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✨My “I knew I would like this mall!” haul ✨
The first pic is what I got by myself and the second is what me and my partner got together! But I’ll just list what I got I’m too lazy to list everything lol. Never lifted from this mall but I had a good felling about it. Most fitting rooms were unattended, I wasn’t sus at all, all the SA’s were busy and when the fitting rooms were locked, the SA didn’t bother to count. Such a breeze I need more lifting days like this🏝😍

- Half zip jacket -$49.95
~Pink bikini top-$42.95
-Pink bikini bottom-$22.95
-Blue bikini top-$39.95
-Blue bikini bottom-$22.95

🎉TOTAL: $178.75🎉


my first haul!! got these a while ago but I didn’t make this blog until a week ago so I thought I’d share :)


textured v neck crop top: $54
white brallette: $34
black and white striped swim top: $42
black halter bikini top: $42
sunglasses: $18
frames (x2): $28
UNIF white crop top: $59


white knit sweater: $39
grey brallette: $20
black string necklace: $15
grey long sleeve v neck top: $30
blue sweater: $39

TOTAL: $420 what a coincidence

Gas station:
✨Lighter ~ $1.99
✨Fish food ~ $2.98
✨Black shirt ~ $26.50
✨Green tank ~ $22.50
✨Earrings ~ $12.50*
✨ Leggings ~ $34.50*
✨ Tank tops X2 ~ $39.00*
Hot topic:
❤️ Crybaby Necklace ~ $10.90
Barnes and Noble:
✨ Pumpkin king ~ $4.95
✨ Thrasher shirt ~ $27.95
Total: $183.77
*Not pictured because I already gave them to my boyfriends sister


Photography of Troubled Dreams

Japanese photographer Shiga Lieko works with local communities, immersing herself in them and incorporating their histories and myths into her photographs. Her series Rasen Kaigan (Spiral Shore) was created between 2009 and 2012 in Kitakama, Japan, a coastal village devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. The images possess a dreamlike, postapocalyptic quality that evokes myth, natural disaster, and trauma.

Six from the series are included in the exhibition The Younger Generation: Contemporary Japanese Photography (through February 21).

Three images from Shiga Lieko’s series Rasen Kaigan (Spiral Shore), from top: Rasen Kaigan 39 and Portrait of Cultivation, 2009; Rasen Kaigan 21, 2012. Chromogenic prints. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council, 2015.1.2.–.4 © Shiga Lieko

Like, DAO had a lot of problems. Like. A LOT of problems, but there was a very clear difference between how a fresh-faced woman in her mid twenties, like Leliana, a woman who’s 35-40, like Marjolene, and someone like Dorothea, later Divine Justinia, who’s pretty clearly supposed to be in her mid to late fifties:

You can tell Marathari is probably somewhere between 50 and 60. 

You can tell these characters’ ages

But like, Leliana doesn’t seem to age at all between DAO and DAI. 

Fiona looks like she’s maybe 39 tops, when she’s fifty-something. 

Viv is likely around Fiona’s age, (she attended the Ball where she met Bastien in 9:16, I’d say she had to be at least 18, if not 21 to attend, which would make her about ten years younger than I think Fiona is.) 

The only woman character who seems to age is Justinia.

And I have a character who’s in her fifties, who I made specifically to romance Fiona. There is no middle ground, in terms of wrinkles, at least for women, between ‘Maybe I’m in my thirties if you squint’, and ‘I am 120 years old’.

Blackwall looks his age. Bull looks his age, they did a lot of stuff I Really Dislike with Loghain’s redesign, but he looks like a sixty year old man who’s spent most of his life in top shape. 

The women all look roughly the same age. 


the “ what do you mean I have 30 fucking minutes until the mall closes?” haul

-black tank top $39.99
-turquoise tank top $5.90
-grey shirt $7.90

-canada ringer tee $72.99
(roots is expensive as shit wtf)

-nail polish x11 $10.99

TOTAL (not including tax)


Why Either Trump’s and Cruz’s Tax Plans Would Be the Largest Redistributions to the Rich in American History

The tax cuts for the rich proposed by the two leading Republican candidates for the presidency – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – are larger, as a proportion of the government budget and the total economy, than any tax cuts ever before proposed in history.

Trump and Cruz pretend to be opposed to the Republican establishment, but when it comes to taxes they’re seeking exactly what that Republican establishment wants.

Here are 5 things you need to know about their tax plans:

1. Trump’s proposed cut would reduce the top tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent – creating a giant windfall for the wealthy (at a time when the wealthy have a larger portion of the nation’s wealth than any time since 1918). According to the Center for Tax Policy, the richest one tenth of one percent of taxpayers (those with incomes over $3.7 million) would get an average tax cut of more than $1.3 million each every year. Middle-income households would get an average tax cut of $2,700. 

2. The Cruz plan would abandon our century-old progressive income tax (whose rates increase as taxpayers’ incomes increase)  and instead tax the amount people spend in a year and exclude income from investments. This sort of system would burden lower-income workers who spend almost everything they earn and have few if any investments.

3. Cruz also proposes a 10 percent flat tax. A flat tax lowers tax rates on the rich and increases taxes for lower-income workers.

4. The Republican plans also repeal estate and gift taxes – now paid almost entirely by the very wealthy who make big gifts to their heirs and leave them big estates.

5. These plans would cut federal revenues by as much as $12 trillion over the decade – but neither Trump nor Cruz has said what they’ll do to fill this hole. They both want to increase the military. Which leaves them only two choices: Either explode the national debt, or cut Social Security, Medicare, and assistance to the poor.

Bottom line: If either of these men is elected president, we could see the largest redistribution in American history from the poor and middle-class of America to the rich. This is class warfare with a vengeance.


#4 Amandine Bourgeois - L'enfer et moi (FRANCE)

I’m so fucking lazy, but I must finish the top! I’m absolutely in love with the French entry since I first listened to it and seriously WHY IS THIS 24th IN THE BETTING ODDS??? It’s classy, sexy and strong and she’s an amazing performer (and so it seems, an amazing girl as well) I hate Björkman because she’s singing first tomorrow and I’m also worried that her vocal cords have given her trouble these days, BON COURAGE ET ALLEZ LA FRANCE!


#17 Elitsa & Stoyan - Samo shampioni (BULGARIA)

Bulgaria was bounded to be my top #39 at first (seriously, what was Kismet about? Creepy as fuck, sounded like Elitsa was trying to communicate with Lucifer or something of the sort) However, I actually like their new entry. It’s weird but I like the Bulgarian language and traditional sounding vibe to it. Looking forward to their performance and the whole drum playing! You can see these two get on well and no doubts they’ll make an enjoyable performance.

Eurovision 2013 - top 39

Compiling this list has been SO FUCKING DIFFICULT. As much as I’ve complained throughout the national final season that 2013 is a bad year, late additions of France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Moldova, and Bulgaria, to name just a few, have helped turn things around again. 

Now my top 39…

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#9 Moran Mazor - Rak bishvilo (ISRAEL)

I have a soft spot for Hebrew ballads, they just sound so good! Hebrew is another language that makes me think of ancient times, which is pretty cool. I really liked this one since the first listening and she sings with so much passion! I like the whole package actually, the fact that she doesn’t look like a current diva and even wears her glasses on the stage. Good luck to her!


#10 Who See & Nina Žižić - Igranka (MONTENEGRO)


Here we have one of the highlights of the year! Once again Montenegro gets to surprise us with their entry. You love or you hate it, it seems there’s no middle ground. So right after the first listening I was all like what the fuck was that? And then I listened to it again and I fell madly in love, which is weird actually, because this musical genre isn’t my cup of tea AT ALL. This is just so shocking and well produced that I can’t hold myself back, I want them to make it through so badly! Vodim te na igrankuuuuuuuuuu
Top 39 Grossing Domestic Japanese Films of 2015 Listed
12 anime films, 12 live-action manga-based films on list
  1. Yo-kai Watch: Tanjō no Himitsu da Nyan! ( ¥7.8 billion / US$65 million)
  2. The Boy and The Beast (Bakemono no Ko) ( ¥5.85 billion / US$48.6 million)
  3. HERO ( ¥4.67 billion / US$38.7 million)
  4. Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno ( ¥4.48 billion / US$37.2 million)
  5. Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes ( ¥3.93 billion / US$32.7 million)
  6. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ ( ¥3.74 billion / US$31.1 million)
  7. Billy Gal (Flying Colors) ( ¥2.84 billion / US$23.6 million)
  8. Love Live! The School Idol Movie ( ¥2.84 billion / US$23.6 million)
  9. Boruto -Naruto the Movie- ( ¥2.62 billion / US$22.1 million)
  10. Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages ( ¥2.61 billion / US$22.0 million)

(Excludes live action films. For the full list, follow the link.)


#11 El Sueño de Morfeo - Contigo hasta el final (SPAIN)

This is really nice and I seriously don’t get all the hate these guys are suffering here in Spain. They’re far from being my cup of tea but this is cute and the bagpipe is so beautiful! Unfortunately I’m not confident on their chances, but I support them no matter what. People forget so easily about those dreadful things that have represented us in the past few years. Both Pastora’s and ESDM’s are professional and pleasant entries. I wish them the best and thanks for the hard work!