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Tim/Lyla | Top 5 Moments | #1 4.06 Stay

Tim: But, more importantly Riggin’s Rigs… yeah granted it’s not doing so well, I understand that, hence me in the trailer right now but that will change. So give me six months, a year, Billy’s got his kid and all this kind of stuff, it’s gonna get busy. I’m pitching away, doing my thing, handing out cards, and I’ll be under the car all the time - and that’s where you come in, Miss Garrity. We’re gonna need someone to manage it when it gets like, just like, super busy. I mean, granted yeah, it’s a simple life but I mean it’s kind of a great life.
Lyla: That’s your pitch? Wow… [smiles]
Tim: Yeah, take it in.
Lyla: It’s a hard one to walk away from.
Tim: [his smile falters] …so don’t.
Lyla: Tim…
Tim: I’m serious. 
Lyla: What do you want?
Tim: You.
Lyla: What else do you want?
Tim: …you.