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top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”


Top 10 films of 2013
 1. The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright

Top 5 Shipping Moments of 2013

2013 was apparently the year of TV weddings, because it dropped everything on our heads from weddings of long-time ships to a certain wedding involving regards being sent and maybe some Lannisters being involved. But we’re here for shipping, so lets dive right in. 


Fry and Leela, after having spent 14 years being ship teased and dating on and off again on Futurama, finally got married in the show’s series finale. A la Ross and Rachel, these two met in the series’ first episode, Space Pilot 3000, aired all the way back in 1999, and proceeded to go through years and years of will they/won’t they sexual tension. The show was cancelled in 2003, leaving on a hopeful note for the two but not with definite confirmation. It wasn’t until the end of the fourth movie, released in 2010, that the two kissed and said they loved each other. And for the series’ revival, they got together for real and became an item. And as you can see, their wedding was a centerpiece of the series finale. Long time coming, huh?


2013 introduced the first season of the bizarro gothic romance crime series Hannibal, and with it came the start of the Hannigram romance; a canon slash love story between hero and villain. They start off by eating dinner together in Episode 1; the infamous ‘did you just smell me?’ line from episode 5; the subtexty two parter Sorbet and Fromage, which has Hannibal essentially choosing between a serial killer admirer and Will. And of course he chooses Will. Season 1 was just a taste of the subtext to come, of course, but it still introduced the world to this bizarre yet intriguing ship.


OK, Swarkles do take up a lot of time getting together, and their wedding was stretched to last a whole season. But hey, 2013 is all about TV weddings, and Swarkles spent the whole year being a couple and showing how they were good to go. For How I Met Your Mother fans, this year made it look like it was in the bag; Ted would meet the Mother, Marshall and Lily were good, and Robin and Barney’s wedding inched a little closer every episode. And then they totally got married and were happy and awesome and there was no series finale that destroyed it all, WHAT series finale that destroyed it all, I see nothing! You must be those same people who insist Spider Man and Mary Jane sold their marriage to Mephisto!


Anyone who loves Parks and Rec has to give a nod to Leslie and Ben finally getting hitched, and managing to do a wedding episode while avoiding many of the cliches of the genre. Wedding episodes don’t have to be stupid or overstretched. Basically, the two are engaged and decide to spontaneously throw their wedding together over a weekend. Which is stressful, but perfectly in character. And fans got to see them tie the knot and stick it out - maybe not as fast as Andy and April, but still nice and early without too much dragging it out (take notes, Ross and Rachel). 


What 2013 shipping list would be complete without the season that brought us the Red Wedding? But for me, the wedding of them all was for one of my OTP, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. A personal favorite, where shall we start by counting the highlights? Sansa being kind enough to kneel for Tyrion after Joffrey takes the stool away,  Tyrion telling Joffrey to go fuck himself when Joffrey tries to attack her, and Tyrion refusing to take advantage of her when they’re married, instead waiting until she’s ready, and generally treating Sansa better than anyone has for a long time. Lucky gal.


Top 6 Toys of 2013 - Revoltech 140 Raiden (Revengeance) - # 1

* The Stains of Time starts playing* 

My Pick for toy of the year. My write up for why I chose Raiden for my toy of the year can be found on the Big Boss post.

Previous toys on the list:

#2 Revoltech 130 Big Boss

#3 Masterpiece Starscream

#4 Generations Metroplex

#5 SH Figuarts Warmachine

#6 Generations Rhinox 

Thanks everybody!

Top Toys of 2013

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

“It’s complicated.”
“Perfect. I love complicated.”

This film is absolutely captivating. Whether it’s one of the many phenomenal stories of the beat generation, brilliant cinematography, a clever script, or stellar performances by the actors, Kill Your Darlings is riveting and enchanting and needs to be recognized more.

My Rating: ★★★★★

jfgoofy  asked:

📝, 🎥, 🎤and 🔮

Story from your childhood.

So when I was like, three years old, I had this Teletubbies board book. And I just so happened to have two of the same one. So it’s like six PM one night and I tell my dad, “Hey! I have two of this book! My cousin likes Teletubbies can I go over and give him the other book?”. And believe it or not, my dad was all “sure, why not?”, gave my uncle and aunt a call, and we drove a few towns over just to give my two-year-old cousin a seven-page board book.

Top 5 favorite movies?

Carrie (1976- I loved the 2013 one as well but the original’s a classic), Coraline, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, and The Lion King.

Top 5 favorite bands?

The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, No Doubt, Nirvana, and The Toasters

Do you believe in luck?

Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.


Top 5 stories in tech this week

Yahoo hack in 2013 left more than 1 billion users vulnerable.

A data breach in August 2013 may have left more than 1 billion Yahoo user accounts vulnerable, according to the company, with a plethora of personal information being released. The information includes names, addresses, emails, dates of birth, hashed passwords, unencrypted and encrypted security questions and telephone numbers. According to Yahoo, the hack did not leak credit card numbers, bank account details or unencrypted passwords, Wired reports. Read more

Uber launched self-driving cars in San Francisco.

Ride-hailing company Uber launched self-driving cars in its hometown of San Francisco on Wednesday. The Volvo XC90 SUVs are not driver-less — similar to Uber’s Ford Fusion self-driving debut in Pittsburgh in September, the self-driving cars in San Francisco will have a safety driver and Uber test engineer onboard. Uber customers who request UberX may be picked up by an autonomous vehicle. Since its debut, Uber has been tangled up in permit issues and has been asked by California regulators to stop its self-driving car service. Read more

Facebook announced it will tackle fake news with new tools.

Facebook has come out with a plan on how it will curb fake news from spreading on the social media platform. Reuters reports that Facebook will make it easier for its 1.8 billion users to flag fake news articles and the social media giant will work with fact-checking websites (e.g. Snopes, the Associated Press and ABC News) to determine if a story is authentic. Disputed articles will be flagged and accompanied by a note detailing why it cannot be promoted. Read more

Obama spoke about Russia’s cyber attacks.

In an interview with the NPR, Obama commented on the role Russian cyber attacks played in the U.S. election, after the White House suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin played a role in the hacks. “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections … we need to take action,” Obama said, the Guardian reports. “And we will – at a time and place of our own choosing.” Read more

Twitters cut off access to geospatial intelligence data.

Twitter has cut off access to a social media monitoring tool that was being used by police intelligence centers — also called fusion centers — to gather geospatial intelligence data. “Our long-standing position has been that the use of Twitter data for surveillance is strictly prohibited and we continue to expand our enforcement efforts,” Twitter said in a statement. According to the ACLU, Twitter’s decision affects the 77 fusion centers around the country. The ACLU of California previously discovered through a public records request that the tool, called the Geospatial Analysis Application, allowed for location-based tracking. Read more

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