top 5 ocs

deloriass  asked:

what abt your top 5 ocs??

this is hard :((( im ranking them on how i feel rn

1) yvette grimes is my oc in my percy jackson fic and i made her when i was 14? so shes my oldest one and i love her a lot thnank u

2) cordelia hawke - shes really strong considering she lost her entire family and her boyfriend blew up the chantry. shes hanging in there.

3) percy cousland - queen of ferelden who? hero of ferelden who? everyone loves her. alistair would die for her. people name their babies after her. iconic.

4) gigi halloway - honesty? idk how anyone can be fashionable in the wastelands? but she does it and i love her for it.

5) marjorie archer - lost her son but that doesn’t mean she can’t get that young d*ck :P:P:P shes 26 and maccreadys 22 go her am i right…

kentayuki  asked:

Top 5 OCs of others

These are not in any particular order, I’m just listing my top favs. (Honorable mention to Paizuriel since she’s a community OC so I technically “own” her, thus disqualifying her. Also Risax’s Nex as well as his goblin gal, Shifty’s Sulby, and probably few others I’m forgetting):


Slugboxes Blackriver: Her sister, Nelko, is nice but god damn is BR just badass in design and personality (which is so fuck damn CUTE)! I so need to draw her at some point, such an awesome cutie~!


Ricofoxmods Azzax Turian gal: There’s one easy way to my heart and that’s through my funny bone. Azzax is my favorite OC of my pal Rai and any pic he does of her I either laugh hard at, pop a boner over, or dig her character more. Usually all three. I love her personality and I love her antics, not to mention she’s easy on the eyes.


Queenchikkbug’s Abaddon: More or less the same reasons as Blackriver but I have a love of “bitch” types.  Not to mention there ain’t many Naga characters around and she’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen (now if only she wouldn’t eat me if I so much as compliment her). Need to draw her too.


Tamyra’s Nicole and Tristan: Hear me out.  Together, Tristan and Nicole are probably my favorite couple of OCs I’ve ever seen anyone make. I just adore these two and how honest they are, that’d be “realistic” for you artsy types…oh wait…


Kenta’s Tyche: You can’t honestly be surprised by this, can you Kenta? Tyche is the cutest thing I’ve seen next to Naoto and Bowser Jr. She’s adorbs, kind, smart, and has attitude (see a theme yet?) all bundled in a plump and just sexy/cute form~. The reason she’s number one is because of that, but It’s mainly beacause I interact with both the character and creator (whoisoneofmyclosefriendsyoustupiddork).

annieisyourfavourite  asked:




about her:

  • she’s like 17 and 5′9
  • she’s a dollmaker
  • has her left eye stitched close on purpose
  • has been kept locked up for most of her life??/
  • raised by her “aunt”
  • would be in gryffindor 


  • small af like 4′9″
  • but is 18 (wel l technically 300+ but thats a long story)
  • works in the circus
  • used to live with a big family like not even siblings, but just all her extended family just lived with them??
  • would be in hufflepuff


  • 19 yo and 5′8
  • a GREAT dancer
  • smooth talker
  • panromantic, demisexual
  • bff’s with Ari, is like a big bro to both Ari and Louise
  • would be a ravenclaw


  • 17 yo and 5′7
  • genderfluid, panromantic/asexual
  • works in the circus as the animal caretaker
  • usually seen with the face mask on, but occasionally takes it off
  • acts like a big bro to louise
  • would be in slytherin


  • 8 yo runt
  • annoying tbh
  • has the tendency to go with the wrong crowd
  • great with computers/technology actually??
  • has no filter
  • has been punched by Ari
  • just a kid led astray 
  • would be in gryffindor?? how kid how

- Look, we can’t control the future, right? So how do we deal? I mean, we can do what my stepmother does and take lots of painkillers to number ourselves from the reality that life is, well, random, unfair and ultimately meaningless.
- There’s another option, right?
- Or we can accept the fact that we can’t worry about what we can’t control and just enjoy the time that we have. Trey’s awake and school is starting soon. Who knows what’s to come, right? So this might be our last chance to have fun.

The OC, The Aftermath, Season 3 Episode 1