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#5 - Prince Vegeta: Dragon Ball

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hi!!! so without being too biased bc i mean, obviously you'd probably say all the good stuffs abt todomomo but how popular is todomomo in the fandom? And also todoroki and momo individually? i'm new to the fandom and i just wanna know how well my otp/fave characters are received. esp shouto. i love him too much

*Cracks knuckles* alright lets get down to businessssss

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM! WEEEWOOooooo! Thats my happy shout. anyways. Todomomo, unfortunately, is definitely not as popular as I’d hope it to be. I mean compared to Tododeku, Kiribaku, Kamijirou, Izuocha, Kacchako, its one of those ‘rare pairs’ in the BNHA fandom. 

Having said that, I think todomomo has potential to grow though. Even now I can see there is soooooo much more enthusiasm in the todomomo tag plus wayyyy more people who ship them now in contrast to before. Back when I first started this blog, it was like ded silent in the tag. Except for a few blogs like wr3h, natsv, akeemi, openforth (from the top of my head those are the ones I remember) who were actually active in the tag. So don’t give up on todomomo; its expanding like cray now. ALSO, CROSS FINGERS THEY ANIMATE THEIR FIGHT AGAINST AIZAWA.

Todoroki Shouto is smothered with love here so no worries about that. He’s def gonna be a fav character in bnha (at least top 5) for the rest of the series I think. 

Momo on the other hand has less fans. I think ‘cas she’s rarely shown in the manga. Tsuyu and Ochako are pretty much the main girls and I doubt that will change unless there’s an arc where Momo exclusively works with Midoriya. More people seem to keep Momo in mind now that she was involved with the rescue bakugou arc. so woop woop for that!

Fun fact: I think Japanese fans really do like todomomo though especially ‘cas of the drama cd (if you haven’t listened to the drama cd where they go to the festival and see fireworks then you should, let me know if you need the link to the translation etc) 

Search up  轟百 on google and you’ll get a lot of amazing japanese fanart/ doujinshi scans for those two. 

I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for yaomomo merch when I stay in Japan so that could be a gauge on how well-received she is there. 

thanks anon for the ask! I hope you like my long ass answer haha 

UPDATE: @itsmyfandomandilikeit was kind enuf to share that todomomo is way more popular than i actually thought cas of recent reddit polls (actually hit #1 for one of the polls with a sample of 1000 participants) wowzzz!

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top 5 fav characters from haikyuu?

5. Nishinoya Yuu

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His personality is my life. Also, when I started the anime, he was my favorite. He’s stuck with me as a favorite, but not as my top favorite. 

4. Kuroo Tetsurou

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Kuroo’s attitude towards others is something that I find hilarious, and always will, honestly. I also like his friendship with someone higher up on this list. 

3. Tendou Satori 

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Tendou’s backstory just makes me so sad, but is also something that I can relate to! I love the way he’s come out on top of it all, even after losing to Karasuno. Sure he’s upset, but he’s still going to support and care for his team. 

2. Bokuto Koutarou

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Not only have I been shipped with this owl boy because of our similar personalities, but we have other things in common. My name’s that of a bird, I look a lot like said bird, and I have a best friend who is beautiful but very casual about things.

1. Oikawa Tooru

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He’s just… (deep breath) so fucking perfect! I love his personality, his irritation with Kageyama, his urge to win, his small love for aliens, his glasses, him! GAH! 

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Who are your top 5 fav female characters in naruto?

Easily, and in no specific order
Sakura: I respect her hard work and selflessness. I can’t even begin to imagine working hard so it’s nice to see such an inspirational character go so far. I also have a duty to love my sons gorgeous wife. She’s a cute dork too I want to hug her 24/7 but she’s also that doctor who is in charge and everyone follows her orders. She’s the princess and the queen and I love her.
Tsunade: anime specific but every time she speaks with so much POWER in her voice I get so PUMPED. She’s a natural born leader who demands respect. She’s also beautiful and has a well fleshed out back story and character arc
Kushina: I like how she doesn’t take shit from anyone, like her bullies. I like how she stayed strong when the circumstances were against her. I love how she selfless she was for her son. I love her red hair and her fiery personality. She’s also cute and funny.
Ino: Bombshell. Queen Bee. Gorgeous. Too good for this world. I love how she protects her friends. I love her determination. I love her in the war when she stood strong and was like ‘it’s not a matter of if I can it’s a matter of I will!’
Temari: Fierce can I cry. Will protect her siblings at all costs. Will put the boys in line. Is gorgeous. Will fight you, probably win and then proceed to roast you. The truest badass. Her wind fan? Got me woke it’s so unique. Her summon? That shit is cute.

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What has the fandom done that made you not like killua as much

Aw that’s hard to talk about.

Note tho that I still love Killua, I adore him, I’m just… not as invested in him as I used to be? Like he’s still easy in my top 5 fav characters, it’s just that before he was 2nd and now he’s 4th on my top.

Mostly it’s the whole CA arc discourse that was extremely tiring. I have this kind of problem where, when you compare stuff I like, if you use one to bash the other that I may like a little more, I will end up disliking the former a little.

Like, I heard a lot about the infamous CA arc before I even started it, so I was extremely wary of what was going to happen, and I kinda expected it to be far worse tbh. As a result, I was kinda attentive to the stuff that would go wrong, and I wasn’t surprised by Gon snapping at Killua. To me it was understandable considering his own journey, and I was sad for the both of them.

But I started to hear and see a lot of “see this scene was awful, Gon is the worst and so selfish  for hurting Killua”.

And I just… didn’t feel it that way at all.

Once I thought more about the arc, it was just seriously pissing me off. I used to see about every day posts bashing Gon, saying he was selfish, that he didn’t like Killua, that he was “using him” as long as it was working between them, that he was abusive, or always posts basically saying that because of how Gon snapped at Killua he was the worst person ever and Killua was the poor little thing to be protected.

And like…. The scene was awful. Killua’s breakdown had me cry, it was really ways too much for me. 

But Gon wasn’t okay and I’m definitly not okay with reading it as a black and white situation where Killua was good and Gon evil while there was a lot of talk to have about trauma and about how Gon had been breaking down since the begining of the arc and no one noticed or worse, tried to encourage him to fight, downright to the point of using his triggers against him.

The more I saw attacks on Gon about what happened in this arc as a way to “protect” Killua, I was getting frustrated with Killua. And it was really hard for me because I love Killua, and his own suffering in this arc was really painful and really touched me the first time around, and I acknowledge that indeed Gon hurt him, but for a while, because of that, I just couldn’t look at Killua anymore because of those things against Gon that were just ignoring Gon’s own problems.

Meanwhile, I also grew extremely attached to Gon and Leorio while i was re-reading the manga. I think just that being able to go back from the start had me realize subtilities in their characters I didn’t pay attention to when I was carelessly watching the show. However well, Killua has the most explicit character development, so I didn’t get more in my read that I had for the other two (not that there was nothing to take from it of course). 

It was really hard on me because I really love Killua though. I do love him, but I was so frustrated with how the fandom wanted to protect him to the point of completely ignoring what was going on with Gon that I had a moment I couldn’t even bear seeing him. I always loved Kurapika with all my soul so that never changed, but I ended up writting a lot and lot of rants about Leorio and Gon and why they were amazing and I realized that I had far less fun talking about Killua because of that. 

It’s getting better though. I’m seriously getting better with Killua at the moment. I’m rewatching the show again and I’m endeared by Killua like I was the first time around. I am no longer frustrated, and I can enjoy all of their characters’s journeys without having a bitter taste. (also somehow a lot of Gon’s rant really calmed down on my dash? I don’t know if it’s because I was yelling every time I was seeing one or if I just happened to come in the fandom at a bad time for Gon ahah). 

Now the thing is that I love Leorio and Gon ways more than I used to, so if I love Killua the way I used to again, I love those two a little more still. 

And honestly I think that moment I had a major fall out with Killua had me appreciate him more in the end, because I had to tell myself again why I loved him and I could explore it a little further then. To remind myself why i liked him, and trying to see the stuff I may have overlooked. 

(also the only fact Gon would be mad at me for being bitter about Killua was enough motivation as it is. Like you can’t have me believe Gon wouldn’t completely agree he’s the worst for what he did to Killua. which is probably why I want to at least explain him even more.)

Honestly as it is right now I love him just as much as before. I’m just far less involved than I used to. 

But ye, it’s going better, and I don’t want to let my own frustration get in the way of the actual character. And I guess I can understand how, when you love a character so much, you get a little too biased when people start hurting them. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’m just as guilty as anyone, and I can’t blame anyone for doing that. It frustrates me, but that’s not something anyone can change, especially since I know I do that too.

So ye. That’s the tale of how I falled out of love with Killua and how now everything is getting better. 

Not the best story tho akjhfdjk

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Can you name some of your fav characters from Red Queen, like top 5 or something?

LETS KICK THIS OFF! Thank you so much for the question, darling.

Now- I have favorite but they aren’t ranked and for way different reasons than you may think.

—Shade Barrow
—Elara Merandus/ Evangeline Samos
—Ara Iral
—Cal Calore

Shout out to Farley who would have easily made it if it was a top six.

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