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No place i'd rather be

Summary: Tom is famous and goes on millions of trips and talk shows but he always comes home to his Y/N

A/N: I’ve decided to just write for various characters so send in requests and asks and I made the reader famous in this. Also I don’t like this one its too short and its a bit all over the place but another one will maybe be out  tomorrow 

Word count: 941

Tom had another interview but this time it was in New York, a full upscale hotel room had been assigned to him but he could bring Y/N along this time. You had stepped back for the last couple of months or this entire seven months of the year really, you had promised Tom that his limelight would be all on him this year. She could do without having nosy interviewers and paparazzi asking her on his premiere night about her upcoming films and works she had bubbling in the background. She had kept her support to a minimal outside of their own world, posting a few snapchat’s of herself at promoting and a couple of fresh photo’s on Instagram with her and Tessa binge watching all the trailers.

Tom didn’t want to pressure her but he had hoped she would come to the interview and cheer for him at the side lines. She was his anchor at the best of time, something that holds him to the ground during his upscaling of fame. She reminded him of home and he finally believed that his life could begin with her and he could be famous because she would make it happen, his mother tells him their too young but he knows Y/N is a superwomen and would juggle all things without breaking a sweat. He had rung her before escaping onto the stage on Jimmy Kimmel live and she had boasted him up onto cloud nine. He sat with Robert on the comfy blue chairs and gloated about the up coming film until you were brought up and he got all flustered and shy like a child being told to say hello. A video of you was brought up, it was you and Harrison in the airport waiting for Tom to get home to London. They were playing an unknown song on the speakers and you were clearly liking the song because you took to dancing around Harrison whilst he recorded you doing spins and twirls but soon some of your fans had caught onto what you were doing and were dancing with you. Tom noticed how happy and carefree you looked, little did anyone know after that you collapsed asleep in the taxi home because you were so tired, he loved how excited you acted around your fans showing dedication and love towards them.

The interview wrapped up around one in the morning and Tom sent you a message hoping you were awake, he instantly got one back claiming you could engulf some food. He laughs and heads off down to his awaiting car, still in his black suit, he is driven two blocks away from the hotel and lets them drive off. He walks into a shabby looking licence shop and looks for some food for her, a women in a nearly non-existent red tight dress saddles up next to him. She must take note of the posh suit because she bats her eyelashes and purrs out a husky “hi handsome, where are you off too?” He detaches himself from the grip on his bicep and claims “home.” Whilst paying for his items, pushing the door he hears the women groan and soon the exit bell is chiming again, he rolls his eyes but continues on. “Can I come with you?” She questions, he ignores her second attempt and rounds the corner of the first block. He hears the running of clicking kitten heels and she pops up next to him. They both say nothing as he finally arrives to the lobby of the hotel, she seems surprised that he is in such a high end place turning to look at her finally he states “go home and get a good nights sleep, I’ve got a Y/N upstairs.” She looks confused as the elevator door closes.

He punches in the code and peaks into the one bedroomed room. The floor to ceiling windows are closed and covered by cream drapes. The soft glow of the TV eliminates her face, her heavy lids constantly fighting to stay awake under the thick black blanket that is draped over her lower body. He smiles as he sees her upper body is clothed in the fluffy white robe they provide in the hotel room. Out the corner of her eye she sees the suited boy and smiles a tired smile, patting the seat next to her in the large double bed. “I’m watching top 50 funniest animals and so far I haven’t laughed because none of them are Tess.” He chuckles and slips off the dress shoes and flaps his tie off from around his neck, slipping of his jacket and finally into bed. She shifts so that her body is half spread onto his and snuggles into the toned chest he now owns, “how was the interview?”  He hums a response but doesn’t go into too much detail. “Some women tried to come home with me.” He casually throws into the silent atmosphere, it hangs and seeps into their air supply before she mummers “was she pretty?” He plants a small kiss on her forehead “Nothing compared to you my darling and besides I’ve had you for two years and I look forward to coming home to you still every single new day.”  

An he wasn’t lying a new day was a new development in their story, each day was a new page of their novel and they wrote for hours trying to correct the mistakes that had been buried in their pages. But at the end of the day he could always close the book and come home to his dearest Y/N