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1. In season six where Louise is in his office and he goes, “Louise Belcher.” And shes like, “Phillip Frond.” Then he goes, “So you’re in trouble again.” And Louise is, “drink some cranberry juice.” And he goes, “NO. Not URINE trouble. YOU’RE in trouble.”
2. The episode where Frond doesn’t want to share the kids stories. The part in Tina’s story where he’s in the teacher’s lounge and won’t let the kids in.

3. When Mr. Frond wants to do a home visit and his little giggle about bringing the crisis crayons. LOL.

4. When Linda ran into Frond buying yarn and he flashed her his “knittaz 4 life” sweater. XD.

5. This is probably my favorite! But when he was demonstrating his ABS conflict resolution skit and he goes, “And S - SLAP IT” and slaps his butt. xD.

“Sol! Take your daughter, your only daughter Rachel, whom you love, and go to the world called Hyperion and offer her there as a burnt offering at one of the places of which I shall tell you.”

Illustration based on the novel, Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. I’d love to adapt the whole book (easily in my top 5 novels), but alas, Mr. Simmons isn’t interested in graphic adaptations.


Top 5 TV mom’s

#3.Mrs Kim played by Emily Kuroda in Gilmore girls

I could have picked Lorelai but it is way too cliche and I always felt that Mrs.Kim was never given much love or credit from people who watched the show. She was such an amazing mother,she was tough on Lane but she loved her so much and was so afraid of her getting hurt that she tended to be over protective and there isn’t anything wrong with that,yes Lane felt suffocated but her mom came from Korea and she probably saw a lot and went through a lot and so I feel like that was where her over protectiveness came from,fear of the unknown.

Later in the show though,she supports Lane and her band,helps Zach write a song to prove that he is worthy of marrying Lane and gives both of them her blessing,gives them two weddings and throws Lane a baby shower. She was amazing.


[5:17 PM] It’s hot “@RAM_RIDER: Warp from Hitachinaka to Odaiba: complete! With Kyary and Nakata-kun!“ (top left)

[5:20 PM] I’ll give UMIPOP my best shot B) (top right)

[5:23 PM] Mr. Nakata Yasutaka and I (bottom left)

[6:21 PM] Some scary-looking but nice guys and some squid and a cucumber… (bottom right)

[8:48 PM] I had fun, squid RT @ShowAyanocozey: Kyary-chan looks like CG… Her face is seriously like half the size of mine. But she eats squid and cucumber. Even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu eats squid and cucumber.