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Favorite OTP #1: Mutsumi x Kae

Despite this being my newest ship, it really won the number one spot in my heart with how adorably pure they are with each other~ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Top 5 Mejores besadores

Aries: Los Apasionados candentes:

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Cancer: Los apasionados y tiernos:

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Escorpio: Los jugetones adictivos

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Capricornio: Los clásicos y románticos

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Sagitario: Los pasionales misteriosos

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twatcitytrick  asked:

16, 17, 8 top 5 robron kisses :)))))

16. Favourite movie

It changes with the wind I’ll be honest but because i have been singing the soundtrack all day then I guess today it’s Moulin Rouge. My mom and I always used to watch it every half term without fail I can pretty much recite the script from memory!

17. Fact about my life

Ummmmmmmmm *tries to think of something remotely interesting* okay I’m really proud that at uni I won 3 separate awards for getting the highest marks on 3 of my papers out of a class of 250+ but I never once told anyone about winning them 🙈 (apart from my parents, obvs)

8. Top 5 Robron kisses

Yesssss! OK I’m so ready for this:
1. Upstairs Now! I will never be over this, it brought me to robron, and just embodies everything that robron are. Passion, lust, longing and an undercurrent of angst throughout 😘😘
2. Wedding dance kiss. The swaying. The PDA. The ridiculous amount of love they have for each other in that moment. The laugh as they pull apart. The snuggle afterward. Can’t. Watch. It. Enough.
3. Pub hallway kiss with the sweater paws and the complete lack of dialogue and Robert just has to have aaron because he knows he’s just decided to propose to him and Aaron just completely goes with it without question because I bet Robert does shit like that all of the time when they’re off screen 💗
4. SSW hospital scene, aka first kiss as fiancés. So tender and loving and just ugh their conversation beforehand just gives me all of the feelings, and the curly hair and the little ruffle and Robert looks so amazingly handsome and beautiful and yes just yes I love it.
5. Get your kit off (before ED police force rudely interrupt). I mean I just love the whole context of this episode to be honest, Canon shower sex and Robert just wanting to go back to bed, Robert being desperate for it as soon as he sees aaron again, Robert waiting all day for aaron, aaron being completely distracted from asking Robert to move in with him by the need to take Robert upstairs and give him what he’s been waiting for yep I’m all over it 😍😍😍

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Top 5 lesbian tv/movie kisses that aren't Clexa.

In no particular order:

1. The kiss Bette and Tina share in the private room of that club (when Jodie had JUST left smh) – The L Word

2. Izzy and Emma’s kiss on the roof – You Me Her

3. Emily and Maya’s kiss in the movie theater – PLL

4. Nova and Chantal the morning after in the bed – Queen Sugar

5. Jennifer’s Body (y'all know what I’m talking about)

cyborgsgrl said: top 5 fry and leela kisses. :)

  1. fun on a bun kiss. so romantic. even tho they don’t remember each other, they immediately feel a connection to other. it’s literally the definition of soulmates. we saw all of that throughout the episode as they could feel the other’s presence in things that reminded of them each other, but it’s most prevalent here. also the actual kiss itself is so beautifully shot and it’s their first makeout :’) i also love the shot of inside leela’s head as she reconnects all her memories of fry.  
  2. into the wild green yonder kiss. i just love everything about this scene. they wanted to kiss each other as they faced the unknown/death together! they said their first i love yous before hand and the music is so epic and it’s so romantic. 
  3. the why of fry kiss. this scene. literally this god damn scene. leela seeing fry in her picture, fry giving leela the flower. leela realizing how happy fry makes her and that she holds him to a higher standard than any other guy even if he isn’t important. also it’s their first official kiss! and fry’s ending response is so :’)))
  4. leela and the genestalk kiss. that whole scene is adorable and just shows how far they’ve come and how much they’ve developed, but i love the kiss. leela’s tentacles pop up in the back like in the princess diaries with the “foot pop.” it’s so cute. 
  5. i don’t know if we’re counting it, but the prisoner of benda kiss in zoidberg and professor’s bodies. leela being able to be attracted to fry in ZOIDBERG’s body and fry being able to be attracted to leela in his nephew’s body is like the definition of true love. and i love the sound of leela giggling as they make out in the middle of this restaurant lol.

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8 ( top kinks), 21, 23, 34, 82, 99

8. top 5 kinks: neck kissing, ear biting, pet names (baby girl, doll, etc), hands/arm veins and muscles

21. are you a virgin: physically yes, mentally no  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

23. what is your sexual orientation: I am straight 

34. have you ever slept naked: not completely but I do tend to sleep in shirts and underwear only when I’m home

82.  Have you ever dreamed that you married someone: not that I can remember

99. Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real: I have. 

Get in my business please


Top 5 Kissing Scenes In Music Videos

top 5 period drama kisses RANKED

5. ELISE MACKENNA & RICHARD COLLIER (somewhere in time 1980) this kiss is so so SO sweet but also lusty like elise is gasping when he is just stroking her face???? which he does by the way for like 5 minutes like at the end of the kiss they get interrupted im like that wouldnt’ve happened if u didnt spend 8 years staring at her before u KISSED HER but like when they go for it they rly go for it !!!!!! young superman is fine tbh 

4. JANE EYRE & EDWARD ROCHESTER’S DREAM KISS (jane eyre 2011) i may or may not have had this same exact fantasy before like legit saaammeee jane. this kiss is raw like get him fantasy!jane!!!!! i love the drama of like snow covered rochester too they are such an angsty fave couple and this kiss is so angsty (bc its not REAL) wow i love them 

3. BATHSHEBA EVERDENE & GABRIEL OAK (far from the madding crowd 2015) 

linking to 2 gifsets of this kiss bc i couldnt find a clip of it online god the internet has FAILED me but anyway this kiss is pure and beautiful and [film student voice] the ciNEMATOGRAPHY like having them kiss in golden light… that is the shit i do LIKE also gabriel is so ffucking hot and i cant believe it took them the whole movie to get together but this kiss made it WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!! 


this gets half a spot because technically its not even a kiss but it is an ALMOST KISS and lbr has more passion even tho they didnt even kiss than most MOVIES HAVE PERIOD!!!! also if they did kiss at this moment it would be #1 like no other movie kiss would have a chanCE so it needs to be represented. fuck im shivering rewatching this vid for the 80000th time … wHEN LIZZIE’S EYES GO TO DARCY’S LIPS…. THAT IS THE MOMENT OF MY DEATH 


THIS KISS !!!! the OPERA PLAYING !!! GEORGE WALKING THRU THE FIELD !! ICONIC !!! i love this period drama movie kiss bc its so out of the blue (just like in the books) and lucy is just like wut but george is like ‘i gotta kiss this girl… noW’ and he does and its beautiful…. also bonus points for at the end of the movie where he is macking on her neck hella hard 


this kiss is the most TENDER, PASSIONATE, PURE EXPRESSION OF LOVE I HAVE EVER WITNESSED WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. highkey when i saw this the first time i gASPED and like my heart was beating fast and like fucking fuck !!!! literally he looks at her with SO ! MUCH ! LOVE ! and like kisses her … .so … slowly… like leans in … his thumb on her cheek….. so gently……………. but so passionately ………. i fucking scream this kiss is the reason im a romantic i want richard armitage to come kiss me like this what the FCK delete my entire life THIS KISS IS EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!