boyfriend”???“ Ross said angrily
"Y/N and I have been dating for five months and I was too selfish with my reputation to want to tell anyone. Just stop, I love her.”
Awkward but light atmosphere filled the corridor and the rest of the Slytherin team left Draco to himself. Draco dropped to the ground and started crying. You couldn’t hold it any longer, you ran to his side. Once he saw it was you he got up and hugged you so tight.
“I’m so sorry Y/N. I was stupid and selfish but I never took your feelings into consideration. Please forgive me.” Draco sniffled
“Of course I forgive you. I love you too.”
You wiped the tears from his cheeks and cupped his head in your hands and kissed him.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it! I really enjoy writing for Harry Potter! Please keep requesting imagines, preferences, etc.! Keep reading!

{written 7-14-16}


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you fucking cowards… with the ‘top 50 players right now’ list… you could have put karlsson at #1 but nooo… yall couldnt live w mcdav$d or crosB not in top 2. ANYWAY like any list of this nature that puts ovi all the way down at fuckin 18 is a garbage endeavor. so fuck off nhl network

Creepypasta #264: "Xbox, Stop"

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer. I don’t play too many games, or maybe I should say I don’t like many games. I play a lot, but because of the sheer quantity I need to filter through, I must be frugal. I’ve been playing the same old Counter-Strike matches for the past ten years. That being said, I don’t get many new games, and about 2 years ago I purchased my first XBox 360 from Craigslist. There was nothing strange about it, no ominous air of death or any sort of shady dealings. I met a broke kid and didn’t even haggle with him. He was polite and the whole thing took place pretty quickly on his front porch. He lived in a pretty nice part of town, but probably didn’t get hand-outs from his folks. It felt like a pretty standard trade, exactly the way you would want it to be.

There was only one slight problem. The controller he gave me didn’t work. I still got a pretty good deal on the console, but had to get a new one. I was in luck and got a pretty good price on a used one. (There’s me being frugal again…) Since I saved a few bucks, I picked up a headset and a 3 month subscription to Xbox Live. Luckily, they were both also on sale! When I got the console, he included a copy of Modern Warfare 3, so I wanted to play that online. I was pretty excited to get my game on after unlocking the “Thrifty” achievement.

I had only tried to turn the console on twice before I realized the controller was broken, so there wasn’t much I could do without a new one. There were 2 profiles left on there, so I did I system restore or format or whatever that is called. Having erased everything, I created a new profile and made an avatar that looked like me. I didn’t put much effort into it, though. After a few frustrating minutes of network configuration, I punched in the code on the prepaid card I purchased and was online for the first time. Finally, I was connected to a world of “current” gamers and excited to try the latest shooter!

I wasn’t up-to-date with modern games, but apparently my skills were. In Call of Duty, I was getting first place in nearly every match I played. It almost felt like I was cheating. Was I doing something different that no one had thought of? I started uploading videos and posting on forums. Some people would message me and invite me to join their “clan” and I felt like a mini-celebrity. One group even asked me “if it would be cool to use my strategy?” After two months, I had over 300 new “friends” just because I was good at a video game.

It started to eat into my personal time as I turned down plans to game. I broke up with my girlfriend. I considered quitting my job and took a serious cutback on hours. To account for the loss in income, I monetized my videos and had a surprisingly large influx in cash flow. I quit my job. I made more money by playing video games than I would make in any job my resume could land. In less than three months of owning an Xbox and playing this game, I had become a highly respected CoD player and a new game in the franchise was about to come out. Black Ops 2 was hitting stores in one week and I had the potential to rise up the leader boards if I jumped on it the day it came out.

I remember waiting in line at midnight. I remember running out of the mall, not starting the car, but certainly ripping the shrink-wrap with my teeth while driving home. The smell of the new disc was heavenly. I sped and should have been ticketed, but managed to pop that disc in my tray less than 15 minutes after the time printed on the receipt. There was a problem. My Gold subscription was up. No big deal. I punched in my debit card numbers and was online in a few minutes.

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Kenma professional gamer THO

(Sorry I just have Kenma anxiety feelings and I– this is gonna be long AF LIKE ACTUAL FIC LENGTH I THINK SO Z)

imagine kenma playing games for so long since he was a kid that he joins a gaming software development company. Unsurprising, and they have access to the latest shit in the market. Nice. He’s like what, 23 now?

When Diablo III was announced, it takes little convincing for him to get into a game like that. Concept looked promising, D and DII was alright. He received a copy waaaaay early and is pretty low key excited for it. What he doesn’t expect is that he’s expected to play as a beta.
His boss recommended him for his gaming skills as a joke, he was in the company of someone who was looking for a goodass gamer, and now he’s got to stick it out. Fucks sake.

First time kenma’s playing beta, so he’s deathly quiet and nervy in game - there are people callin him noob shit all the time because beta testers can be a little elitist once the top dogs band together like cliques; they think kenma made it as a beta tester via connections or sheer luck


gamers coming up to him all the time, asking to form parties and for help - kenma getting hundreds of friend requests, and yet he’s still going solo. He makes a name for himself as a solid player. He never goes on voice chat, never types a word. Just gets into the game, goes hardcore till he can’t keep his eyes open, and logs off. Not a single peep outta this mysterious beta, even after the game’s past its launch and open to the public.

Kenma is one of the top 50 players in the world. he gets invited for the first major tournament in Japan. Turns them down. There’s hate for that, but it doesn’t last. It gets peaceful by the third month that goes by.

The next year. Kenma is one of the top 20 by now. He’s an anonymous player that literally being begged by the Japanese gaming societies to accept the invitation to the tournament on social media. It’s regional now. He turns them down. not as much hate this time, just confusion. Who is this guy? Why’s he so adamant on not going for the tournament? why—

it was easier with the hate. Kenma takes a hiatus, and his fans take a hint. He comes back to silence, and games like he did before. Silently, alone, not for any kind of recognition, and happy.

But Third times the charm. Kenma’s in 3rd place internationally now. Tournament comes around, it’s international this time, and the begging and pleas come in. It’s everywhere - social media, magazines, even on a couple of middle-exposure TV channels and on the radio. Kenma’s cornered hard, and pressured this time. The money they’re offering this time isn’t a joke either. Kuroo’s Kenma senses tingle, and he catches his childhood friend in a vulnerable state of indecisiveness. Kenma mumbles that he’s been invited for a competition. In a moment of weakness, Kenma forgets how crafty Kuroo can be.

He wakes up with the invitation gone. The application filled in. Kenma wants to cry because now he’s going to the gaming capitol of the world, and he’s never been less ready to PEOPLE. Worse; he’s expected to played with Japan’s top players; complete strangers. He’s at the top of that list, obviously, but it doesn’t make him feel any less uncomfortable, being a part of a team after running solo for a few years.

Kuroo tells everyone from Nekoma literally three months in advance. They take precious days off work to follow Kenma. To emotionally support him, so that even in what their bby setter felt like was a solo tournament, he felt like he had a team.

Yaku packs Kenma’s Nekoma jacket. Kuroo pays to bring Kenma’s cat along. Everyone pools to buy Kenma authentic expensive AF apple pie and they prepare cool towels and a comfy pillow for him to sit on at the tournament. They sign the underside of the cap he’s sponsored to wear.

It’s d day and Kenma is sweating nervously. The anonymous beta player wants to throw up the second he steps into the tournament hall. Everyone’s rushing about. People are screaming. There are posters with his username and a black silhouette against the Diablo III decals that looks too buff to be him plastered everywhere. After a quiet life of seeing no one but his boss, his family, a couple of colleagues and Kuroo for a few years ago, he’s starting to regret everything. This is too much.

Before he steps up to the stage, hes told he doesnt need to say anything - they’re only introducing him. Kenma doesn’t hear a word. He’s thinking about crawling under a table and hibernating.

he staggers up and they introduce him. The crowd goes batshit insane and right at the forefront of the audience, reporters are shoving microphones at him. There are camera flashes. He can’t get a word out - no ones listening. It’s pandemonium. Kenma feels, for the first time in ages, that he wants to cry. This was all such a big mistake–

Strong hands reach around him and his face is suddenly smushed into a familiar jacket. ‘What was it Shouyou would have said? … Ah. It smells like air salonpas–’ it smells like home, and Kuroo and high school and of good times with friends and just raw, raw comfort–

Someone is trying to feed him apple pie, and getting it all over the stage AND Kuroo which is fucking hilarious. Yamamoto is intimidating the fuck out of reporters with broken English and for awhile Lev tried to… pick Kenma up? But after 5 whole minutes of Kuroo not budging Lev is now yelling something aggressively at the press and crowd in Russian, and fuck, Inuoka is joining in except he’s literally just yelling iconic angry manga quotes– Yaku is speaking with the organizers about how irresponsible they were for allowing Kenma to be faced with such an overwhelming response from the media without any prior preparation, this is poor event management and horrible, how could they even–

Kenma’s cat is clawing at one of the reporters and someone is screeching – Kenma just doesn’t know if he’s crying or laughing but he feels relief course through him like a welcome flame in winter and he clutches to the teammates he can reach like a lifeline because that’s what they are, really, what else could he do but hold onto them like they were the last breath of fresh air in the room when they W E R E–

Kuroo loudly (and vulgarly) demands Kenma is removed from the tournament, but Kenma stops everything with resolute eyes and non-shaking hands and a non-quiet voice and a spirit in his eyes that could not be quelled as he said, “I will play.” No more, no less. Just three words, before he inclines his head to the organizers, apologizes, and turns to leave the stage. It takes some time and more than one “Yamamoto, stop with the face,” but the Nekoma team follows after him offstage, too. It takes a whole hour to convince them, yes. He’s sure.

Kenma plays in his Nekoma jacket, with his cat in his lap, apple pie next to his mouse pad, sitting on a pillow with down features in it (fuku’s), as the entire Nekoma team standing around his gaming station like a fortress. Media doesn’t even dare approach after awhile. More than Kuroo or Lev or even Yamamoto, it’s Yaku that scares the press and persistent fans away when he tells them politely but firmly to leave. Kenma feels like he’s gaming with blinkers on - it’s peaceful. It’s like he was at home again.

He’s team leader, courtesy of his ranking worldwide. Hes not any less uncomfortable with this team of strangers, or being in a party at all, but old habits die hard. He knows their weaknesses after 15 minutes of softcore playing. He knows their strengths. He sets their positions in his head and the strategies that best implement each of his team mates. He leads. Guides. They clear areas solidly. The Nekoma team look on silently; not entirely understanding this new and strange world Kenma was so deeply immersed in, but astute enough to know Kenma was doing something fucking amazing here. Their setter is a damn good strategist, and he leads with his actions, refraining from speaking to improve concentration in his party. At most, it’s “cool down,” or “regroup,” or “rez needed for seat 3.” Quiet. Efficient. Wit. Waste not, want not. That’s how Kenma played.

That’s how Japan won the national tournament for the first time.

- submitted by  shishido-ryou


Mi Top 50 Female Bass Players ( 1-10 )

- Carol Kaye

- Kim Gordon - Sonic Youth

- Kim Deal - Pixies

- Tina Weymouth - Talking Head

- D’arcy Wretzky - Smashing Pumpkins

- Sean Yseult - White Zombie

- Ryna Foss - Coal Chambers

- Share Ross Pedersen- Vixen

- Corey Parks - Nashville Pussy

- Gail Ann Dorsey


The top ten players from’s top 50 list, which lists players who had a spectacular 2013/14 season.


Cristiano Ronaldo wins Goal 50 award

“It’s a very big honour for me to have been chosen as the best player. I’m sincerely grateful for this award.

I also want to thank the fans for their support and for their passion for the game, which is what makes this sport so fascinating throughout the world.”

Over and above individual prizes, I have always maintained that it’s the teams, your team-mates and the fans that make each of us better as footballers. Therefore, I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have been able to win this award without the constant support from all the people at Real Madrid.“

My aims for the coming season are the same as always: to fight from the start of every training session to the last minute of every match. My wish is for Real Madrid to lift all of the trophies possible.
Our club, our coaching staff, my great team-mates and myself, we will do everything we possibly can - day in, day out and week in, week out - to bring as much joy as possible to our magnificent fans.

"Football and competition are in my blood.”

The Goal 50 is regarded as one of the most credible and respected awards in sport because it is chosen by the world’s biggest football website.
More than 600 Goal journalists from our 35 editions around the world vote to select their top 50 players, giving a truly global view.
2014 Goal 50: 🏆 Cristiano Ronaldo, 2. Arjen Robben, 3. Lionel Messi (full list)

FourFourTwo’s 2016 Top 50 women’s soccer players in the United States by NWSL Club:

Portland Thorns FC: 7

Chicago Red Stars: 7

Western New York Flash: 5

FC Kansas City: 5

Seattle Reign FC: 5

Orlando Pride: 4

Houston Dash: 3

Sky Blue FC: 3

Washington Spirit: 3

Boston Breakers: 1

Unattached: 7


Revealed: Goal 50 Top 10

External image

Cristiano Ronaldo wins Goal 50 award

The Goal 50 is regarded as one of the most credible and respected awards in sport because it is chosen by the world’s biggest football website. More than 600 Goal journalists from our 35 editions around the world vote to select their top 50 players, giving a truly global view.

2014 Goal 50 award:
🏆 Cristiano Ronaldo
2.  Arjen Robben
3.  Lionel Messi
4.  Philipp Lahm
5.  Thomas Müller
6.  James Rodriguez
7.  Luis Suarez
8.  Thibaut Courtois
9.  Arturo Vidal
10. Sergio Ramos
(full Top 50 list)