top 5 photoshoots

Good EveNakotan(´꒳`)

I had a photoshoot for FLASH Special with Misaki-chan、which we won on the Music Game gravure contest☺️

Once again、thank you very much for getting us the 1st place in the music game contest✨
Being able to do this photoshoot thanks to everyone makes me very grateful。
Doing it with an unusual pair was fun( ´ ▽ ` )♡

We wore animal outfits、it was a rather fluffy and fun photoshoot🦄💗
Please look froward to it^ ^

After the photshoot we ate a meal with all the staff members、it was the best❣️
It was delicious、and eating with everyone was fun😊

And、today the Eiko no Labyrinth mid-term results。
The members who’ll be in the top 5 will get a photoshoot with EX Taisho-san、but I was unable to make it to the top 10 as well。
I feel like I’ll get a low ranking at the end too。。😢

I must enter the top 5✨
Please support me!


[G+] Yabuki Nako / 2017.11.03 [English Translation]