top 25 bands

top 25 bands (in no particular order)

#4: Kings Of Convenience
favourite song(s): My Ship isn’t pretty, Gold in the air of summer, Cayman Islands, Me in You
favourite album: Declaration of dependence 
the first song you heard: Misread. 
favourite member: Erlend, he’s an idol.
favourite lyrics: “If only they could see, if only they had been here they would understand how someone could have chosen to go the length I’ve gone to spend just one day riding holding on to you I never thought it would be this clear”
seen them live: once! It was awesome. 
when you became a fan; why you got into them: I don’t really remember when I became a fan of them. The first time I listened to Misread it was a long time ago, I was in the first years of my teen age (that means a d-bag) but I liked the song. But then in 2009 I decided to listen to them again and I downloaded and then bought all their music and I fell in love with them. So I went to a gig where I also met Erlend and it was awesome, really.

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Top 25 Bands/Artists (in no real order)

1. Motley Crue

Favorite songs: kickstart my heart, too fast for love, on with the show

Favorite album: too fast for love

First song you heard: dr. feelgood

Favorite member: i adore them all but i was always kinda a Nikki girl.

Favorite lyrics: “hot, young, running free, a little bit better than i used to be.“ first ones i thought of

Seen them live: 5 times

When you became a fan/why you got into them: I always liked the song Dr. Feelgood when i was little, but I got reallllllllllly into them around 13. not sure how, it just kinda started randomly

top 25 bands (in no particular order)

#1: Biffy Clyro
favourite song(s): 57, All the way down: chapter one, The kids from Kibble and the fist of light, Living is a problem because everything dies, That Golden Rule.
favourite album: The Vertigo Of Bliss
the first song you heard: I don’t really remember.. maybe Many of horror
favourite member: Ben. He’ll be my husband but he doesn’t know yet.
favourite lyrics: depends on my mood, i’m a moody cunt. Right now I’d say “I love you but not today the darkness fell like a shout”
seen them live: only once
when you became a fan; why you got into them: I became a fan last year, August 2010. I had already seen them live without knowing them and one day I decided to listen to some of their music. And I fell in love. I became obsessed with their music, they saved my life during an awful period.