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This is random as hell, but did you know that The Emperor’s New Groove was intended to be a musical, but the songs were removed beforehand? I say this, because Eartha Kitt had an Yzma song called Snuff Out The Light that’s on YouTube, and it’s so damn good. It’s top 5 Disney Villain songs, but no one knows about it.

yeah i knew

My Top 5 Disney Villains and Why I Love Them

out of all of my groups of top 5s, the only one that i can really explain why i love them all so much is the villains

1. Zira (The Lion King 2) - Zira is my favortie Disney villain because of her song “My Lullaby.” It is one of the most twisted things Disney has ever done. Zira is a complete sadist and blatantly states in the song that she basically kills for fun and that is my favorite kind of villain. (Think along the lines of say the Joker)

2. Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - Frollo was driven completely insane by his desires that he believed were sinful. He was corrupt from the beginning, not to mention a hypocrite, and he killed a gypsy and almost threw a baby down a well. He went mad trying to remain a “Holy” man and when he sinfully lusted after a woman, he vowed to make her his, or burn her (and convinced all of Paris that he was burning her for witchcraft).

3. Hades (Hercules) - I love Hades because he’s a comical villain, but without completely overdoing it like Disney usually does with its intentionally humorous characters. He has just the right amount of snarky lines that you can still take him seriously as an antagonist, and a devious one at that.

4. Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - Maleficent is a great villain mainly because she’s a diva. Essentially, the entire plot of the movie is based on the fact that she threw a hissy fit because she wasn’t invited to a party. Not only that but she turns into a fucking dragon! How cool is that? And she calls people “fools” all the time. And if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure she’s the first villain to get her own live action-film remake.

5. Prince Hans of The Southern Isles (Frozen) - Last, but certainly not least, we have the newest edition to the Disney villains collection, Prince Hans from Frozen. I’ve seen a lot of people say that he was poorly written and they didn’t set him up well to be the villain. I disagree, when I go back and re-watch the movie or listen to say Love Is An Open Door, I can clearly see that Hans, is in fact, a little shit. There are clear signs of him Manipulating Anna throughout the movie and I’m a sucker for good subtle foreshadowing to a big plot twist.