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My Top 10 Favorite Dances Preformed by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire In Order:

1: Never gonna Dance - Swing Time 1936

2: Bouncin the Blues - The Barkleys of Broadway 1949

3: The Yam - Carefree 1938

4: Pick Yourself Up - Swing Time 1936

5: Change Partners - Carefree 1938

6: I’ll be Hard to Handle - Roberta 1935

7: They Can’t Take That Away From Me - The Barkleys of Broadway 1949

8: I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket - Follow the Fleet 1936

9: They All Laughed - Shall We Dance 1937

10: The Piccolino - Top Hat 1935

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LOVE YOUR POST about your favorite TV shows but where's the one about your favorite movies? I can't find it on your blog.. by the way first time here but I'll definitely come back! Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for sharing your tastes with us!

Oh sorry my darling, I removed the post a few days ago but if you really want to see it, here’s a new one just for you! It took me two hours to do it so have fun, haha.

40 movies (yes I know, it’s a lot) and you’ll find the titles of each of them at the end of this post. Kisses(:

Sin City / 30 Days of Nights / Blue Valentine / The Silver Linings Playbook / Dansgerous Liaisons / The Handmaiden / La La Land / Heartbeats / Moulin Rouge / The Neon Demon / Pulp Fiction / American Beauty / The Breakfast Club / The Perks of Being a Wallflower / 500 Days of Summer / The Sixth Sense / Edward Scissorhands / Eyes Wide Shut / Ex-Machina / Her / 8 Women / Drive / The Faculty / Leon / Royal Affair / Agora / Stoker / Black Swan / Mulholland Drive / A Swedish Love Story / Love Actually / Super 8 / Love, Rosie / Kaboom / Gone Girl / Mommy / Shutter Island / Gladiator / The Grandmaster / The Life of David Gale.

Entry # 3: Top 5 must read books and 5 must watch movies and series

I’ve only read a few books so far but if I were to choose a top 5 it would be the following:

  1. eleanor & parks - rainbow rowell
  2. anatomy of a misfit - andrea portes
  3. this is where the world ends - amy zhang
  4. my heart and other black holes - jasmine warga
  5. the beginning of everything - robyn schneider

I’m a big fan of YA books. Idk, I just love reading about teens figuring themselves out and life itself. I feel like I can relate to most of the characters in the books I’ve read. Or probably because until now, I’m still trying to figure things out for myself. That whatever they’re going through, I’m still on the same road as they are. It also tackles a lot of issues and how to handle them. It sort of gives hope and learnings which I really like. Also, I like to dig deep on the human psyche. Like how people think, what’s going through their mind and stuff like that.

And as far as movies and series goes, I do watch a lot. I probably have over 500+ movies and 20+ series on my 2 hard drives combined. It was hard to choose but I guess this would be my top picks.

  1. how to get away with murder
  2. gone girl
  3. how I met your mother
  4. comet
  5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Actually, the genres that I like watching are mind fuck ones and horror/thriller. But I also like those with a sad and beautiful ending. One that pierces through the heart and kind of like an open ending. The movies I chose just gave me so much feels. Like it captures the beauty of love and how melancholic it can be. As for the series, dude idk how many times I’ve watched HIMYM. Like seriously, I could watch it over and over again. And HTGAWM, man I so love it!!  There was a time I finished a whole season in one day because I need to know more. Like I can’t stop watching it. Every ending is just so thrilling and full of twists like wtf. Whoever wrote it was so brilliant! I love love crimes and mysteries.


My top  30 favorite animated movies . 

 Always post live action movies so wanted to show love to animation . ( space jam and Roger rabbit have live action so they don’t count ) 

 Top 10 

1. Lion King 

2. Pokemon the First Movie

3.  Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

4. Akira

5.  Batman: Under the Red Hood

6.  The Nightmare Before Christmas

7.  Spirited Away

8. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

9. A Goofy Movie

10.  Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

Mike’s Top 70 Superhero Movies (30-21)

Long overdue.

30. Ant Man (2015)

Many of us will always wonder what would have been if Edgar Wright had been allowed to do what he wanted with Ant Man. The final product we got wasn’t all that bad. It was funny enough. It had a forgettable villain, but that’s been a mainstay through a lot of these movies. The plot was ridiculously convoluted. The charm from the main performers was what really saved the movie for me. Marvel really knows how to cast their films well, and this is no exception. I still think it would’ve been better as a Wasp movie, though.

29. X-Men: First Class (2011)

I loved that it was a period piece set in the sixties. I loved Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as Magneto and Xavier. I love the Magneto: Nazi Hunter part of the film. I liked that they had costumes. I hated the score. I was lukewarm on the Hellfire Club. Kevin Bacon? Ok, I guess. January Jones? Hell no. I loved the scene with the coin. Wanted to like Moira MacTaggert but…didn’t. I constantly go back and forth over the things I liked and didn’t like about First Class, but it did set the seeds, both with the cast and the character origins, for what I personally consider the peak X-Men movie. More on that later.

28. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I understand the complaints that people have about the third Dark Knight movie and I share most of those grievances, but you can’t deny the pure ambition on the screen. The fact that a movie of this scale was even attempted is enough to give it a thumbs up, especially with so much of it filmed on IMAX cameras. It looks stunning. I think it’s one of those internet rules that you’re not supposed to like Anne Hathaway, but I thought she was great as Catwoman. I enjoyed everyone in this, actually! Even Marion Cotillard’s strange performance. But most of all, BANE! Tom Hardy took one of the (in my opinion) dumbest characters in Batman’s rogues gallery and made him overwhelmingly menacing. Even with that voice that everyone seemed to hate (which I loved, by the way). Yeah, there are plot contrivances galore, but the film has such a bombastic energy and drive that I can easily look over those faults.

27. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

There are only a few reasons this movie isn’t ranked higher. One is that the comedy sometimes undermines moments that needed some depth. One that stands out is when Nebula describes the abuse she endured from Thanos to Kraglin which is immediately undercut with a funny reaction. Or the Pac Man thing. And the David Hasselhoff bit. It’s not a huge problem, but moments like that, which work for the most part, can get tiresome when overplayed. I love the fun, but sometimes the drama needs that moment of sobriety so you can feel the weight of the scene and throwing a joke in immediately after can undercut it. I also thought the redemption arc of Yondu was a tad bit unearned, especially after seeing him and Rocket massacre an entire crew of Yondu’s former shipmates. I MUST STATE, however, that these are minor complaints and that the majority of the movie is fantastic. The whole sequence with Rocket’s booby traps in the forest had my sides hurting from laughter. Mantis was great. Every moment with Drax was enjoyable. Honestly, the fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy exists is a monumental achievement. I still pinch myself that we get movies like this now. I just hope the next one dials back some of the absurdity a tiny bit. I’d hate to see it transcend into farce.

26. Deadpool (2016)

Now THIS is ok to be farcical. That’s what Deadpool is and, as with GOTG, I’m shocked this even exists (especially after the ball was monumentally dropped with the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is one of those lightning in a bottle bits of casting that’s so perfect you can’t conceive of it being anyone else. And how great is it that it has absurdly over the top R rated violence? My favorite thing about the movie is Colossus. He looks like he should but most importantly he ACTS like he should. One of the things that’s always been so endearing about Colossus is his naivety, which in this film plays well against Deadpool’s absurdity.

25. Iron Man 3 (2013)

The things people hate about this movie are the things that endear it to me. The Mandarin bait and switch is legendary. I am so grateful I wasn’t spoiled on that bit ahead of time, because my jaw nearly broke from hitting the floor. The kid Tony befriends midway through the movie is another point of contention with people. I don’t get the hate, because their back and forth was hilarious. It’s a great movie that balances the action and comedy perfectly.

24. Spider-Man (2002)

Man, seeing Spider-Man on the big screen for the first time….it could’ve been the most mediocre movie in the world and I still would’ve been on cloud nine. Its hard to sit through now. Age has only made the film’s problems stand out. But within the context of the time, this was the pinnacle of superhero movies. Superman and Batman had their cinematic outings many times over by this point. It was past time for Spidey to have his moment in the limelight.

23. X-Men (2000)

I wanted nothing to do with this movie.

In the late eighties/early nineties I absorbed everything there was about X-Men. I had read (many times over) the near entirety of Chris Claremont’s long run on the series. I had a grand design in my head on what an X-Men movie should be. I had all the right moments picked out, the right story elements, the right characters, etc.. Even though I hadn’t read an X-Men comic in years, I felt like I was some sort of entitled custodian of what the X-Men could and should be. (in the months leading up to the movie’s release, my favorite writer Chris Claremont returned to the X-Men comics, which in turn caused me begin reading them again, and I haven’t stopped since)

When I finally saw the first pictures and then the first trailer of the first X-Men movie I was not happy. This was not my X-Men. First of all, I didn’t like the Matrix inspired black leather costumes. I couldn’t figure out why Mystique was scaly and naked. I was having a hard time figuring out how Rogue would evolve from this meek, quiet runaway to the spunky, mouthy southern belle that stole super strength, invulnerability, and flight from Carol Danvers. Why does Magneto’s helmet and cape look so stupid! Etc., etc., etc. (Hey, I was immediately happy with Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, though!)

I finally, reluctantly, watched the movie. (Seriously, as if I could stay away. Despite all my misgivings, there was no way in hell I wouldn’t watch an X-Men movie.) And the film worked. No, it wasn’t what I wanted. It was nowhere NEAR what I wanted. The thing is, it never will be. None of it will ever live up to what I have in my head. That is something Fandom in general needs to get real with. Whether it’s a book, a comic series, a TV show, a video game, a sequel, a prequel, a revival…when whatever that thing you love and cherish so much is adapted or remade, you have to learn to compromise. That doesn’t mean you should like it regardless. If it’s not your thing, then move along. Genre fans today have SO many other options that we can easily find something else. You might call me a hypocrite because I have some movies listed here that I’m not fond of. I’d argue that nearly all of the movies on this list I have found, however big or small, something enjoyable in them. Most of them I’ve seen multiple times and one doesn’t do that if they simply hate the experience. With X-Men, I learned to compromise. What they were building, at least with the first two movies, was good stuff. It wasn’t how I imagined it would be, but again, that’s ok. I learned to temper my expectations and judge it based on what it was, not what I wanted it to be.

One thing I REALLY like about the first X-Men movie now is how low key it is. There is no “end of the world” doomsday device. The plot ties directly into the whole mission statement of mutants and what the X-Men stand for. Would I have liked costumes? Would I have liked faithful adaptations of my favorite stories? Yeah, of course. At the time, though, audiences weren’t prepared for that. This movie was grounded in a way that eased audiences into the fantastical comic book world of the X-Men. It’s success laid the groundwork for the plethora of superhero franchises we’re surrounded by today. This movie has an importance in that regard alone. As far as the costumes and comic accurate story adaptations, well….for better or worse (worse in real life consequences that we haven’t even begun to think through)….the big ol’ House of Mouse has now devoured the studio owning the X-Men franchise, so I suspect that the movies will evolve further into what I once dreamed they could be.

(“Sure, Disney owns everything and everyone, but at least you have that X-Men movie you always wanted.” - People from the future)

22. Avengers: Age of Ulton (2015)

Speaking of Fandom, they can really be obtuse sometimes. This film caught so much crap because people somehow misinterpreted an exchange halfway through the film in which Natasha reveals to Bruce that she can’t have children and that she somehow equates that to being a monster. The monster comparison was that the reasoning behind her not being able to conceive is that the clandestine organization that raised her to be a killer surgically removed that option to keep her from ever having an emotional bond one typically has with their own child. Whether or not the scene was a good one is open to discussion (I thought it was), but the point of it was to underline that both of them can’t leave the adventure and lead a normal life together like normal people because one is a rage monster and the other was raised to deceive and murder, the crux of which is that it doesn’t matter what they were, it matters only what they do now and what they strive to be. It’s infuriating that this became such an issue for such a great movie.

And yeah, Age of Ultron is great! If I could find a fault it would be that the whole obvious bait and switch regarding Hawkeye’s demise was waaaaaay too on the nose. Ok, and there was that Thor in a cave scene that, while necessary to the overall MCU plot (I guess), was kind of really not good.

The rest? I mean, holy shit! Hulk vs Hulkbuster Iron Man? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That alone was so freaking amazing! The Scarlet Witch is awesome. Vison exists on film! THE VISION! Oh! Remember that scene when Vision, Iron Man, and Thor are all blasting their energy beams at Ultron simultaneously? That moment and the feeling I had in the cinema watching it for the first time will forever be etched in my geek memory. This movie was AWESOME and the consequences of what happened in the third act are still rippling through the MCU.

21. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

I initially took issue with this movie because how lightly it seemed to treat a major event that takes place within it. I still find it problematic, but I also get the overall theme it was conveying regarding the burden society has with their legacy of imperialism and the consequences of covering it up. That’s a heavy overarching theme of a movie that on it’s surface is a kaleidoscope of weird absurdity. This movie is simply beautiful to look at. It’s colorful, weird, insane, hilarious, and filled with Jack Kirby design. I could watch an entire movie set on the planet Sakaar with The Grandmaster as the lead. The two moments in the movie that Immigrant Song blares are, and probably will forever be, goosebump inducing. Hulk, Valkyrie, Skurge, Korg…there is just so much to love here.

Michael Ford’s Top 30 Worst Movies of All Time

I’m sure you all know I LOVE movies. I review movies, I talk about movies a lot… movies are one of my favorite artforms, and they really mean a lot to me. But as with any great artform, there’s always some shitty stuff in there too. I don’t like absolutely everything I watch, that’s for sure. Here are the 30 films I found bad, insulting, disgraceful, mediocre letdowns, or what have you. Some of these choices may even surprise you; there’s a lot of odd movies I have a great hate for.

As a quick note, the following films are not on here, because these are probably the stereotypical things you’d imagine to be on the list:

  • Minions: As I mentioned in my review, it’s not bad. Yes, it stars Minions, but they’re not as intolerable as I would have suspected, and for something so blatantly cashgrabby there’s a shocking amount of heart and effort in it.
  • Anything by Michael Bay: I hate Pearl Harbor as much as the next guy, but overall I like quite a few of his films. Yes, even a couple of the Transformers films, 1 and 3 particularly (2 was dumb but not dumb enough for this list)
  • The Star Wars prequels: Setting aside 3, which is a great movie, 1 and 2 are kinda pointless and dumb, especially 2, but I have a bit of nostalgia for them, though that’s not why I’m not putting them on. Even all the nostalgia aside, they aren’t awful, just… mediocre.
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: This is one of my favorite movies. No joke. I love this film. Yes, it is the weakest Indiana Jones film, but even the weakest Indiana Jones film is still a fun time for me. I wasn’t even too bothered by the fridge or aliens, only thing that bugged me was the fucking CGI prairie dogs.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4: While three is a bloated mess and four isn’t amazing, they’re both perfectly decent films in their own right.
  • Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice: I like both of these movies. I don’t love them, but they’re both pretty good, especially the latter. Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, on the other hand…
  • Battlefield Earth, The Room, Foodfight, any other infamously bad movie: They’re not on this list for a very special reason which will become apparent soon enough.
  • Anything else not listed: Just ask, I’ll tell you why it’s not here.

With all that aside, let’s begin:

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