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Top 5 Doctor Whos

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, and as the series nears its 100th anniversary, now is a better time than ever to take a look back to those who have given their own take on the title role over the years!

5: Harvard Brumbleby, The 16th Doctor
When Brumbleby joined the show, it was in a dire state, the ratings and viewing figures had plummeted, and the BBC was just about ready to axe the show for good.
This all turned around when Harvard Brumbleby entered the fray, and really wowed the British public with his performance in his first appearance, in which he got his foot stuck in a watermelon.

4: Truro Daisy, The 19th Doctor
When most people are asked who they think the definitive ‘Doctor Who’ is, chances are most of them will respond with Truro Daisys iconic take on the role. The episode 'Terror under the Cup’, in which Doctor Who struggled to remove a disgruntled hornet from the TARDIS is regarded as one of the high points of the franchise.

3: Neon Boy, The 29th Doctor
Casting a robot in the role of Doctor Who was one that was met with much controversy, but even longtime fans were enamored by his first adventure, where he struggled to climb a spiral staircase with his caterpillar track legs. His final appearance in which he was destroyed after a sensual Sontaran massage got out of hand is considered to be one of TV’s finest moments.

2: Boone Pishnard, The 76th Doctor
Boone came during an exhausting period of the show, in which new Doctor Whos would enter and exit within the episode they’re introduced in, with some episodes featuring upwards of 5 regeneration scenes. Boone Pishnards tenure as Doctor Who may have only lasted 18 minutes, but audiences everywhere were impressed when The 76th Doctor accidentally called Davros 'Mum’, and had to regenerate purely out of embarrassment.

1: Dirge Sturgeon, The 37th Doctor
Every Doctor is unique, and really brings out the unique talents of the actors who play them. Sturgeons fresh new take on the role was met with overwhelming praise and adoration, and completely rejuvenated the Doctor Who fanbase, which had gone silent after fans became fatigued from a constant stream of Only Fools and Horses-esque episodes in which the Doctor Who attempted to peddle his line of bootleg Daleks.

From his first adventure in which he lands the TARDIS on the sun and helps a group of fire miners appease a phoenix, to his final outing where he was arrested by traffic cops for illegally reversing the odometer on his TARDIS, Dirges fantastic performance throughout his tenure is always fondly remembered by both new and old fans alike.

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Top 5 ushiwaka moments

Hi anon! I’m going to specifically pick moments when he isn’t playing volleyball, because he’s just so damn cool everytime he spikes. Ushiwaka tends to come across as very serious, but I feel that it’s exactly this trait that makes him so adorkable:

1. Anytime he makes his classic deadpan face

like the first time he met kageyama and hinata

or in the training camp arc when tendou suggested hinata and kageyama were monsters HAHA


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2. tbh I live for all his interactions with tendou

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look at him clapping for tendou in the back I mean what a pure human being

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3. Rare smiling Ushiwaka who is actually feeling fired up about his match

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4. Farmer ushiwaka

5. Baby ushiwakas


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“You should have come to Shiratorizawa”

We Are Young: Chapter 15

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Follow the car at all times. Don’t take any detours. None whatsoever.”

Rowan had to bite the inside of his cheek. He held back his smile as Aelin gave him a pointed look.

“Yes dad,” she nodded. She handed her skating bag off to Rowan so he could load it up in the backseat of his truck. “We’ve already been over this. Loads of times.”

“And going over it once more isn’t going to hurt.” Rhoe raised an eyebrow at his daughter. “The weather is suppose to turn nasty the further north we get. So you need to-”

“Be careful and stay close to the car.” Aelin crossed her arms over her chest, facing her father. “I know, Dad.”

Rhoe’s eyebrows started to climb further up his forehead, the tension in the air slowly starting to turn thick. Rowan could tell Rhoe was going to make them ride with him and Evalin any minute. So before a full on argument between father and daughter could break out, Rowan stepped in.

“We’ll be behind you the whole time, Mr. Galathynius.” Rowan turned around as he closed the back door to his truck.

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Revenge on a waitress

Not sure if this is the place for it; but I thought I’d share anyway.

I used to deliver pizzas for a great many years, we went to the local TGICHILIBEE’s and the entire time we were being served and I was eating I was trying to think of where I knew the damn waitress from. Finally when she brought me the bill, it clicked. I went out to my car and grabbed every piece of change I could find, and with delivering pizzas; it was plentiful. We made a point of hanging around there ordering a few me drinks, decided to have desert, and just generally make hell for this waitress. I know for a good hour I was her last table and she was just waiting on me; which was fine. Once we needed to leave to get to the cinema; taking the kids to the latest Pixar crap, I paid the entire $98.72 bill in change, with zero tip. Spread the change out across the table to resemble a big smiley face.

As I scooped up my kids to put coats and shit on them, she came over and her face dropped. I simply smiled at her and our family walked out.

As I was doing up car seats, the manager and the waitress came out and the manager asked what was wrong. I looked the waitress dead in the eye and spouted out her address and that I was simply returning the favor. Manager looked dumfounded, I backed out and left.

This dumb bitch ordered pizza regularly, 4 or 5 times a week, delivered; paid with an obnoxious amount of unrolled change in a Ziploc bag; if I was lucky, and never a tip. Not a single penny. On top of it, she’d frequently call and complain that we’d forgotten something, to the point that her order always showed up in red on the delivery screen to have a manager come visually check that all the items for her order were there before we left.

As a note, I do genuinely tip; always at least $10, regardless of the bill. I couldn’t bring myself to tip her. I had to make a point. I simply returned the favor and hopefully taught her a lesson.

I’d told the managers at my store what happened on my next shift and that she’d likely call and complain if I ever delivered to her again, which I knew was inevitable. It was a small family run pizzeria, managers told me I’d be taking the run anyway for a laugh if it came up and it was my turn just to see if she’d call and complain. That’s fine, I’d be more than happy to smirk in her face again, even without a tip. Just to have my curiousity fulfilled to see if she learned something.

A few weeks later I managed to, unfortunately, draw the short straw and take her delivery. She just stared at me like an idiot when she opened the door and handed me what she normally does; bitch didn’t learn anything.

I treated her no differently than I would a known $20-tipper at the door, knowing I wasn’t going to be getting a fucking thing. She did in fact call the store to complain about fabricated bullshit, and I just laughed. Apparently I called her a bitch, drove through her lawn and hit her mailbox. We all had a good laugh, and she was banned from ordering deliveries after a manager drove past her house to simply make sure I hadn’t actually fucked her lawn up and knocked over her mailbox.

If you work for tips, you should definitely tip yourself.

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"let me tell you what I know about the feminist history of petticoats and crinolines some time" - Please do! All I've ever seen in media is the "girl-ditches-hindering-petticoats-for-pants" or other variations

Ok! I only just learned about this through my historical dress class, which is why you haven’t heard me shouting about it before, but apparently—ok. Wait. Back up. You know the 1830s/1840s/1850s, right? That was The Time When People Dressed in a Very Silly Manner.

I mean, it’s kinda pretty? if you ignore the weird proportions and hats and bows? but it’s also just so FLOOFY. And that floofy look was achieved by layering many, many petticoats on top of each other, which made getting through doors hard and made life very heavy and hard-to-move-in, carting around so many pounds of so many different skirts every day.

^1830s ladies, all day every day.

But then, thanks to the whaling industry, some clever soul realized that you could achieve the same floofy shape, without the floofs, by approximating it in steel or whalebone or canvas. resulting in this sexy, minimalistic, easy shape:

As you can see, the wire bits hang naturally from the waist, and allow for a lot of legroom beneath the dress. And because the wires are in nice clean circles that can crunch up into each other like an accordion, it’s easy to sit down, kneel, readust, or rebend your skirts to fit the occasion. And because you can control the shape of the structure, you can control the shape of the skirt placed on top of it, allowing for the design of more streamlined skirt shapes that, while still very full and floofy, can push the floofs to the back and allow one to get through doorways.

This was a revelation to the ladies of the 1850s. Look at that top image again, and imagine, like, 5-10 huge cotton or linen or wool petticoats straining to hold it up, all the weight of which is hanging from your waist and catching up against your legs all the time. Ever held a pile of cotton? It’s heavy. Wool is worse. But then you get this circular frame on instead, and you’re only holding up ONE or TWO sheets of fabric—like, your actual skirt and then just one extra petticoat for decency—and the frame lets you SPIN and SIT and SQUEEZE AROUND THINGS and oh my god!! you can move!!!!!! The ladies could get out and do things. And you know what happens when women are able to get out of their houses—they go demanding the right to own property, and the right to vote, and the right to do cool things while wearing their crinolines.

So, the crinoline (and then, later, the hoop skirt): while today maybe we don’t want them, yesterday they were the latest thing to help women get up and out from under the patriarchy, by giving them an option that preserved their femininity but let them move in freer ways. Crinolines were a stepping stone. And when it comes down to it, that’s what feminism is, in all its imperfect striding towards perfection—one stepping stone after another, with the triumph of one year seeming like the peak of sexism the next. We shouldn’t always beat up the past for trying its best—cuz how will our descendants view our push-up bras and 6-inch heels, when all is said and done?

Forever and Always- Dylan O’Brien

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dylan x Reader

Words- 3600

Warnings- some cheesy ass fluff, smut, slight daddy kink, swearing, unprotected sex ( wrap it in foil before you check her oil kids) idk what else

AN: SURPRISE!!!!!! With all these new pics and gifs of Dylan at tonights met game I had gained so much inspo! This wasnt really a request but @skepticalstilinski said someone should write about dyl and his jersey so i jumped at the chance! I wrote this in two hours and no its no proofread so sorry for any mistakes. (I just read this myself and I realized I switch between 1st and 2nd POV sooo much. Bare with me and I will try to edit it tmr). 

You and Dylan had been together for 4 years now and you could honestly say that you were head over heels in love with that man. You’ve lived together in a small 2 bedroom, 2 bath house for 2 years now. It was perfect for just the two of you.

Dylan was the type of person who was so chill and laid back. Yes he was famous, but he didn’t let that change who he was, and I loved him more because of it. In my eyes Dylan was just a normal guy. We met in a bar on my 21st birthday. The mets were playing on the tv’s and it was surprisingly quite dead. I was at the bar ordering shots when the Mets had scored a homerun and out of the corner of my eye the brown eyes beauty jumped to his feet, pumping his fist in the air, and hollering at the tv.

“Two shots please!” I yelled out to the man behind the bar. My best friend had ran off to the bathroom and I was now standing alone at the the counter ordering us shots for when she returned. It was pretty dead in here for a Friday night, but then again this place was on the outskirts of town where no one really went.

“Woooo baby!” I heard from across the bar. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a man with his back to me. He has black jeans on, a white mets jersey, and a black hat with the mets logo on it placed backwards on his head. I turned my body to take in his appearance more. He hadn’t turned around yet so I wasn’t able to see his face, but from what I could see from the back of him he was hot. I giggled at the little scene he just made, a smile adorning my lips. It wasn’t meant to be loud It he definitely heard it.

He turned around looking for the culprit of the noise and that’s when your eyes met his. You were right, he was just as hot as the back of him. You eyes roamed his face, landing on the stubble spread sporadically across his chin. It wasn’t a lot but definitely enough to leave a burning sensation between your thighs.

“Hi” he spoke softly. You hadn’t realised he had moved closer to you and your cheeks turned red as you realised you were staring.

“Hi” you muttered. It came out quieter than you had intended but he still heard it.

“So what are you doing here all alone on your birthday?” He questioned, pointing to the golden sash placed around your upper half.

“Oh I’m not alone, my friend just went to the bathroom” Just as the words left my mouth You caught my best friend out of the corner of my eye on the dance floor with some guy she just met. “On second thought, she’s right there” You added with a chuckle and a slight grin.

“Well if you don’t mind I could keep you company?” He stated, sounding more like a question.

“I don’t mind at all” You responded. “So what’s a guy like you doing here all by himself?” His eyes were boring into yours with such intensity. His eyes were the color of honey and they were absolutely mesmerizing. His tongue poked out and wet his lips, the thought of his tongue making you shake coming back to the forefront of your mind.

“I wanted a drink but didn’t have any at home and also wanted to watch the game so I thought this was the perfect place,” he gave you a soft smile.

“I see, I’m guessing you also didn’t want somewhere crowded in case someone recognized you?” He smile faded and his eyebrows furrowed. “You know who I am?” He quizzically asked you.

“Of course I do, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable”

“I appreciate that” he softly spoke, a breath being released brim his chest.

He turned away from you for a slight second to look at the screen. An even bigger smile spread across his cheeks as his eyes landed on the score.

“How long have you been a fan?” I asked the very attractive man in front of me. He turned back to me with a smirk.

“Forever and always” he simply replied. “Are you a Mets gal?”

“Forever and always”

Over the four years that you had been together, you watched every single Mets game. It didn’t matter whether it was in a restaurant, at your house, or in a Stadium. You never missed a game, and every single time Dylan was clad in his White Mets jersey and his black Mets hat. This quickly became your favorite sight. Not only did you find it incredibly attractive seeing him so passionate about something, he looked good while doing it. His jersey clung to his back as he was hunched over with his elbows on his knees, outlining every one of his back muscles. His hat perched on top of his luscious locks that you so desperately wanted to run your fingers through while he pounded you into oblivion. You crossed your legs and rubbed them slightly together trying to create some kind of friction as the heat began spreading throughout your body at the dirty thoughts running through your mind.

“You alright baby?” He questioned, his eyes still glued on the tv.

“Ya I’m fine baby” you said through gritted teeth.

“No you’re not. You’re flushed, and your legs are clenched together. It’s the jersey again isn’t it?” ‘God how did he know me so well’ you thought to yourself.

“Fuck. Of course it is Dylan. You know what that damn thing does to me”

It was a Tuesday night, but it wasn’t any normal night. Tonight was yours and Dylan’s five year anniversary. He had the week off and so far you’ve spent it cuddled up on the couch binge watching your favorite movies together. However, tonight Dylan was taking you out to a nice restaurant to celebrate your years together.

Your were in the bathroom getting dressed when Dylan came in and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind.

“How’s my favorite girl?” He whispered into your ear and nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck.

“She’s good, how’s my handsome man?” You said while turning around in his arms so you were facing one another. Your hands moved to his cheeks and pulled him into a soft, sweet, and passionate kiss. It didn’t last long but it was still perfect. You pulled away and just stared into one another’s eyes for a few seconds. It amazed you that eve after so long, his eyes still made you feel like they did they very first time you looked into them.

“You ready to go?” He broke the silence and you nodded your head. He grabbed your hand and you walked out of the house and to his car. He opened the door for you before jogging around to his side and joining you in the Bentley.

The ride to the restaurant was filled with the sound of you two singing along to the radio. His fingers never left yours the whole way there. When you pulled up to the restaurant Dylan got out of the car to open up the door for you like the gentleman he was. His hand reached out for yours as he helped you out of your seat. Standing up, you smoothed out the end of your skin tight navy blue dress. You may or may not have worn this particular dress because it was his favorite color.

“You look so perfect baby” he said to you as you were waiting for the hostess to bring you to your table. A couple minutes had passed before you were both seated at a table for two in one of the more secluded back rooms.

You looked at the man across from you, your hands linked together across the table. Neither of you said anything but you knew exactly what the other was thinking. God I’m so in love with you. Your moment was ruined when the waiter came out and asked what you wanted to drink. You ordered a white moscato and Dylan ordered a blue moon. When the waiter left you went straight back to your bubble that only had enough room for the two of you. It sounded cheesy and it was, but you were so in love with this man sat in front of you.

The next hour went by quickly. After pulling away from each other you looked over the menus trying to decide what to order, you decided to order a couple of appetizers instead of full meals because everyone knew you two loved to have variety when it came to your food. While you waited for you me food you reminisced on some memories the two f you have shared over the course of five years. Thinking back, it felt like just yesterday you had met him that night at the bar. You two held small conversation filled with giggles as you ate your dinner and sipped on your drinks. The waiter had come back out and asked if you would like any dessert, you agreed and both decided to split a mini lava cake.

When the waiter came back out, he came out with a mini lava cake that had a number 5 drawn across the top in chocolate frosting. There was something else too. Underneath the plate was a rectangular box wrapped in brown paper and topped with a red bow. You looked to Dylan with furrowed eyebrows.

“I know we said no gifts but I had to get you this one” he spoke. “Go ahead and open it” he added. The waiter was still standing there which was pretty confusing to you. You pushed it to the back on your mind and focused on the gift. Your fingers worked quickly to tear back the paper and and your eyes were met with a white box. You lifted the top off of the box and saw what looked like a white button up folded neatly into the cardboard. Before you had time to reach for it. Dylan had grabbed something shiny from the center of the fabric and moved in front of you so he was down on one knee. You immediately gasped as the gears started turning in your mind. Your hands flew to cover your mouth and gears began to well in your eyes.

“Y/n 5 years ago all I wanted to do was get a drink and watch my favorite team. That same night you waltzed into a bar on your 21st birthday, little did we know that night would change the rest of our lives. 5 years, 5 beautiful years with the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to spend my time with. You aren’t quite like anybody else I’ve ever met. Just your presence is enough to brighten my mood. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He took my hand in his as he spoke up once more. “Y/N  Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and making me the happiest man alive?” Tears had escaped your eyes and were freely running down your cheeks as you listened to his words. Before you had anymore time to think you quickly nodded your head and muttered a quick yes. He slipped the beautiful silver and diamond embedded ring on your finger and pulled you into a passionate kiss. Your mind was moving a million miles a minute as you tried to grasp what was happening. Dylan Obrien just proposed to you.

Your mind slipped back to what was still in the box. The white button up still folded neatly. You looked at Dylan and back to the fabric a few times before he told you to take it out. Once you unfolded the material you recognized it immediately.

“Dylan, this is your Mets Jersey” I said dumbfoundedly. I looked to him as if asking for an explanation and he was already one step ahead of me.

“I know, but I also know how much you love it and I think we can both agree that it looks much better in you.” You we’re smiling ear to ear as he spoke. “Turn it over” he instructed. You did as he said and turned over the white material in your hands. It was a coincidence that Dylan’s jersey hand already had the number 5 in bold blue thread, however, something was there that wasn’t before. The words ‘FOREVER AND ALWAYS’ had been added above the number 5. When you realised what the simple phrase really meant, you were a mess of tears and smeared mascara. Dylan took it from your hands and unbuttoned it, placing it on your shoulders. “I know it’s not much baby, but I wanted you to have it” His forehead rested against yours as he wiped the tears away with his thumbs.

“Are you kidding me? This means the world to me Dyl” once again you had pulled each other in for a kiss except this one was much more heated.

Your back slammed against the door as soon as it was shut. Dylan’s hands gripped hard against your hips.

The whole car ride Hope was filled with teases. His hand on your thigh slow inching up, you’d on his doing the same. As soon as he got the chance to kiss you, he took it.  Now here you were pressed up against the front door to your house.

His tongue entered your mouth without warning and quickly began massaging yours with his own. Your hands tangled behind his head gripping into his hair as his lips moved from yours to your jaw and down your neck. He left sloppy wet kisses all the way down the the fabric of your dress, surely creating purple and red bruises somewhere along the way.

“Alright come on, future Mrs. O'brien!” He said as he pulled away. You weren’t sure what he meant but before you could ask he had picked you up by the waist and thrown you over his shoulder. You squealed as he padded down the hallway to your room. Before throwing you on the bed, a quick smacking sound echoed throughout the room, a stinging in your ass soon following. He threw you down onto the mattress tugging his shirt off and throwing it to the floor before crawling over top of you and kissing his way up your body through your clothes. The feeling tickled and it made you giggle. You could feel him smirk against your stomach as he kept moving towards your face.

“God you look hot in this jersey” he pressed his lips to yours for a moment before pulling back and whispering against your lips, “but I think it would look even better on the floor.” A moan escaped your mouth at his words and your eyes met his. They were darker than normal and were filled with want and need. You sat up so he could push the jersey off your shoulders and down your arms, discarding it somewhere along with his shirt. Your hands moved to the back of your dress fumbling with the zipper. You slowly moved it down it’s track as you stared into his eyes and bit your lip. “Quit teasing” he mumbled as he reached behind you to finish unzipping the offending fabric. He pushed the strapless material down your body and you laid back down lifted your hips so he could fully remove it. He groaned as his gaze collided with your bare chest. You could tell he didn’t know you weren’t wearing a bra and you noticed the bulge in his pants growing bigger.

He was kneeling in front of you on the bed, you sat back up and reached to the buckle of his belt, quickly undoing it before doing the same with his button and zipper. You pushed his grey silk pants down his hips. He stood up off the bed and removed them completely. Your eyes landed on his perfectly outlined cock in his black briefs. You moaned at the sight before you. His hands moved to your panties as he slid them down your legs and he then removed his boxers too. He crawled back up the bed so he was hovering over you, his hand moved from your cheek to you breast, kneeling and tugging at your nipple. He then moved it down your side and gripped your hip surely leaving a few bruises. He continued moving closer and closer to where you needed him. His fingers grazed you folded just slightly, shivers shooting yo through you body. His finger dipped between your folds just long enough to be dragged all the way through.

“Fuck you’re already so wet baby” he moaned above you.

“I told you, it’s that fucking jersey” You responded quickly. “Now as much as I love our foreplay, I need you to fuck me right now” you pleaded through shaky breaths.

“Yes ma’am” he answered. His lips connected to yours in as hot, searing kiss. Your teeth crashed and your tongues immediately fought for dominance, his eventually winning. His hand that was rested beside your head moved down to stroke his hard member a few times. He lined himself up with your entrance before slamming into you with no warning. He didn’t give you time to adjust but quickly pulled back out before pounding back into you once again. Your back immediately arched up into his chest and your head rolled back into the pillow. He had never started out so tough before. This new side of him turning you on like crazy.

He took advantage of your newly exposed skin as your head was tipped back. His lips attached to your sweet spot right below your ear as he continued slamming into you. You reached up gripping onto his shoulders from beneath his arms. He continued his relentless speed causing you to take your nails down his back. He mewled at the pleasure, the vibrations from his mouth shooting from your neck down to your core.

“I’m …c- close… baby” you stuttered through panting breaths. He didn’t say anything but instead removed his lips from your neck and sat up so he was on his knees. He grabbed your legs resting your ankles behind his head. Your lower half was in the air as your head and shoulders were pressed into the bed. He gripped your hips ferociously and slammed back into you. This new position make your tits bounce back and forth. Your breath became ragged and your legs started to tremble. Your toes curled behind his neck and your hands wrapped the blue sheets beneath you. His pace never faltered as you screamed out, your orgasm crushing over you in waves. He rode out your high, letting you calm down from your high. He pulled out for a moment to let you catch your breath.

After you had both caught your breaths, he flipped you over so we’re now on your stomach. He grabbed your hips pulling them up so you were on your knees. You kept your arms and head down, pressing into the mattress. He stroke his cock once more before lining up and mercilessly pushing into you. He didn’t start off slow or steady, he slipped in and out of you with such force knowing you were still sensitive from your orgasm. His hand connected with the bare skin of your ass and your body jerked forward as you screamed out into the pillow.

“You like that, baby girl? You like when I teach you who’s in charge?” You moaned into the pillow trying to nod your head. He was not fond of your answer when he reached up gripping your hand into a ponytail and pulling your chest back to meet his.

“Answer me” he demanded in your ear.

“Yes, daddy” you mewled. He continued to pound into you from behind. You knew he was close when his pace began to falter. You were close too, so you moved one hand up to your breast and began kneading it roughly between your fingers. Your other hand moved down to your aching core and began ferociously rubbing figure eights on your clit. You breath quickened and you could hear Dylan’s did too. One more thrust and you had fallen forward, your juices releasing around his cock. Your clenched was enough for Dylan to reach his high and you soon felt his hot seed shoot through your throbbing core. He collapsed ontop of you before pulling out and rolling over into his back.

You were still on your stomach, both of you still trying to catch your breaths and come down from your euphoric highs.

You rolled over to look up at him through your hooded eyes. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” you whispered to him, already half asleep. He pulled you closer and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Forever and always baby” he responded with a quick kiss to your forehead. He pulled the covers up over the two of you before he drifted off to sleep. You leaned up pressing your lips against his cheek.

“Forever and always baby”

HiddleHamlet: A firsthand account (Part II)

It’s 5 days later and I’m still suffering from what @hiddleston81 calls the Hiddleston Hangover.

This second half is now days late, oops, so a lot of this has already been said by now, but I still want to record it for posterity. Fair warning, this post is going to be a disorganised mess of my thoughts - swinging between genuine observations about play/performance and completely shameless fangirling - so, the usual. That’s what you’re here for, right?!

Here are some more things I want to remember about Tom’s Hamlet:

Tom’s already much-discussed perfect hair was just like in the programme photo above, but at a few key points, one lock of hair would escape from the slicked back gorgeousness and fall over his forehead. Yes, that’s right - an errant curl. And somehow I’m still here to tell this tale.

Dancing. IT HAPPENS. Only for a minute, but it is glorious. The first entry of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern comes with a beats pill playing danceable music (Kendrick Lamar, I think?) and they all bust out a few moves. I gasped. Snake-hipping, y’all! In the middle of Hamlet! Bless you, Sir Kenneth Branagh.

There’s one bit where Hamlet dives underneath the carpet and tunnels along and then comically pops out the other side. Another where he gets excited and leaps on and then over the back of the couch. He wears facepaint and wraps himself in a Danish flag. He does silly voices on behalf of the skull in the “Alas, poor Yorick” scene (a Scottish accented one, even - swoon). Tom was such a playful Hamlet in these moments, delighting in being unhinged. I loved that he was let loose like this - he had these offhand chances to laugh and play, while still being clearly and primarily defined by his grief and fury. Those contradictions seemed so human. I think, more than anything, Tom’s Hamlet is the most relatable one I’ve seen (I mean, apart from those times when he gets all murdery. But you know.)

His anger and sadness, though, were harrowing to behold. The scene in the very beginning where Hamlet comes out onto a nearly dark stage to play piano and sing is haunting - his pain is palpable, and the entire audience was hanging on his every word and motion. It was like a shot straight to the heart to begin the production. I recall reading some review that slightly criticised him as “obviously not a singer” in this scene, and I agree that it wasn’t his usual standard of vocal performance, but I would venture that this was intentional. I thought he still sounded rather lovely, but his voice was imperfect, thin and cracking with grief. This is supposed to be Hamlet alone in his sorrow, not performing for anyone as he does in other scenes throughout the play. The moment feels incredibly authentic, illustrating perfectly Hamlet’s current frame of mind, and it sets the tone for Tom’s entire performance.

I kept becoming mesmerized by the little details of him - a consequence of him being so close, in the flesh. It was impossible not to focus in on his overwhelming physical presence. He was so lean, lithe and yet all muscles, with this energy radiating off of him every time he moved. I couldn’t stop noticing and trying to memorize every tiny thing about him. I could see the veins in his hands, the freckles on his forearms, the sheen of sweat under the curls at the back of his neck. The pattern of his stubble and the little muscle clench in his jaw (urrghhh) and the way his eyes shone with tears in the stage lights. JFC, is he a beautiful human.

Originally posted by topless-tom

In his first scene (after the piano one) when he turned to our side of the stage, he did lock eyes with me and held it for a second, so I think that might’ve been him registering recognition. There will never be any way to know for sure…which means I am of course just gonna go ahead and believe my version, because why the hell wouldn’t I. Tom totally recognised me - IT IS CANON - at least in my head, forever, the end.

He did that face-cupping thing that he does to Ophelia in the scene where they kiss. His long, beautiful fingers stroking her cheek. Fucker. And the way he was looking at her…well, you can imagine it. Hamlet’s love for Ophelia in this scene is tangible, and the whole thing made my insides melt completely. Sighhh.

Oh, also - he PICKS UP tiny Rosencrantz and twirls her all the way around his body. It is literally the cutest thing and I nearly choked on my own saliva for how badly I want this thing that I’d never even thought of before, being grabbed around the waist by Tom and swung entirely around his body. UM GIVE ME THAT PLEASE. They were pretty adorable together and caused @hiddleston81 to immediately start shipping them (I would’ve too if I were a shipper, but I’m only able to ship my real-life crushes with one person, and that’s meeee). 

Hamlet and Horatia had great chemistry too - they really seemed like comfy best friends, but with a good degree of physical affection between them as well. Basically, Hamlet has sexual tension with every woman in this play. Or maybe I’m projecting.

Oh, let’s talk about the leather. It comes out right at the end, for the incredible fight scene. There’s the already-beloved leather jacket of course, but also - leather gloves. The time he spent putting on the gloves was probably only 20 seconds, but it seemed like a slo-mo 5 minutes in my head, with imaginary sexy music playing in the background (wee-wee-wowww). After he gets the gloves on, he immediately runs them through his hair to slick it back all the way, and it is maaaybe the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I somehow didn’t burst into flames. Amazing.

Little tummy peeks happened a couple of times throughout the show, which were just too damn delicious for words. Again, he looked so good in his clothes! When on top of that, his shirt would occasionally ride up a bit over his tight, low-slung jeans and show that bit of skin, uhhh…heavenly powers, restore me.

Hamlet’s death scene is heartbreaking, obviously, and my eyes were full of tears. But still it was impossible not to notice that his shirt had ridden up again and his lower abs were on display, creating a complicated and weird mix of emotions, ie I am very sad but also extremely turned on, what is wrong with me?? He was also so close that you could see his chest rising and falling with his breathing, which is just so intimate, and I couldn’t stop drinking it in with my eyes. I never could take my eyes off him for a single second when he was onstage, even when the action would move elsewhere.

The older lady sitting beside me leaned over before it started and said, “Well, we couldn’t get any closer than this, could we?” and I thought, “Aw how nice, a sweet theatre-loving lady who wants to chat.” Then she said “Tom Hiddleston will be practically on top of us!!” and I thought “OH NO SHE’S A KINDRED SPIRIT.” This was proven true at the intermission when she asked me if I was “enjoying the view of Hiddleston’s butt.”

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Me (in my head) I LOVE HER

Me: It’s like a chorus of angels singing in my ears. 

Her: And his legs!! 

Me (getting too worked up) HE’S SO LEGGY

Her: Have you seen The Night Manager?


One last thing. I know I got to be in Tom’s presence once already, in a completely astounding circumstance, but it was really special to be in the same room with him for this particular experience. I feel extremely grateful to have had the chance to be there, and do not take it at all for granted. His talent, charisma and grace as an actor shone in this role. He was utterly moving. He came alive on stage, and it was absolutely thrilling to witness. As someone who has seen all of his work and adored him from afar for years, this was something new. Being there with him, in this intimate setting, in his element…was beautiful. I’ll never forget it.

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Top 5 sexy characters in Haikyuu!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thirsty anons are gonna be my legacy I’m so proud of all of you really. Come on, LET’S BRING SEXY BACK!  

1. Kuroo. Well, of course. Try to find a person who’s immune to his charm…right….YOU CAN’T. I’m repeating myself for the umpteenth time here but…I mean…look at him. He is not the most beautiful boy but sure as hell he was designed to be the sexiest. The illegal bedhead, the smirk, the cat eyes, the long neck, THE ABS, THE LEGS…EVERYTHING. He does…things…to us…don’t lie to me…

Originally posted by shouyou-sunshine

I know I’m always using this gif but honestly everyday is a good day to use this gif

2. Iwaizumi. ARMS ARMS ARMS. GIVE ME ALL THE ARMS. Damn the boy truly is the definition of gorgeous and I’ll never forget that iconic night we all lost our shit over him in casual clothes. Oikawa you lucky bitch keep him close before they’ll steal him from you. (Special mention to fic!Iwaizumi and his abs and his caramel skin and his insane…skills…)

Originally posted by miyukkis

3. Bokuto. If you though I wouldn’t put my favorite owl even in this top five you’re delusional. I know he’s not the canon definition of sexy but there’s something in the harsh way he speaks, in his always demanding attitude, that smile that is somewhere between boyish and wolfish that make him truly irresistible to me (plus he canonically has the best ass in Haikyuu he deserves to be on the podium)

Originally posted by sadsharkling

that strip of exposed skin is why I don’t sleep at night tbh Akaashi my guy my dude how do you cope

4. Semi Eita. That tongue thing he does. Thank you for you attention. 

Originally posted by physiologically-salty

5. Akaashi. On a complete different way from the others, I find Akaashi not only to have an outstanding beauty, but he has that glacial sex appeal that could intrigue honestly anyone…and he truly did…I mean…look at what he has done to all of us 

Originally posted by tetsuruo

I could look at this gif for the rest of my life 

- bonus: I feel like we owe a special mention our boy Terushima, I’m sure he’ll provide us with great emotional satisfaction next year…(boys with rolled up sleeves are my ultimate weakness don’t judge me ok??? same with boys with undercuts. and boys with tongue piercings. ok I’m in deep) 

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Thank you for your message and keep the thirst alive! 

Ask me my top 5 things!

Mom: you think these band members have nice hair and fashion now but in 20 years you will look back at these photos and be like-

Me: look children it’s your father

Mom: what?

Me: what

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Hey Hey Henloooooo!!! I'm sorry if someone has already asked you this but how did you practice drawing? I'm really curious because I want to improve and I admire your art very much! <3

Well, actually I am still practising drawing. It’s a live long lesson you have to prepare for. With lots of ups and downs. And usually the downs happen more often. 
But there are always some things I like to say to beginners:

1) Draw what you like to draw. If you like manga, draw manga. If you like cartoons, draw cartoons. Of course there are fundamentals that are required to make it right, but to get into the flow of drawing, just do what you enjoy and do it as long as you want to. 

2) then yeah, get the fundamentals. There are a lot of great tutorials about drawing on youtube. When I was younger I checked them out almost everyday to understand what to do, so I can achieve my goals. I used to be obsessed with drawing the male torso right, so I searched all day long for the tutorial that I liked best and then I drew a million six packs. 

You can also start with the fundamentals. I just think it’s important to not always think about improvement, but keep in mind, that you should enjoy what you do. 

3) And yeah, I also have a lot of different art idols in my life. I tried out a lot and I am still changing my style all the time. It’s okay to try something new. 

4) look back at your old art to see how much you improved. It can be very uplifting to see the path you went. You won’t really recognize how much you got better if you don’t look back. 

5) don’t listen to people who tell you, you are not good enough, or not talented enough. Art is a skill. Not a god given gift. Everybody can work their way to the top, as long as they are passionate enough. 

so yeah, fundamentals it is. On youtube hehe :D I am finished now <3 Hope it helps. It’s really nothing more to it. Just do what you enjoy! 

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[1/2] You’re always giving us all those Top 10s. How about I give you some too? I was playing around with my uni assignment for natural language processing and I put Rivals through a mini program I had to write for displaying most common words in text. I used html files so author notes and tags are included, but ignoring all the punctuation and stop words ("the", "and" etc)...

[2/2 you could format it if you want so it looks better posted] Top 10 words used in umhb&mfb: 1. ‘yuuri’, 3816 2. ‘viktor’, 3076 3. 'could’, 951 4. 'would’, 878 5. 'back’, 776 6. 'still’, 696 7. 'time’, 619 8.'one’, 541 9. 'like’, 499 10. 'never’, 495 Top 10 words used in obs&bs: 1. 'yuuri’, 4829 2. 'viktor’, 4106 3. 'would’, 869 4. 'could’, 842 5. 'back’, 828 6. 'still’, 817 7. 'time’, 662 8. 'one’, 618 9. 'like’, 569 10. 'wanted’, 559 \I was surprised to find the list are not that different!

Omg, this is so cool! I think it’s really interesting to see the patterns in their thought processes here, things like ‘could’ and ‘would’ coming up so frequency considering how much of the fic is based around both of them thinking what they could do vs what they actually do. Also things like Yuuri’s more negative attitude coming out in the ‘never’ and Viktor’s loneliness in the ‘wanted’ 

And I’m laughing because of course, even in his own fic, Viktor still mentions Yuuri’s name more times than his own!

Because Two is Better Than One

Originally posted by baebsaes

Originally posted by sugutie

Featuring: Jikook, Jimin and Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Smut - Threesome 
By: Admin S

Two posts in one day!!! (because 2 is better than 1 - sorry!) I am going to hell for this one…omo. As Requested - It’s my first threesome fic and it took me ridiculously long to actually write this lol. I couldn’t write it in a single sitting, I kept hyperventilating lol. I hope it’s enjoyable!

“Noona? You like us right?” Jimin had said softly, while Jungkook smirked at you

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Leader | Sweet pea imagine

Request: Are you still taking requests? If so is it possible to have one where the reader is the daughter of someone really high up in the serpents and they’re in a relationship with sweet pea. Sort of a power couple dynamic thing, but he would do everything for her in a heart beat- talk of her being the next leader? 

A/N: I hope you like it and it fits the request! I’m not sure if you meant it this way but I still hope you enjoy

You were the daughter of serpent royalty. Your father was FP Jones’s second hand and took over after he got incarcerated. Your mother was the most feared serpent out there, everybody talked about her, rumors spreading easily and they were all about how badass she was.

Which made you the queen of Southside high. Everybody knew your parents and feared them so they feared you. You and your boyfriend were a powercouple and everybody was jealous of the two of you. His parents were also part of the innercircle of serpent leaders. Sweet pea would do anything for you, not just because he loved you but also because of the serpent code.

You were in line for the leadership. You were already being trained to be the serpent leader and take care of everything. You were one of the most important southsiders and Sweet pea would do anything to protect you, his girlfriend but also the next serpent leader. You and Sweet pea had been dating for 2 years now, and you loved him more and more everyday.

You and Sweet pea had a special spot at Southside high, some people thought that your parents didn’t influence your place at school because it was divided between serpents and ghoulies but you were the most populair person at southside high. Even the ghoulies respected you because you didn’t take shit. 

You and Sweet pea were walking through the halls holding hands. Everyone was glad that the two of you were together because if anyone would be perfect to protect you it would be Sweet pea. He would beat up someone who was looking at you the wrong way and that was exactly what was needed to protect the future leader. ‘‘Hey baby, I got a text from my parents to meet them at the Whyte Wyrm’‘ you looked at Sweet pea in surprise, your parents only messaged you when it was really important.

You were on the back of Sweet pea’s motorcycle, he was riding the two of you to the Whyte Wyrm while you were wondering about the situation. He parked in front of the building and he saw you looking worried ‘‘Hey babe it’ll be fine’‘ He kissed the top of your head and gave you a quick hug. You grabbed his hand again as you entered the bar. The innercircle of serpent leaders were all together, they met up once a month to catch up on business. Your father being the leader of the group. ‘‘Mom, dad, what’s going on?’‘ Sweet pea wrapped his arm around you. Your father smiled ‘‘It’s time honey’‘

You looked at Sweet pea and than back at your dad ‘‘You are joining our monthly meet ups, to catch up on business and learn to understand everything. You are supposed tot ake over in 5 years or less’‘ You smiled, this was the first step to officially taking over. Sweet pea pulled you closer to him, looking at his girlfriend with pride. ‘‘And Sweet pea we expect you to keep taking care of y/n as you have been doing. Y/n is allowed to tell you some things but not all the details’‘

Sweet pea nodded ‘‘Thank you sir.’‘ You hugged your parents. You and Sweet pea left to celebrate. ‘‘I am so proud of you baby, you’re going to be the most amazing leader we’ve ever had’‘ you grinned ‘‘Thanks sweets’‘ you kissed your boyfriend and pulled him closer. You couldn’t wait to become the leader of the serpents one day. ‘‘And now we’re going to celebrate’‘ you winked and got closer to his ear ‘‘Trust me, I’m really excited’‘ You kissed him again with a little more force this time.Sweet pea had gotten the hint and grinned ‘‘We’re leaving right now’‘

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - sentence starters

1. “You’re so skinny, if you stood sideways and stuck out your tongue you’d look like a zipper.” 

2. “Sat in the dirt, didn’t you?” 

3. “Hey, what’s ____’s story?”

4. “Hey, Junior. If you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there.”

5. “That thing is gonna keep me up all night.”  

6. “Me, I hate fishing. I hate fish. Hate the taste, hate the smell, and I hate all them little bones.” 

7. “This is wrong and you know it!” 

8. “Well, as far as me goes, I just like to blow things up.”  

9. “Hey, look. I made a bridge. And it only took me, like, what? Ten seconds. Eleven, tops.”

10. “Hold on. Back up. Are you saying this whole volcano could blow at any time?” 

11. “We’re this close to our biggest payday ever and you choose now of all times to grow a conscience?” 

12. “This here’d be a good place not to be.” 

13. “I’ve got some questions for you, and I’m/you’re not leaving this city until they’re answered.” 

14. “It’s about time someone hit him. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”

15. “Thank God I lost my sense of taste years ago.” 

16. “I got your four food groups: beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard!” 

17. “Eh, looks like gibberish to me.” 

18. “Nice, isn’t it? The catalog says that this little beauty can saw through a femur in 28 seconds. I’m betting that I can cut that time in half.” 

19. “Forgive me. I could not resist.” 

20. “I’m so excited!” 

21. “Kid, relax. We don’t get paid overtime.” 

22. “All right, who’s not dead? Sound off!” 

23. “You presume much to think that you are welcome here.” 

24. “Don’t forget to eat the head. That’s where all the nutrients are.” 

25. “You do swim, do you not?” 

26. “Hey guys, what’s going on? What’s… what’s with all the guns?” 

27. “Mercenary? I prefer the term ‘adventure capitalist’.”    

28. “What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”

29. “There were not supposed to be people down here. This changes everything.” 

30. “Wow. Look at all those tattoos.” 

31. “Of course, it’s been my experience that when you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.”  

32. “I didn’t say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing.” 

33. “Just follow my lead.” 

34. “He’s never surprised, and he has a lot of guns.” 

35. “You said we were in this together!” 

36. “Well, I have to hand it to you. You’re a bigger pain in the neck than I ever thought possible.” 

37. “Now, let’s go over it again, just so we got it straight.”  

38. “Come on, ya’ll, let’s get one last shot in front of the fish!” 

39. “We were once a great people, but now we live in ruins.” 

40. “Ooh! I like her.” 

Little strays

request:  I saw that your requests where open, can you do one where Reader saves a batch of little kittens with no mom and takes them to their apartment and Jason was a little hesitant to keep them but is completely in love with them after a hours. Ps reader knows how to take care of kittens. Take your time!

a/n: I kinda strayed from the request 

word count: 1,048

warning(s): none 

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And of course, top 5 reddie moment 👑


1. The whole neibolt house scene counts as one. Richie following Eddie into the creepy ass room. Richies weak little “Eddie!” when he sees Pennywise cornering him. Richie protecting Eddie and telling him to look at him when Pennywise comes stalking over.
3. When Bill cuts Eddies hand, and Richie pats his back to comfort him
4. “Have you ever heard of a staph infection?” “I’ll show you a staph infection.”

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Have you done top five Louis's bum pics yet?


1. The bounce?? I mean??? Just imagine how good he looks being spanked in a sexual setting??????

2. The first time I saw this, I made a sound from the back of my throat that sounded like a seagull getting strangled. 

3. what. thE. FUCK.

4. How can a person be such a bottom and a top all at once? 


Raging boner part 2

So here we are laying next to each other making out, & it went on for like 5 minutes, because, quite frankly, I was inexperienced & too much of a coward to make a move to second base. So I don’t remember much at the time what I was thinking, had my eyes also closed the entire time. Now after about 5 minutes, she stopped & grabbed my shirt & pulled it over my head. So now I’m just in my shorts & she’s still in her bikini & all I kept staring at was her very large breast heaving out of her top, one tit was actually out. I leaned back into her & I had enough courage to finally grab her breast. I was just glommed onto ‘em & I look down at 'em & past 'em & I see her pussy mound & wham, just like that, I exploded my load all in my shorts. Shit, I was so embarrassed, I whispered to her I just came. & I remember her saying, you did not. I said I did, so she puts her hand down my shorts & feels all my hot sticky goo & then kneeled up & pulled my shorts off & holy fuck, she started sucking my cock. I just laid there & my heart was beating out my chest. I tried to not look down, & when I did, you wouldn’t believe it, I was cumming again. I said I’m cumming, & she just started sucking harder & faster on my cock. All I heard from her was her moaning like & slurping up all my semen. & then I totally remember what she started doing as she was still sucking on my cock, she put her hand inbetween her legs & I shit you not, she started rubbing her pussy outside the bottoms of her bikini. I wasready to erupt for the third time.

Hey, it’s late, I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow.

No Way Out [Part 1]

||| This work is a collaboration with @kpop–fics, expect the 2nd part from her sometime soon|||

A/N 1: Okay, so for some reason Tumblr really hates this post, so I had to reupload again.

Choi Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Haunted Hotel AU

Summary: He knew he shouldn’t have gone inside in the first place but who would have thought that the building holds so many secrets.

Word Count: 1,269

Originally posted by lostingot7

Youngjae’s POV

I shouldn’t have taken that stupid bet but how was I supposed to know that Yugyeom is actually a very skillful liar. I zipped up the jacket I was wearing. Even though it was summer it was pretty chilly and it started to rain on top of that.

“Why are we here at 5 am in the morning?” I asked them.

“Are you stupid or something?” Jinyoung retorted. “Do you want to be caught by security?”

“Early mornings are the best time to enter this place, there is barely anyone nearby,” Jackson explained.

Even though I was all in for this idea a few hours ago, somehow now, I really didn’t want to go in. I looked at Jaebum.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go with me?” he laughed and patted me on the back.

“Not today.”

I sighed and put my hood on. I pushed one loose board off the fence and slipped in. I looked at my friends for the last time before going around in attempt to find a way in. The first floor had bars everywhere and after searching for half an hour, I was beginning to think that this was pointless. I stopped at the front and looked up. Man this building already looked scary. I didn’t know much about it’s history, only that it was supposed to be a hotel and it’s construction began more than twenty years ago. What creeped me out the most was the fact that it was never finished and never demolished due to unforeseen circumstances even though it stood almost in the city centre. I counted the floors. Eleven of them but according to the bet I had to climb to the roof and take a photo as an evidence, so twelve in total. I saw one hole in the wall where I would be able to fit through but there was a camera pointed at it, so the hotel still belonged to someone. I went around it and was about to step on the entrance platform when something stopped me. Maybe it was a hunch or something but I looked up and noticed that there was a motion detector on the ceiling. Thank God! I almost went there. I unwrapped some wires that guarded another entrance. I thought I was finally able to get in but after walking on the inside for a while, I realized there is no way up except the elevators which were of course run down. I guess I have no choice but get through that hole I saw, the one with the camera. If it’s still working the security won’t reach this place so quickly right? I kept my back to it the whole time and somehow, just barely crawled in, ripping my jeans in the process. Great. It was a similar place like the one I was in before, I looked inside some of the rooms hoping to find a set of stairs or something but there was none. Is there any way to go inside this building? I was starting to get annoyed when I heard some noises coming from one of the walls. I put my ear near it and listened. A voice? No. Something more similar to music. I looked around and noticed there’s an opening in the wall but it was pretty high up. I jumped up and tried to pull myself in but my arms quickly gave up. I saw a board prepped up on one of the walls. I set it up, hoping it won’t fall and climbed to the opening. I took the little flashlight I had and turned it on. It was pitch black inside but I didn’t know any other way in but if I jump inside I’m not sure I will be able to get out later on. I pondered for a few minutes thinking of maybe taking some lose boards with me when I hear the same noise again.

“Hello?” I shouted. “Is someone out there? Can you show me the way in?”

Great. I was already starting to imagine things. Was I seriously trying to ask the room for help? When all of a sudden  something fell from another opening across the room. Is that a sign? I decided to just fuck it and jumped inside. I flashed the light on the floor, hoping to find what fell down.  There was a red glass bead laying there. I picked it up. It seemed relatively new. Certainly someone’s. A shiver went down my spine as I remembered BamBam joking that this place is haunted to the core. Nothing but darkness loomed over me. I had to get out, at least out of this room. I pushed something that looked like an old refrigerator to the opening I saw before. I almost fell while going up. The opening looked like a window and I had enough space to sit up. There was light coming from somewhere far away. Outside perhaps? I was somehow relieved I won’t need to stay in the darkness for much longer. I slowly lowered myself down. As soon as I touched the ground I went straight where the light was coming from. I quickly turned the corner and bumped into someone head on. I screamed and fell on my back, I lay there too scared to open my eyes when I heard someone laughing.

“You scream like a little girl,” a woman’s voice spoke to me. “Let me help you.”

I looked at her and slowly took her hand.

“I’m Y/N, what’s your name?” she asked, shaking the hand she was holding. Now that my eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room I could see her clearly. I didn’t want to seem rude by staring but I couldn’t help it. She was so beautiful, almost unreal.

“Hey! Cat’s got your tongue or something,” she waved her hand in front of my face. Embarrassed I quickly let go of her hand.


“So Youngjae what are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same for you?”

“I was just here with my friend, exploring, we heard there is some interesting stuff hidden here-“ she turned around and I looked behind her as well. There was nothing there. She looked back at me confused. “Where did she go?”


“My friend.”

“You should try calling her,” I said and she took out her phone.

“No signal.”

“I meant to call her out. By name.”

“Ooh…” but she didn’t say anything else. Why won’t she call her name? She turned around and started walking in the same direction I came from.

“Where are you going?” I caught up with her.

“Maybe she went out, she always likes to scare me like that. Leaving me behind. She could even be hiding behind one of these corners,” she abruptly stopped and I almost bumped into her again.

“Y-Youngjae,” she stuttered. “The window I climbed through… It’s gone.”

“What do you mean it’s gone?” I got in front of her and couldn’t believe my eyes. What the hell. I ran to the wall that once had an opening.

“Maybe we’re not looking close enough,” I laughed nervously, frantically searching for something that would indicate that I’m not imagining things.

“Youngjae. It’s gone,” she slumped down on the ground.

I looked at her, how can she give up so quickly. I can’t get stuck here. This is not how it was supposed to go. I was starting to panic.

“Come with me,” I said picking her up. “I refuse to believe the entrance just vanished. There must be a way out.”

Part 2 ~

A/N 2: At least my part of the story is based on a building that was actually in my city and I had the opportunity to sneak around in it. It was quite creepy but so exciting!!

Looking for some dope band blogs to follow!!!

If you like ANY or especially MULTIPLE of the following bands:

- The 1975

- Hippo Campus


- 5 Seconds of Summer

- Twenty One Pilots

- Hey Violet

- Saint Motel

- Misterwives

- The Arkell’s

- State Champs

- All Time Low

- Panic! At The Disco


Also if you wanna talk to me about music I will 100% never ever say no to that I love talking to people about music and if you have any music suggestions I may die help a sista out