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letstalkabouttrek  asked:

Top 5 Garak moments.

Oh man, how am I supposed to choose. I just love ALL OF THEM. But phew, okay, I will attempt. 

Honorable mention

The “eat my rod” scene in “Improbable Cause” between Garak and Bashir, because subtext and, just, look at these two ass holes.


5) Conversation with Sisko in the beginning of “In the Pale Moonlight”.

I love seeing this side of Garak. He’s dangerous, and he is not a nice man. Basically him just saying to Sisko - “This is who I am, this is what I do. I can achieve our mutual goal. I am aware of what it will take and those consequences. I am ready, but are you?”


4) Garak’s interrogation and torture of Odo in “The Die is the Cast”.

Just the intensity of that scene is immense. And the body language of Garak after it was just, UGH, so gut wrenching. I still think about this scene a lot in terms of what was going through Garak’s mind. 

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3) Garak’s speech in “The Wire” about his drug addiction.

When I first watched this scene I was completely silent, biting my nails, it was just so STRIKING. It was this moment for sure that I became completely enamored by Garak. 



2) Garak’s entire interaction dealing with the Martok’s son and friends in “The Way of the Warrior”.

Whole thing I was just snickering, and Garak didn’t give one fuck through the entire thing. This is my favorite type of Garak. 

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1) The intro scene in “Our Man Bashir”.

One of my favorite parts is that Garak doesn’t let himself completely smile until Julain’s back is turned. But it’s everything, his snark, how he enunciates and inflects everything especially the “Puh-raaiiiiiiDDD??”, how Garak wouldn’t stop clapping until Julian acknowledged him, how close he gets up to Bashir. I CAN’T HANDLE IT. It’s so Garak, it’s SO them. 

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