top 5 album

The Great Below
Nine Inch Nails
The Great Below

Ocean pulls me close
and whispers in my ear
The destiny I’ve chose
all becoming clear
The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
washes me away
makes me disappear

I descend from grace
in arms of undertow
I will take my place
in the great below

I can still feel you
even so far away

🌹 💌 🌈 questions! 🌈 💌 🌹

1. dream job?
2. have you always lived where you do now?
3. favorite city?
4. do you enjoy museums?
5. favorite words?
6. who would you see in concert if you could?
7. favorite subjects to learn about?
8. do you have a favorite designer?
9. dream house?
10. what is your astrological sign?
11. do you think you will ever get married?
12. what are your favorite names?
13. do you know how to read tarot cards?
14. do you have a fashion icon? 
15. last song that you listened to?
16. are your nails painted right now? if so, what color?
17. favorite song of all time?
18. if you could trade lives with anybody, who would it be?
19. what songs make you cry?
20. do you think you will ever have kids?
21. celebrity crushes?
22. do you ever send letters?
23. favorite skincare product?
24. do you like to wear jewelry?
25. favorite flower?
26. do you like glitter?
27. top 5 albums of the year so far?
28. do you believe in magic?
29. favorite book?
30. what color describes your personality?

It really annoys me when people discredit Little Mix because all of their achievements aren’t in America. Like they all love to ignore the fact that they’ve had one very successful arena tour and are about to go on their second. Or that they debuted in the top 5 albums TWICE in America, which broke records. They seem to forget that they’ve visited places like Japan multiple times and gotten such great responses over there. They forget that they were the first girlband to get vevo certified. They just ignore the facts that they are successful, even if it’s not just in America.

Music asks

1. Favorite band?
2. A song that holds a lot of memories?
3. Do you play any instruments?
4. If so, which ones?
5. When did you start playing instruments?
6. Can you sing?
7. Ever been in a band?
8. What do you sing in the shower?
9. Favorite genre?
10. Artists/bands that you’ve met?
11. Artists/bands that you’d like to meet?
12. Favorite band member?
13. Vinyls or digital?
14. How many albums are on your phone/iPod (not including incomplete ones)
15. How much do you think you’ve spent on band merch?
16. Who’s that “one band” that started it all for you?
17. Top 5 bands? (behind your favorite)
18. Ever mosh/death wall/circle pit/crowd surf?
19. Warped, Riot Fest, or South By So What!? (Which is better in your opinion?)
20. Have you gone to any concerts?
21. If yes, which ones?
22. What bands do you want to tour together?
23. What’s the main way you find new music/artists/bands to listen to?
24. How did you first find your favorite band?
25. A band that’s “underrated”?
26. A band that’s “overrated”?
27. Favorite album?
28. All time favorite “oldies” group?
29. Think of your dream job; does it involve music?
30. Top 5 band/music related blogs?
31. Let’s be real, look at yourself. What merch are you wearing? 
32. First concert you attended? 
33. Top 5 albums? (behind your favorite)
34. How many different artists are in your phone/iPod?
35. Do you have an eclectic music taste? Or does your music lay in only a couple genres?

I’m just going to drop these here. 

The girls that were considered a flop and waste of investment because Like Ooh Ahh wasn’t an instant smash hit after Sixteen did that. The girls that almost had Somi added to their band after her successful Produce 101 run to boost their popularity (right before Cheer Up spontaneously took off) did that. 

The girls who people said would flop in Japan did that. The girls that people said wouldn’t outsell SNSD in Japan, or beat their record at debuting at #4 on Oricon did that. Etc. etc. etc. Keep in mind it’s only day 1 of sales/1 day since their Japanese debut album release, too.

So before the album came out Ed said that the two lead singles are not the best songs from Divide and during the first weeks after the album release I would have said so as well but now that we’ve had the album for over two months and the new tracks don’t ‘stand out’ so much anymore.. can we all agree on the fact that Castle on the Hill is one of the best songs he has ever put out

Wonho: *Sings the final chorus of Miss you*


Love, electricity, shockwave central, power on the motherboard YES!

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cool music asks
  1. best song to wake up to?
  2. best song to fall asleep to?
  3. what song describes your current mood?
  4. if you could be an embodiment of any band, which band would it be?
  5. its raining outside, what do you start playing?
  6. go to happy song?
  7. go to sad song?
  8. go to get lit af song?
  9. go to sex song?
  10. top 5 songs of all time?
  11. top 5 bands of all time?
  12. top 5 albums of all time?
  13. what album can you listen to straight through without skipping?
  14. favorite song in terms of lyrics?
  15. favorite song in terms of catchy-ness?
  16. if you could have two artists create a song together, which artists would you choose?
  17. which artist(s) do you want new music from?
  18. what song reminds you of your childhood?
  19. what’s your ‘guilty pleasure’ song?
  20. song with the best bass riff?
  21. song with the best chord progression?
  22. song with the best solo?
  23. song with the best vocals?
  24. what song holds personal significance to you?
  25. what song(s) were ruined by a breakup?
  26. what song(s) make you want to fall in love?
  27. your friend is driving you somewhere and makes you dj, what 5 songs do you put in queue?
  28. what song is your theme song?
  29. hottest band member/artist?
  30. what song would you want to die to?
  31. what song(s) make(s) you cry?
  32. top 5 concerts you’ve been to?
  33. top 5 concerts you’d want to see?
  34. does vinyl sound better?
  35. what song is the most relatable to you?
  36. what band do you dislike that everyone likes?
  37. favorite album cover art?
  38. what song do you have to play loud?
  39. which artist would you want to erase from your memory to discover again?
  40. how important is music to you?
  41. what instrument would you want to be able to play?
  42. describe your future life partner with a song
  43. create a mini-playlist for a midnight adventure
  44. you’re hosting a music festival, choose 10 headlining artists
  45. what would your artist name/persona/band name be?
  46. which artist has the best fans?
  47. which artist has the shittiest fans?
  48. you’re pissed off and need to punch a wall; what song is playing while you release your anger?
  49. All-time, #1, most favorite artist
  50. All-time, #1, most favorite song