top 5 groups

christmas is basically over and i’d just like to say i’m thankful for quite a few things 

  1. exo
  2. ot9
  3. baekhyun, yixing, sehun, jongdae, minseok, jongin, chanyeol, kyungsoo and suho 
  4. sm’s top boy group
  5. exo k and exo m 
  6. the best group in the world 
  7. s. korea’s triple million sellers
  8. the group that released the album of the century, ex'act
  9. the only men i know
  10. oh! and exo once again

Top 5 Groups with Most Music Show Wins in 2016 (Male) 

#1 EXO - 17

#2 BTS - 10

#3 GOT7 & VIXX - 9

#4 CNBLUE - 6

2016 Top 30 Most Followed Korean Celebrities & KPOP Idols on Instagram 

1. G-Dragon - 11.8m
2. Chanyeol - 9.1m
3. Taeyeon - 8.5m
4. Sehun - 8.4m
5. Baekhyun - 8.2m
6. Lee Jong Suk - 6.8m
7. TOP - 6.4m
8. Taeyang - 6m
9. Park Shin Hye - 5.7m

10. Lay - 5.6m
11. Seungri - 5.4m
12. Jessica - 5.28m  
13. CL - 5.2m
14. Suzy - 5.18m
15. Yoona - 5.11m
16. Dara - 5m
17. Jackson - 4.74m
18. Hyuna - 4.73m
19. Tiffany - 4.59m
20. Krystal - 4.55m

21. Nam Joo Hyuk - 4.43m
22. Yuri - 4.23m
23. Amber - 4.02m
24. Lee Sung Kyung - 4m
25. Sooyoung - 3.89m
26. Sunny - 3.88m
27. Siwon - 3.84m
28. Lee Min Ho - 3.81m
29. Seohyun - 3.78m
30. Hyoyeon - 3.72m

some k-pop asks

1.Top 5 (_____) songs

2.Top 3 (_____) MV

3.Top 3 (_____) live performances

4.Top 5 girl group songs

5.Top 5 male group songs

6.Top 5 underrated girl groups

7.Top 5 underrated male groups

8.Favorite (_____) ship

9.Favorite (_____) member

10.Favorite malexfemale ship

11.Top 3 collaborations 

12.Top 5 solos by group members

13.Least favorite comeback by (_____)

14.Top 3 favorite photos of (______)

15.Underrated member(s) of (_____)

16.If you were the company’s CEO/in charge of (____) what would you change in the group

17.An unpopular opinion about (_____)

so…. i was bored and i thought this would be fun! go ahead and send me some numbers :)

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Recommend me some of your top 5 under rated boy groups pls!!! And maybe some links on what to watch??

this is also in No Order, but a random mix of my top 5 (also i dont know if you wanted music videos or shows?? so i put both??)


music: Aphrodite / 1.2.3 / Taola / Hello / Are you Ready? 

shows: The Immigration / Pops in Seoul / Sound K / Music Access 

Topp Dogg

music: Arario / TOPDOG / Follow Me / Open the Door / ANNIE / Rainy Day 

shows: Pepero Day Game / All Kill / Dogg on Topp /  HelloKPop interview, Super KPop, Pops in Seoul


music: Lollipop / Lollipop (dinosaur version) /  In the Club / Feel So Good / Please Be My First

shows: Pops in Seoul / Hot Beat / IMFACT Alive 


music: Still 24K + BINGO (in that order!!) / Superfly / Hey You / U R So Cute / Hurry UP /  Secret Love

shows: Self Introductions / Gangnam Style / Pops in Seoul (era: Hey You) / Pops in Seoul (era: Superfly) / Sound K / Warm Up Time / 24K TV 

Cross Gene

music: Black or White (TW!) / La-Di Da-di / Yin Yang / Amazing Bad Lady / Billion Dolla /  Play With Me / Shooting Star

shows: After School Club / Sound K / Pops in Seoul / X(TV) / Super KPop / Behind the Show 


Here are the top 5 countries on both groups, A and B, chosen by the voters!! Remember, this will last UNTIL 23RD OF DECEMBER!!! You can choose between these ten total countries ONLY!

Remember… COUNTRY A is giving the present to COUNTRY B!! 

Country A: 
1) England
2) Austria
3) America
4) France
5) Spain

Country B: 
1) England
2) Mexico
3) Switzerland
4) Portugal
5) France

- Wow you guys love England… And I approve!!
- England can’t give a present to England… nor France to France -.-
- Have fun, and we’ll total everything up by night of the 23rd ;) 

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top 5 girl group songs

ahHH this is hard but the ones I’ve been playing nonstop rn are

1. Navillera -gfriend (my friend turned me into gfriend trash lately asdsd)

2. Love You too -mamamoo

3. Don’t Recall -KARD (I know they’re not exactly a girl group but my brain won’t stop looping this song)

4. The Light -Ark (I’ll always be heartbroken over the potential this grp could have had)

5. TT (i had it on loop when i made that jikook comic i was crying or u could say it gotmelikeTT im sry for being the way i am)

Top 5 Rookie Groups I Look Forward To This 2017

Last 2016, the Kpop industry gave birth to multiple groups with incredible talents. Compared to the past years, these rookies almost seemed like they are not rookies due to the professionalism they show even at the early stage of their careers. It looks like they worked really hard during their trainee days in order to achieve their dreams to become Kpop idols.

Each rookie group has its own concept and talent and one day, they will build their own identity as well. But these 5 rookie groups have captured me and I’m excited for what they will be showing off this 2017.


Company: YG Entertainment
Debut date: August 8, 2016
Members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa

Seven years after the debut of well-renowned girl group 2NE1, YG Entertainment debuts BLACKPINK. Many have been anticipating for their debut since 2012 but the debut date is always postponed due to undetermined reasons. But the wait was really worth it because the girls showed their exceptional total-package talent and were recognized globally. Their debut songs “Whistle” and “Boombayah” have topped the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, and were the third Korean act to do so after labelmates PSY and BIGBANG.  All of their singles have won several times on music shows. They were also awarded as “Rookie of the Year” on prestigious award-giving bodies such as Asia Artist, Gaon Chart K-Pop, Golden Disk, Melon Music, and Seoul Music Awards. Because of that, they are considered “Monster Rookie Girl Group”.

This 2017, I expect them to release more songs, grow incredibly as a group, and be more comfortable on stage like their senior groups BIGBANG and 2NE1.

2. Pentagon

Company: Cube Entertainment
Debut date: October 10, 2016
Members: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok

They were first introduced through Mnet’s survival show Pentagon Maker, in which 10 trainees will compete against each other to determine the final line-up of Cube’s newest boy group. In the end, all of them debuted as a group. Their debut album Pentagon features their some of their self-composed songs. They made a comeback after two months with Five Senses and title song ‘Can You Feel It’. Right now, they are preparing for their debut in Japan and will release Japanese version of their debut song ‘Gorilla’.

I look forward for them to be recognized more because of their self-producing skills (and variety skills as well).

3. SF9

Company: FNC Entertainment
Debut date: October 5, 2016
Members: Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, Chani

Sensational Feeling 9 or SF9 is the first boy dance group from FNC Entertainment, which is home to Kpop bands like F.T Island and CNBLUE. They participated on FNC’s Survival show D.O.B (dance or band) as NEOZ Dance Team and competed against NEOZ Band Team. At the end of the show, they won and debuted ahead the band team. They released their single album Feeling Sensation along their debut date and promoted with the song ‘Fanfare’ and ‘K.O’, their winning track in D.O.B. Their first mini-album Burning Sensation reached #6 on Billboard’s World Album Chart.

This year, I hope they can create greater songs. People should also recognize this rookie group’s incomparable dancing ability.

4. Astro

Company: Fantagio Entertainment
Debut date: February 23, 2016
Members: MJ, Jinjin, Moonbin, Eunwoo, Rocky, Sanha

Even before debut, Astro has been making small acting projects. One week after debut, their first mini-album Spring Up landed at #6 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and #4 on Gaon Music Chart. Since then, they continuously gained recognition. They also performed in Los Angeles, USA for KCON 2016. Six months after debut, they held their first solo concert in Seoul, South Korea. So far, they have released 4 mini-albums and they just recently celebrated their 1st anniversary as a group.

Their concept kind of went astray to my usual Kpop music taste and it is actually refreshing for me. I wanted to see if they can make greater music, or if they can pull off a stronger concept.

5. K.A.R.D

Company: DSP Media
Debuted: N/A
Members: B.M., J. Seph, Somin, Jiwoo

This co-ed group hasn’t had their official debut yet they already gained popularity both in South Korea and internationally. On December 13, 2016, they released their first project single titled K.A.R.D Project Vol. 1 with the track “Oh NaNa”. Last month, they released Vol.2 with the track “Don’t Recall”. It is said that they are going to release one more project single before officially debuting as a group.

Co-ed groups are not common in Kpop. It has been long since a co-ed group debuted but they didn’t last long. Seeing the international recognition and positive response about K.A.R.D, I really hope they would break stereotypes and will change the Kpop industry with their music and charisma.

30 day Kpop challenge!

Day 1: Your top 5 favorite guy groups
Day 2: Your top 3 favorite girl groups 
Day 3: Your favorite solo idol
Day 4: Your ultimate bias group
Day 5: Your ultimate bias
Day 6: Your favorite song from your ultimate bias group
Day 7: Your biases from your 5 top favorite guy groups
Day 8: Your biases from your 3 top favorite girl groups
Day 9: Top 2 favorite songs from 15 groups
Day 10: Top 15 favorite MVs
Day 11: The first kpop song you ever heard
Day 12: The first MV you ever saw
Day 13: A group you got into that debuted this year
Day 14: Top 5 favorite subunits
Day 15: 1 favorite song from each subunit
Day 16: Top 10 groups
Day 17: Top 10 biases
Day 18: Ultimate OTP
Day 19: Top 5 OTPs
Day 20: Favorite friendship
Day 21: Top 5 maknaes
Day 22: Top 5 leaders
Day 23: Top 10 favorite non kpop songs
Day 24: Top 5 rappers
Day 25: Put your ipod, media player etc whatever you use to listen to music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs
Day 26: Your gay OTP, lesbian OTP and straight OTP
Day 27: Top 10 favorite albums
Day 28: Top 5 favorite idols not born in korea
Day 29: Any crack ships?
Day 30: Top 5 favorite non title songs from top 5 favorite groups

Anon Hour~
  • Yep! Another anon hour. Im really excited to see what you all send in. All asks will be answered by each admin.if not state which admin:
  • 1: Why did you start your own kpop blog?
  • 2: Who is your UB and why?
  • 3: Who is your UB group? Why?
  • 4: A Kpop idol you wish you could be for a day?
  • 5: Favorite female solo singer?
  • 6: Favorite male solo singer?
  • 7: Top 5 boy groups?
  • 8: Top 5 girl groups?
  • 9: Favorite kpop song?
  • 10: Top 10 songs?
  • 11: Five songs you listen to when mad?
  • 12: ^upset?
  • 13: ^Happy?
  • 14: Which song gives you the best (or worst) memories?
  • 15: Your Bias in ____?
  • 16: Your favorite song by ____?
  • 17: Top 5 male biases?
  • 18: Top 5 female biases?
  • 19: Favorite MV of all time?
  • 20: Favorite MV by _____ ?
  • 21: Your first bias ever?
  • 22: First group discovered?
  • 23: Top 3 otps?
  • 24: Song or group that made you fall in love with kpop?
  • 25: Your favorite duo?
  • 26: Idol with the best body?
  • 27: ____ or ____? (song/era/group/idol/actor/actress/otp)
  • 28: Have any merchandise?
  • 29: Tell me about your bias (state group) or UB: Why is he/she your bias? how did he/she become your bias?
  • 30: Favorite variety show?
  • 31: Favorite drama?
  • 32: bang, marry, kill? (insert 3 idols)
  • 33: Favorite label? Why?
  • 34: Least favorite group?
  • 35: How would you react if you saw your bias?
  • 36: Favorite rapper? (state solo or group)
  • 37: Favorite maknae?
  • 38: Favorite Hyung line?
  • 39: Favorite maknae line?
  • 40: Favorite goof off (beagle) line?
  • 41: My first bias
  • 42: Your current bias and why
  • 43: Favourite song
  • 44: . Favourite Mv
  • 45: OTP
  • 46: Member you think has the best smile
  • 47: Favourite choreography
  • 48: Favourite voice/singer
  • 49: Favourite dancer
  • 50: Best Aeygo
  • Thanks for participating

Day 1 Ultimate bias
Day 2 Ultimate bias with blonde hair
Day 3 Ultimate bias with red hair
Day 4 Favorite group
Day 5 Bias of favorite group
Day 6 Top 5 favorite groups
Day 7 Bias(es) of top 5 favorite groups
Day 8 Top 5 favorite rappers
Day 9 Ultimate OTP
Day 10 Top 5 ships
Day 11 Top 5 soloists
Day 12 Top 10 favorite MVs not from favorite groups
Day 13 Top 5 favorite MVs from ultimate favorite group
Day 14 Top 5 favorite MVs from second favorite group
Day 15 Top 5 favorite MVs from third favorite group
Day 16 Top 5 favorite MVs from fourth favorite group
Day 17 Top 5 favorite MVs from fifth favorite group
Day 18 biases from other groups beside your 5 favorite groups (10 is the limit)
Day 19 Favorite subunit
Day 20 Favorite MV from subunit
Day 21 Top 5 Japanese MVs from ultimate favorite group
Day 22 Pre debut picture of your ultimate bias
Day 23 Pre debut picture of your ultimate favorite group
Day 24 Top 5 biases
Day 25 5 other groups you like
Day 26 5 pictures of ultimate bias with member(s) from your top 5 favorite groups
Day 27 Leaders of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 28 Rappers of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 29 Maknaes of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 30 1 favorite MV per top 5 favorite groups

Kpop Top 5

Tagged by @officialyanan​ thanks fam ^^

All these are in no particular order but they’re all in top 5

Female Groups:

  1. Miss A
  2. Gfriend
  3. Sistar
  4. Twice
  5. T-ara

Male Groups:

  1. Bangtan
  2. Monsta X
  3. Winner
  4. Seventeen
  5. Astro

Solo Artists:

  1. DEAN
  2. Crush
  3. Zion T
  4. Sam Kim
  5. Yoo Seungwoo

Female Actors:

  1. Han Hyojoo
  2. Kim Seulgi
  3. Kim Yoojung
  4. Lee Sungkyung
  5. Kim Jiwon

Male Actors:

  1. Song Joongki
  2. Nam Joohyuk
  3. Lee Jongsuk
  4. Lee Junki
  5. Ji Changwook

“Other” Groups (duos/sub-units/etc.):

  1. Urban Zakapa
  2. Club Eskimo
  3. Ziont/Crush
  5. Big Byung LMFAO

Current Favorite Songs:

  1. Complex - Zion T ft. G-Dragon
  2. 예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful) - DAY6
  3. Oh Na Na - KARD
  4. Me Like Yuh (K) - Jay Park ft. Hoody
  5. Bermuda Triangle - Zico ft. Crush & DEAN


  1. Mrs. Cop
  2. Goblin
  3. Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  4. W
  5. It’s Okay, That’s Love

I Tag @emmaskpopdump, @kae-popx, @ikonfess, @imchangki, @sanggyuns-hair, @minsvtga and whoever else. Of course you don’t have to do this if you dont want to (took me a good 20 minutes smh).

Bias List || Boy Group Addition

Okay, so I got quite a few asks on who my bias and bias wreckers are in my favorite kpop groups and why. Since I have so many groups that I absolutely adore I have narrowed it down to my top 5 groups. In order from my top bias group on down is as follows: GOT7, SEVENTEEN, SF9, BTS, and MONSTA X. So just a quick thank you to everyone who asked, you guys know who you are and I hope you enjoy and I hope this helps you get to know me as a new kpop blog a little bit better!

So without further a do, let’s get started


My Bias: JB

Originally posted by msmichellec

Reason: The reason why I chose JB as my bias for this group at first had to be mainly because of his looks. I mean, let’s be honest, Jaebum is someone who is visually pleasing to look at. And to be honest, he wasn’t even my original bias at first. When I first started getting attracted to JB, I started considering him my bias wrecker because he was distracting me from who my bias actually was, but soon enough I found myself getting more attached and falling more and more in love with JB as I got more into the band. The more attached to Jaebum, I found myself falling for his personality. I loved how much he loved, cared, and supported his band. Not only was he the sweetest leader, but he also knew how to act goofy and silly with his group and he knew when to be serious and how to get his band under control. JB was someone who I knew that if I was having a bad day or if I just got really depressed one day that I could just look up his soundcloud and I would instantly feel better. As strange as it’s going to sound, I felt like JB is more of the best friend I’ve always wanted in my life and I guess that’s the main reason why I like him as much as I do now.

My Bias Wrecker: Youngjae

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Reason: In all honesty, I don’t really consider myself to have a bias wrecker in this band. The reason being that I just love them all so much that they all just make me feel so happy and I can’t even begin to tell you how much they really mean to me. If I had to chose a bias wrecker it would probably be Youngjae. Youngjae was my original bias. What really drew me to him was his smile and the fact that he was just always so positive and uplifting with everything he and his band did. Eventually I did find myself falling for Jaebum more than Youngjae, but he defiantly is and always will be the sunshine in my life. Not only is he good at making himself happy, but his fans and his band happy. If this boy is not one of your favorite idols, you need to do a little more research on this sunshine and I assure you that he will defiantly make you smile.


My Bias: Woozi

Originally posted by choisaemi

Reason: Okay, there are many, many reasons on why I love this boy. First off, not only have I chosen him as my bias in seventeen, but I have chosen him as my ultimate bias. There just isn’t a thing I don’t love about him. Everything from his savage comments to his passionate songs, it’s all perfect and amazing. Everything he does makes me smile. This is the most I’ve smiled in so long and every time I see him I can’t help but smile. It like with every detail and little thing he does, I fall in love with him even more than I already was. Woozi is probably the only person I would give everything I can to meet. To be honest, I don’t even know how emotionally stable I would be if I ever got that chance. I have no idea what really drew me to him, but all I know is that Woozi makes me the happiest I’ve been in a while, and even my family said they’ve noticed changes in me since I started listening to and stanning this band. I know your bias is supposed to be who you connect to and who you relate to the most. If I followed by that, I could see myself stanning Hoshi, but I truly believe that your bias is someone who you look up to and someone who makes you a better person. That has got to be the top reason why I love him so much.

My Bias Wrecker: DK

Originally posted by leeseunghoon

Reason: I mean, just look at him. Anyone who is a carat understands completely why DK is a bias wrecker. Honestly, I don’t understand why he isn’t as popular. Lee Seokmin is a pure ball of sunshine and no matter what this child can make anyone smile with just a simple ‘hello’. If he could, I swear that this child could cure cancer.

My (other) Bias Wrecker: Hoshi

Originally posted by visual-17

Reason: Yeah, it’s basically impossible to have only one bias wrecker in this band. I’m pretty sure that half of the people understand when I say that Hoshi is eXTRA AF. This child can not control himself. Like one minute he will be a cute little fluff and then the next second it’s liKE WHOA THERE STAY IN YOUR LANE PLS I MUST BE LoYaL TO MY BIaS. But yeah, that basically sums up why Hoshi is one of my bias wreckers…

3. SF9

My Bias: Youngbin

Originally posted by bureureung

Reason: Okay, since this is a rookie band that only just debuted with in this last year, it took me forever to finally decided on a bias. If you don’t know who sf9 is, I definitely suggest looking them up. They are a band with 9 amazing boys who will make your hearts melt just after watching them, you are garenteed to stan them after the first 10 seconds you watch of them. Anyways, since there is little information on them, it was hard for me at first to see who I could fit in with the best. I finally decided on their leader, Kim Youngbin. If the gif doesn’t say it all about this man, I don’t know what to tell you. At first he gives off this kind of mature and serious leader kind of vibe but the more you get into the band you learn that he is nothing more than a little fluff ball who loves skinship and needs to be protected.

My Bias wrecker: Chani

Originally posted by kangchaneee

Reason: As I said before, this band makes it really hard to choose who you like more because there’s such a variety for different personalities between these 9 boys, but the first person that caught my eye in this band was Chani. Maybe it’s because we’re both 00′liners and we’re the same age, but this little sunshine just makes my heart flutter and just really happy overall. He’s extremely talented and he defiantly is my favorite maknae. If you don’t stan Chani, i definitely suggest you look into it because this child will make you smile bigger than you ever could imagine.

4. BTS

My Bias: J-Hope

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Reason: This is going to sound basic, but BTS is probably the main reason why I’m into k-pop today. I liked them back when they first debuted and then eventually I kind of forgot about them. Once the Blood Sweat and Tears MV came out I got dragged down a hole again. At first back in 2013, Suga was my main bias, but as I recently got back into them I found a huge likely towards J-Hope. He was just always so happy and carefree and made everyone laugh and smile. If this man does not make you happy in some sort of way, something is wrong with you lol. But seriously, this man can dance and make children stop crying just by his heartwarming smile. I love how he’s always so full of energy and he’s everything I want to be, so for that, he is my bias.

My Bias Wrecker: Suga

Originally posted by beui

Reason: I don’t even know where to begin with him. Suga really has made an impact in my life. I feel like for such an amazing person, he really is underrated. In a way, Suga has helped me with my depression and anxiety. After he shared his mixtape with his song ‘The Last’, I realized that everything he stated is what I felt and that he himself is trying to get better. Because he came out with such passion about wanting to get better with the way he feels, I knew that I too could try and seek help. Nobody deserves to be that hurt and broken, especially for an angel like Suga. But anyways, Suga is such an amazing gift given to us by BigHit and he really needs more apperciation for what he has done for army all over the world. (Also he is the ultimate bias wrecker. fight me on this one)


My Bias: Kihyun

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Reason: I first fell in love with Kihyun over No Mercy. I remember one of my kpop friends sent me a video link that lead to his audition. His voice was so powerful and beautiful that I couldn’t help but fall for him fast. He may not be the funniest or the best looking in the band (I have friends who have said he’s the least attractive member sadly and I want to fight them), but he definatly has talent. I know he’s gotten a lot of hate from his past since he’s been caught smoking and stuff from when he was in middle school, but that was a long time ago and he stopped. He really is a changed person and he’s probably one of the sweetest and most beautiful idols I’ve ever seen. His voice is beyond anything that I’ve heard before and I think that’s the main reason why he’s my favorite vocalist. I really hope people take time to see past what people say about him and really get to know him because he’s just such an amazing person like asdfghhjkl

My Bias Wrecker: Jooheon

Originally posted by trainingpanda

Reason: I don’t really think this needs any explanation, this gif says it all. And once again, I fell in love with Jooheon from No Mercy. Not only that, but he’s got such a great personality and is always so loving and kind to everyone, especially to kids. Like he’s definitely going to be such a great daddy someday (and no, not like that you sickos). Jooheon is probably my all time favorite idol rapper as well. He has so much talent and potential but people don’t see that in him. He is probably one of the most underrated members of his group, but still he is our precious child and he’s just so sweet and adorable and tHIS IS WHY HIS IS ONE OF MY ULTIMATE BIAS WRECkERS.

Once again I love so many different kpop bands but sadly I’m sure there are many people who would get bored with me ranting about how great all these bands are . I did mean to add in girl groups as well but I got a little too carried away, but if the question comes up again maybe I’ll do one for the girl groups as well. Thank you all so much for requesting this and I hope you enjoyed my mini rants and heart attacks about these wonderful people.


Let’s do an Ask! (I’m not entirely sure how these work, but I wanna talk to you guys!)

1.) Who got me into Kpop?
2.) First Group?
3.) Ultimate Bias?
4.) Favorite Groups?
5.) Bias in specific group (you choose the group!)
6.) Favorite song? (Specific group or not)
7.) What am I doing right now?
8.) Favorite to write about?
9.) Top 5 boy groups?
10.) Top 5 Girl groups?

Honestly ask me anything! I don’t know what other questions I could put on this 😂 I hope you’re having a great night :)

Anon Hour~
  • All asks will be answered by each admin.if not state which admin:
  • 1: Why did you start your own kpop blog?
  • 2: Who is your UB and why?
  • 3: Who is your UB group? Why?
  • 4: A Kpop idol you wish you could be for a day?
  • 5: Favorite female solo singer?
  • 6: Favorite male solo singer?
  • 7: Top 5 boy groups?
  • 8: Top 5 girl groups?
  • 9: Favorite kpop song?
  • 10: Top 10 songs?
  • 11: Five songs you listen to when mad?
  • 12: ^upset?
  • 13: ^Happy?
  • 14: Which song gives you the best (or worst) memories?
  • 15: Your Bias in ____?
  • 16: Your favorite song by ____?
  • 17: Top 5 male biases?
  • 18: Top 5 female biases?
  • 19: Favorite MV of all time?
  • 20: Favorite MV by _____ ?
  • 21: Your first bias ever?
  • 22: First group discovered?
  • 23: Top 3 otps?
  • 24: Song or group that made you fall in love with kpop?
  • 25: Your favorite duo?
  • 26: Idol with the best body?
  • 27: ____ or ____? (song/era/group/idol/actor/actress/otp)
  • 28: Have any merchandise?
  • 29: Tell me about your bias (state group) or UB: Why is he/she your bias? how did he/she become your bias?
  • 30: Favorite variety show?
  • 31: Favorite drama?
  • 32: bang, marry, kill? (insert 3 idols)
  • 33: Favorite label? Why?
  • 34: Least favorite group?
  • 35: How would you react if you saw your bias?
  • 36: Favorite rapper? (state solo or group)
  • 37: Favorite maknae?
  • 38: Favorite Hyung line?
  • 39: Favorite maknae line?
  • 40: Favorite goof off (beagle) line?
  • 41: Made a photoset of ____?
  • 42: Make photoset of ub?
  • 43: photoset of top otp?
  • 44: Gif Set of your bias?
  • 45: gif set of ub?
  • 46: Photo set of ALL male or female biases?
  • Thanks for participating~