top 50 phineas and ferb songs

top 50 phineas and ferb songs | “summer belongs to you!” (x)

don’t waste a minute sitting on that chair
the world is calling so just get out there
you can see forever, so your dreams are all in view
yes, it’s true! summer belongs to you!

top 50 phineas and ferb songs | “rollercoaster” (x)

we’re right side up and upside down
don’t ask me talk, can’t tell a verb from a noun
and i’m screaming like a baby who’s afraid of a clown
i’m glad i’m wearing trousers that are already brown
it’ll twist your belly, it’ll turn your gut
man, is this ride sweet or what?

cartoon shows as music genres
  • Adventure Time: Folk, Freak-Folk, Heavy Metal, Medieval, Chiptunes
  • Steven Universe: Prog-rock, Psyhcedelic rock, Glam rock, New Age, Chillwave, Soul
  • Over the Garden Wall: Death-rock, Darkwave, Witchhouse, Sludge Metal, Drone, Novelty Songs
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Post-punk, Dream pop, Shoegaze, Post-Metal, Ambient
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Breakbeat, Electroclash, Trip-hop, Minimalwave, Drum n bass, Vaporwave
  • Ed Edd n Eddy: Jazz, Ska, Punk, Dub, Garage Rock, Hardcore
  • Uncle Grandpa: Vocal jazz, Showtunes, Decayed music, Glitch Trance
  • Gravity Falls: Power Pop, Blues, Post-Rock, Hip-hop, Plunderphonics, Number Stations, Library Music
  • Wander Over Yonder: Krautrock, Neo-Psychedelia, Electroswing, Funk, Nu-Disco
  • Phineas and Ferb: Rocksteady, 50s rock n roll, Math rock, Top 40 pop, Synth pop

top 50 phineas and ferb songs | “lunar taste sensation” (x)

–Where are you getting your information from, Disembodied Reggae Space Voice?
–Hey, I have a name, you know!
–Oh, yeah? What is it?
–Well… it… it’s Disembodied Reggae Space Voice, but that’s just a coincidence, you didn’t know that!