top 5 ships i first hated but now love

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May I know your top 5 of favorite OmiRyu's moment/pic??

Sorry for the late answer I need to think carefully since… 5 ( *°ー°* )? I have like 100 fave moments (but do not ask me to list them again I will die re-watching all of them lol).

I think this one should come first 

THIS IS THE MOMENT THAT MADE ME SHIP THEM (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)! I swear I entered this fandom with the mindset “I’m not gonna ship anyone with anyone. They’re so manly I should ship them with myself ( >ω•́ )☆” and then this happened. I was converted. I hate love this.

This one climbed soooo fast on my fave list. Now I can put those two together and stare at them all day.

The funniest thing about those two moments is that: Omi is always  more eager to hug his lover partner XD. If you look at the 1st gif carefully, you’ll see Omi put the flowers a bit TOO QUICK, then immediately opened his arms like “Ryuji you must hug me now I won’t let you get away” LOL. The 2nd gif too, when they hugged Omi is the quicker to put his arm on Ryuji’s back. I was like “Oi Omi aren’t you a bit too aggressive?”.

This one is from Shin Domoto Kyodai. I LOL-ed so hard at how Omi kept tugging his collar open because Ryuji was sitting next to him, so cute he’s getting hot and bothered hahaha. Do you think the same ( ̄∇ ̄)?


I literally screamed at my laptop watching this. I mean… out of anything and everything Ryuji could have said, he said the most shippy reason ⊙▽⊙. More like “bc I love him” GET MARRIED ALREADY (」°Д°)」.

This should be the last one. After their On your mark performance, NES walked STRAIGHT to Ryuji and started complimenting/talking to him as if Omi hadn’t existed. And I tell ya Omi looked SO PISSED OFF. Like “NES-san whose boyfriend do you think you’re talking to?” (≧∇≦). Omi pls don’t kill anyone ok?

Oops, done with my 5 moments. Anyone wanna share theirs (๑ ✪▽✪ ๑)?