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my favourite law boys in red uvu

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My Top 5 Anime Crushes

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#5 - Prince Vegeta: Dragon Ball

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Hello may i request headcanons/scenarios (idk what's better for you) of Aizawa, Tokoyami, Shinsou (separately) having an innately deaf s/o? I love this blog so much please bless me with your masterpieces and take your time :D

I did headcanons bc if the s/o is innately deaf all of them would’ve known from the start so there’t not much of a scenario since they’d treat them like a hearing person unless it came to vocal communication or noise related things. if you give me a more detailed scenario of them doing something with the s/o (like a special date or situation) then I’d love to write a longer piece for this ^.^

also thank you for requesting bird boy I get no asks for him and he’s my favorite actually these are some of my top 5 fav characters so ily

and thank you thats so sweet of you to call these ramblings masterpieces lol


  • whenever you want his attention you can pull on his scarf thing
  • he’s a very quiet guy so there’s not really much adjustment to make 
  • he started learning sign language the day after he met you so he’s rlly good at it by the time the two of you are dating
  • likes the little sounds you make all the time because you have no idea you’re making them
  • you like to be near him when he has phone calls bc its so cool to hug him and feel the vibrations while he talks he likes it too


  • when he first met you he literally thought you were just a quiet person 
  • dark shadow would argue with him a lot when you hung out with tokoyami and you could never figure out why
  • it was bc dark shadow kept telling him to ask you out but he was shy
  • he learned sign language a while back bc he was bored but he never realized he’d use it so much
  • one time you asked him if he had a normal person voice or a bird voice and dark shadow thought it was hilarious 


  • absolutely confused when you walked up to him and started signing to him so he found a pen and paper and that’s how you met each other
  • hes kinda relieved bc you have no reason to be afraid of him as his quirk won’t work on you since you don’t speak to him verbally
  • not a very social guy so this whole communication thing is new to him 
  • spell stuff out on his hands and arms he loves it 
  • not much is different from a relationship with two hearing people tbh
My Top 5 Anime Anti-Heroes

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#3 - Prince Vegeta: Dragon Ball (Franchise)

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hi! could you draw some lucio? :O i love your art!!

of course!!! two lúcios for you

honestly he’s in my top 5 of fav ovw characters… there isnt enough lúcio content out there whats up with THAT

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hi!!! so without being too biased bc i mean, obviously you'd probably say all the good stuffs abt todomomo but how popular is todomomo in the fandom? And also todoroki and momo individually? i'm new to the fandom and i just wanna know how well my otp/fave characters are received. esp shouto. i love him too much

*Cracks knuckles* alright lets get down to businessssss

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM! WEEEWOOooooo! Thats my happy shout. anyways. Todomomo, unfortunately, is definitely not as popular as I’d hope it to be. I mean compared to Tododeku, Kiribaku, Kamijirou, Izuocha, Kacchako, its one of those ‘rare pairs’ in the BNHA fandom. 

Having said that, I think todomomo has potential to grow though. Even now I can see there is soooooo much more enthusiasm in the todomomo tag plus wayyyy more people who ship them now in contrast to before. Back when I first started this blog, it was like ded silent in the tag. Except for a few blogs like wr3h, natsv, akeemi, openforth (from the top of my head those are the ones I remember) who were actually active in the tag. So don’t give up on todomomo; its expanding like cray now. ALSO, CROSS FINGERS THEY ANIMATE THEIR FIGHT AGAINST AIZAWA.

Todoroki Shouto is smothered with love here so no worries about that. He’s def gonna be a fav character in bnha (at least top 5) for the rest of the series I think. 

Momo on the other hand has less fans. I think ‘cas she’s rarely shown in the manga. Tsuyu and Ochako are pretty much the main girls and I doubt that will change unless there’s an arc where Momo exclusively works with Midoriya. More people seem to keep Momo in mind now that she was involved with the rescue bakugou arc. so woop woop for that!

Fun fact: I think Japanese fans really do like todomomo though especially ‘cas of the drama cd (if you haven’t listened to the drama cd where they go to the festival and see fireworks then you should, let me know if you need the link to the translation etc) 

Search up  轟百 on google and you’ll get a lot of amazing japanese fanart/ doujinshi scans for those two. 

I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for yaomomo merch when I stay in Japan so that could be a gauge on how well-received she is there. 

thanks anon for the ask! I hope you like my long ass answer haha 

UPDATE: @itsmyfandomandilikeit was kind enuf to share that todomomo is way more popular than i actually thought cas of recent reddit polls (actually hit #1 for one of the polls with a sample of 1000 participants) wowzzz!

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Your top 5 fav dcom characters

  1. evie (descendants)
  2. lela (teen beach)
  3. rosie (princess protection program)
  4. thomas (buffalo dreams)
  5. zenon (zenon series)

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top 5 fav characters from haikyuu?

5. Nishinoya Yuu

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His personality is my life. Also, when I started the anime, he was my favorite. He’s stuck with me as a favorite, but not as my top favorite. 

4. Kuroo Tetsurou

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Kuroo’s attitude towards others is something that I find hilarious, and always will, honestly. I also like his friendship with someone higher up on this list. 

3. Tendou Satori 

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Tendou’s backstory just makes me so sad, but is also something that I can relate to! I love the way he’s come out on top of it all, even after losing to Karasuno. Sure he’s upset, but he’s still going to support and care for his team. 

2. Bokuto Koutarou

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Not only have I been shipped with this owl boy because of our similar personalities, but we have other things in common. My name’s that of a bird, I look a lot like said bird, and I have a best friend who is beautiful but very casual about things.

1. Oikawa Tooru

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He’s just… (deep breath) so fucking perfect! I love his personality, his irritation with Kageyama, his urge to win, his small love for aliens, his glasses, him! GAH! 

Rules: 1 )Answer these eleven questions. 2) Create eleven questions of your own. 3) Tag eleven people.

I got tagged by babe @vincentseyebrows <3

1. If your fandom is BSD, who is your favourite character? If not, give us one of your favourites.

You can’t barge into my house and make me choose okay that’s rude (jk lmao) okay so honestly its Dazai and overall he’s at least on my top 5 fav anime characters ever. he’s. he’s everything i ever wanted okay

2. Favourite manga?

Fullmetal Alchemist, though Shingeki no Kyojin is a close second rn it’s slowly killing me and making me internally scream nonstop

3. If you had to choose between eating your favourite meal for a year and your otp becoming reality, what would it be?

TAKE A WILD GUESS BUDDY. I’d probably get super bored if I ate my favourite meal for a year so I’d take either Soukoku or Royai be canon and die happily

4. Other places in the world where you’d like to live to?

Prob Spain which might actually happen bc I’ve Spanish passport and nationality and honestly? I want to migrate asap, the lack of safety in this country is driving me crazy I barely leave my house, my neighbors are being robbed at gunpoint and haha yeah I’m a f r a i d

5. When is your birthday?

August 13th! Not that anybody but my mom ever remembers tho

6. Do you have any pets?

I do!!! Her name’s Nika and she’s the love of my life <3

7. What’s your hobby?

Drawing ugly things ajsdfhkjasd

8. Would you rather have unlimited fanart supply if your otp or fanfiction supply?

I think fanfiction supply, I mean ajdfhkl I love reading fanfiction okay, and I’d get tons of inspiration to draw my own fanarts! ajsdfhkl

9. One thing that you’re very proud of about yourself?

Uhhhhhhhh… I have no idea okay, I think perhaps my loyalty/ honesty towards those I care about? idk

10. Favourite type of music and band?

Oh buddy this is a hard one I listen so many different stuff so I don’t have a favourite type but my fav band would be Panic! at the Disco

11. What would you say to your past self?

stop playing League of Legends it’s gonna fucking eat 5 years of your life and make you drop your grades and get zero sleep and ugh

I had already done this thing a couple weeks ago so I’m using the same questions I wrote then! (I can’t think properly rn lmao)

My questions:

  1. What’s the first song that comes to your mind?
  2. Favorite characters from three different series?
  3. First tag you look for in a fanfic?
  4. Top 5 OTPs
  5. What’s a personality trait that makes you like a character?
  6. How do you vent when you’re feeling stressed?
  7. Recommend me a book/ fanfic/ manga to read!
  8. Fluff or angst?
  9. A childhood memory?
  10. Favorite food?
  11. Favorite TV show?

Tag eleven people:

(Again, since I did this one before I already tagged a couple people so ajsdlk I don’t really know 11, alright)

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Feel no pressure to do this! Also anyone who isn’t tagged but wants to do it is invited to do so!