top 5 fav characters

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Ahaha im sorry for this but here we go; #8 Top 5 fav fictional characters

Why must you do this to me? I thought what we had was special…. Fine!

Okay here we go. Now this is in no particular order:

1. Iko from the Lunar Chronicles (which by the way has anyone read Wires and Nerve yet??? Because I need someone to vent to about my feels)

2. Wolf from The 10th Kingdom

3. Scooby Doo from of course, Scooby Doo

4. Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender

5. And Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson books

I feel confident about this list but knowing me, I’ll probably question it in like 20 minutes

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who r ur top 5 fav dc characters

im on mobile so forgive me for the sloppy format

1. selina kyle
2. barry allen
3. hal jordan
4. tatsu yamashiro
5. either harvey dent or edward nigma bcos i can’t chose between them

so 6 but w/e u can’t stop me

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orphan black?

Top 5 Favorite Female Characters

I’m doing this with fav clones and non clones bc it’s not fair to have to judge a character played by tatiana maslany vs a character played by anyone else


Cosima, Jennifer, Beth, Sarah, Alison


Bobby, Luisa, Angie, Delphine, Mrs. S

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top 5 fav ovw characters nd top 5 hated ovw characters - maggie

1) Pharah
2) Symmetra
3) Sombra
4) Mei
5) widowmaker

Least faves
1) junkrat
2) soldier 76
3) bastion
4) Junkrat
5) Junkrat


I looove Ever~ She’s one of my favs (I mean I like all FT characters) but she’s top 5 in my fav fairy girls. :) I drew this the other day, I was testing out inking with colored pens. I didn’t use any black in this! It’s tricky, but I’m happy with the results! These pens work beautifully with Copics so I’m happy~ More testing is due! :D And I know that she would be flaunting her assets, so I guess this Ever got rubbed the wrong way so now she’s cranky, but that’s why I loves her!