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For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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Why you should watch Rupaul’s Drag Race

1. The winners: 

The show didn’t have a white winner till season 4. S E A S O N 4. It has the most diversity. 

first season winner: Bebe Zahara Benet -Black, won because fierce af

Second Season Winner: Tyra Sanchez -Black, she won because well, honestly she deserved it in the end..

Third Season Winner: Raja Gemini -Asian, won because honestly, it was either her or Manila, and either one deserved it as much as the other. Raja stood out with her fashion sense, and just how she does drag, fierce af. Raja is amazing and will be one of the best drag queens you ever see.

Fourth Season Winner: Sharon Needles -White, won because she stood out, and was different then most type of drag. She deserved it. Plus fierce af, her style is spooky, and creepy, she isn’t all glamour, but she is her own type of glamour.

Fifth Season Winner: Jinkx Monsoon -White, had narcolepsy and didn’t let it stop her. She improved throughout the season and deserved to win 100% Sweet af person and fierce af.  

Sixth Season Winner: Bianca Del Rio -Hispanic, also a different kind of drag, not all fishy, but comedy. She is a comedy queen. and an insult queen, again won because she stood out, and is the funniest winner so far. Underneath all that heavy makeup and insults, she’s the nicest person ever. Fierce af

Seventh Season Winner: Violet Chachki -White, she deserved it 100% The youngest winner yet, and the fiercest. Her fashion level is beyond high, probably up there with Raja tbh. She was a bitch till episode 5 then you saw her change and you just loved her. Fierce af, bdsm goddess. Smallest waist in rupaul drag race herstory. 

2. Each season is fucking hilarious, and as the seasons go along, each one gets funnier.

season 2:

Season 3: which we had the heathers vs the boogers drama, which WAS HILARIOUS. all the big drama started in this season. Plus we get the best queens ever. The top 5, not one was white. 

Season 4: Oh god this is one of the best seasons honey.

Then we had all stars: where the best of the best and fan favorites come back from past seasons (1-4) where they come back to compete for the crown again, unless you already won.

Season 5; ah, the season of back rolls

Season 6. The 2nd best season. 

Season 7:

3. It literally brings families together. 

4. The lip-syncs: every challenge, their is always a bottom 2, and one goes home I’m going to post the best lip-syncs 

season 3: Manila vs Delta. 

Girl sign me the fuck up this right here makes me emotional

also Carmen vs Raja, it was like soft fucking porn LIKE WTF

Season 4: Jiggily vs Alisa 

Season 5: Roxxy vs Alyssa


All stars: Jujubee vs Raven,

 most emotional lip sync ever, I wouldn’t want to lipsync against my best fucking friend when we didn’t deserve to be there. like pls no 

There was tons more. Just, those are some examples.

5. They don’t call it rupaul’s best friend race for nothing. It’s amazing how everyone is friends after filming or when the show airs, because there is alot of drama, and sometimes that can pull friends apart. they are basically oNE BIG FAMILY.

SKAM Questions

(Just inbox me the number and I’ll answer any of the questions!)

1. Favourite character
2. Favourite sesong
3. Least favourite ship
4. OTP
5. Favourite friendship
6. Favourite group
7. Favourite episode from each season
8. Favourite actor/actress
9. Favourite line
10. Favourite scene from season ____
11. Opinion on season 4
12. Least favourite character
13. Top 5 SKAM songs
14. Scene you cried at
15. Scene you cried laughing at
16. Favourite Norwegian quote to say
17. _____ vs ______ (send the blanks)
18. Least favourite moment
19. Most underrated character
20. Most overrated character
21. Favourite line of _____ character
22. Favourite visual
23. Favourite Hey Briskeby Video
24. Favourite _____ outfit
25. What you’ve learned from SKAM

Vote for your favorite Swan Queen scenes from season 6

Hi everyone!

I’m planning to make a video of Swan Queen’s top 10 scenes from season 6. Please help me decide with this poll I made. Just click the link below and vote. You can choose more than one option.

Swan Queen s6 poll

The scenes with the most votes will make the top 10. Thank you!

Alison is A: Top 5 Season 4 Clues

1. Alison making masks for her friends “so they could look like her.” Why did she want to do this? And why are the only people we’ve seen with those exact same masks - that she wanted for her friends - are members of the A team?

2. The two Red Coats. There’s no way that CeCe could have put Emily in that box and then suddenly changed into the red coat to help Alison without Ali knowing what she’d done. The timing doesn’t make sense if Ali is innocent.

3. The entirety of “Grave New World.” The “help me” message, the terrified recording, Alison being grabbed by the person in the gas mask and nothing coming of it…none of it makes sense considering A was never actually after her. This is all obviously such a big game to her.

4. Alison needing to figure out how to tell the Liars about what happened to her, even though she ended up just telling her story in sequential order. What’s to figure out unless she needed to get her lies straight?

5. Alison’s injuries from that night - from being hit over the head so hard she was paralyzed, and then magically being able to talk and walk perfectly, to being able to hold her breath for so long, to being totally fine the next morning despite no medical attention - make so sense. This story is a lie.

sashavclour  asked:

hard - 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 (sorry is that too many??? lol)

dont worry its not <3

3) If you had to think up a mini/main challenge, what would you want the queens to do?:

having them or some guests idk *sorted out for each queen like in the makeover challenges* make paintings and the queens have to create a look inspired by it

4) If 1 queen were to guest judge, who would you chose?:

alaska, jinkx or raja

5) Who is the most underrated queen and why?:

uh sis there are way too many

bob, tkb, jaidynn dior fierce, chi chi, dida ritz, the princess, robbie, joslyn fox *there are more queens who are underrated but are in a better position i guess?? *

6) Which queen is overrated and why?:

valentina, for obvious fucking reasons

9) What is Ru’s worst EVER decision?: 

do you want a list honestly, because ru has done some shit through the seasons

thank you darling!

Top 5 Grimm Moments by Season 

Season 3, #4: Monroe proposes to Rosalee in 3x12, “The Wild Hunt”

Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship has to be one of the healthiest, most developed, and most supportive I’ve ever seen depicted on television.

After a year of getting to know each other and working together, and then another year of dating, it finally came down to this fantastic moment. This proposal was absolutely perfect. I can’t watch it without tearing up a little.

And what makes it even better in retrospect is that the show managed to avoid the pitfalls a lot of shows encounter when one of their major couples ties the knot. Monroe and Rosalee are never written with any of the cringe-worthy marital tropes other TV couples suffer through. They’re amazing together, not just a couple, but a team, and I can’t imagine this show without them.

Top 5 best Blacklisters (spoilers for season 4)

Another one of my favorites’ list with the appropriately and befiitting subject of Blacklisters. After having made my Final Fantasy top, why not this one.

I’m actually basing this on the people I think are the deadliest and more dangerous to Reddington. There were interesting Blacklisters and concepts for their characters, but their roles just weren’t meant to be more than tools, whereas these guys, well they leave a mark.
I haven’t finished season 4 yet, but well, I’m at that point where things have more than got suicy.

Honorable mention:

Luther Braxton (Nº21)

Originally posted by roominthecastle

I know realistically, The Director and the Decembrist inflicted much more damage to Red on the long and short term, yet Luther was a character whose episodes were striking. He does inflict Red some considerable damage with Liz’s abduction, and they have the past incident too with the necktie, but his actions were the ones that providing us with so much needed information about everything of the past - even if it only brought more questions attached.


5th place - Constantin Rostov / Alexander Kirk (Nº 14)

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For his past with Reddington, for his devotion/obssession with his daughter and family, and for every exchange moment between him and Red, down to that final one, I could never leave this guy unmentioned. He is definately one of Red’s biggest threats with the amount of mutual past and secrets they share and kept from each other. But despite this I can’t rate Alexander over the next people.

Besides, it’s Banshee’s Kai Proctor on Blacklist. How awesome is that.

4th place - Milos Kirchoff / Berlin (Nº8)

Originally posted by roominthecastle

The initial ‘true villain’ the deadliest of Red’s enemies - well at that point at least, and arguably he is the deadliest. He was quite brutal to say the least, and he had a huge masterplan to get to him. Kudos to that. His presence and level of danger exceeded people like the Decembrist or Luther Braxton or The Director for me. And exceeded Alexander’s too.

3rd place - Anslo Garrick (Nº16)

Originally posted by agentsofspader

My first impact with this series as whole happened on episode 1.10 and Anslo was a striking antagonist. And the first one to actually and truly get to Red, emotionally and physically. Not many others have, let alone that early in the series. He started it and showed Red’s human side, aka the suffering over others’ pain and his own pain, even though that last one, well, Red blew him a kiss while under torture. Says a bit.

So I have to score him high.

- 2nd place - Matias Solomon (Nº32)

Originally posted by takadasaiko

Matias is downright amazing, ruthless, cruel and absolutely horrible and I could not wait to see him on every episode. He’s such a horrible human being and yet he’s so sassy and terribly intelligent. A joy to see this perfomance. He really did know exactly where to aim to hurt Red (maaaan I’ll never forgive him for Dembe) and he did seriously push some buttons. I love his character and hope to see Blacklist Redemption solely because he’s in it.

1st place

Seriously, Red. You should have learned from Anslo that shooting your associates in the face brings you more harm than any good.

You should have learned.

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Kathryn Nemec / Mr Kaplan (Nº4)

You do not fuck with this woman. Do not.

Mr Kaplan was awesome from the start, and as I’m writing this I haven’t seen the end of season 4 yet, but damn.
She is brilliant.
She is ruthless.
She knows everything about everything, Red’s organization and Red’s, Katarina’s and Elizabeth’s pasts, and Red’s expression when hearing that long abandoned name out of Aram’s mouth, that shock was beautiful to see because he just knew how much he had destroyed with that one bullet, and how much the destruction he brought on himself was justified.

Neither Dembe nor Mr Kaplan would betray Red, and Red betrayed Mr Kaplan. Man is he paying the price high. I want to see how high.