top 5 abby carter


Top 5 Abby&Carter scenes (in no particular order)

Carter: You’re about a three. 
Abby: Really? I always thought i was at least a four. 
Carter: That’s a nice pustule. 
Abby: It’s gonna leave a big scar, I know it.

Carter: You could get another tattoo. 
Abby: That’s true, I could get “Carter…
Carter: Yeah! 
Abby: ”… sucks.“


Top 5 Abby&Carter scenes (in no particular order)

Abby: How many lives?
Carter: What?
Abby: How many lives do you think he saved? 
Carter: It’s hard to say. Morning shifts on average I guess, five shifts a week for ten years… Two or Three thousand people.
Abby: Forget Superman, I’ll take Mark Greene.

Carter: If I knew you felt that way I would’ve shaved my head a long time ago. 
Abby: Are you okay?
Carter: (nods)