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Got7 aren't even established as a group to be doing this. Jype doesn't even promote them well enough as a group in the first place.

“Got7 aren’t even established as a group to be doing this”

JJ project aren’t starting from 0, the unit promoted before and it was mentioned many times when GOT7 debuted, JB and Jinyoung have many fans in Korean fandom what means they’re stan attractors. Showing them to the public through unit promotions to gain more fans is not a bad idea in my opinion. Many Korean fans who have been following JB & JY since JJP days have been waiting for their comeback too.

“Jype doesn’t even promote them well enough as a group in the first place“

I’d understand these concerns more if GOT7 had long breaks or one comeback a year in Korea. Instead they always have at least 2 long promotion cycles with 20 fansign events for every one of them. Market is overstaturated and it’s not easy to become a top group these days, but as someone who has been following JYPE for years I can say they’ve never put so much effort with groups in the past. They make GOT7 film shows during every promotion, organise different ways to meet fans (mini fanmeetings, fansign events), GOT7 members assure fans that they’re not going anywhere all the time. 

Jinyoung has been wanting to act for a long time now and he’ll finally have time to do it (as mentioned in the article). GOT7 members have been focusing on group promotions for a long time. JYPE wouldn’t force Jackson to go solo or JJ Project to make a comeback if they didn’t talk with the members. As for other members activities, they might have something planned too. People become idols because they like performing, they like being on stage, I believe that every member has a dream project they would like to pursue in the future while still being a part of GOT7.

Not long ago a producer working with Youngjae mentioned they recorded something until 4AM. Maybe Youngjae is preparing something too? Today only 4 members arrived in Korea and vocal line (JB, JY and YJ) stayed in Japan. 

Jackson mentioned wanting to show his ‘real style’ in one of the recent interviews. Jackson’s fandom in China is quite big. They’re not leaving us, they want us to support them. They’re still GOT7 members and already have group activities planned (rumored comeback in Korea and Japan tour at the end of the year).

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Unmasks $22M In Offshore Foreplay – International Box Office

Christian Grey has seen $22.4 million worth of business at the international box office through Thursday. Fifty Shades Darker, Universal’s sequel to the 2015 S&M phenomenon that was Fifty Shades Of Grey, is releasing day-and-date this weekend with the U.S. Overseas, 37 offshore markets undressed Wednesday and Thursday.

The film is dominating with No. 1 openings in 36 territories and 50% market share across the current releases. There are still 20 hubs to tie in today, including the UK and Spain. By the end of the weekend, the total will climax at 57.

Already, Australia pulled a No. 1 opening day with $2.1M and 55% market share (including Wednesday night previews). That’s the second-biggest opening for an R-rated film and the second-biggest Universal opening day of all time, behind Furious 7.

Argentina also set a record for biggest R-rated opening. Brazil had an impressive $2M day one at No. 1 with 72% of the market — the top opening day of the year and second-biggest 16+ rated film opening day of all time.

France also submitted to the sequel with a No. 1 start of $1.9M. That’s the biggest opening day of the year for the Hexagon. In Germany, where it looks like the lovers could hit near to 1M tickets sold this weekend, the No. 1 start was $1.4M for 53% of the market. Italy, likewise has Darker dominating at $1.6M/70%. There, the movie boasts the second-biggest opening of a R-rated film, behind Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Other No. 1 starts include the Netherlands ($319K/biggest R-rated opening of all time and best opening day of 2017); Philippines ($370K/biggest opening day of all-time for a February foreign release); and Russia ($1.5M M).


Reasons to love Jackson Wang
  • befriended a donkey like could your fave even
  • got rly sad when he couldn’t buy said donkey
  • loves animals SO MUCH
  • name should be Bluffy the Vampire Slayer tbh
  • shows off so much but is never serious about it
  • is hardly ever shy so when he gets shy IT’S ADORABLE????
  • wants to be best friends with everyone i mean everyone
  • his feelings get easily hurt bless
  • thinks he’s close w/ everyone and gets hurt when they say otherwise ACTUAL PUPPY
  • big gay chicken
  • talks about how hairy he is all the time jackson pls
  • sweaty so much sweat i feel u bro
  • if something even looks spicy he’ll start to sweat i feel u bro
  • thinks he’s hilarious and to be fair 9 out of 10 times he is like someone is literally always laughing around him
  • the rest of the time he’s just embarrassing
  • v affectionate and v aggressive with his affections
  • gets attached to ppl so easily like his capacity for love is BOUNDLESS
  • knows 5 different languages and probably more wtf even is he
  • says he’s into hip hop and stuff but he is way too nerdy to actually pull it off
  • thighs thicker than the bible
  • shameless
  • has 0 shame
  • if shame were clothes he’d rip them off and strike a pose

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I enjoy this message because I feel like it’s just someone coming to my askbox and whispering softly at me but here are some headcanons for you because I don’t think I’ve ever done them with birdflash before!

-Dick blows raspberries on Wally’s stomach every chance he gets when they’re laying together in bed. He waits until the perfect moment when Wally’s not paying attention and attacks. Wally usually laughs so hard he loses control of his limbs and yes, he has accidentally punched Dick in the face before.

-They can be seen throwing food back and forth at each other trying to get it into the other’s mouth quite often. Popcorn, french fries, grapes. Most of the time they miss and just end up making a mess all over the table and floor.

-They have a running joke between them of who can find the most ridiculous saying on underwear over the ass. Wally’s favorite pair are the classic ‘JUICY’ and he owns one in every color. Dick has one that just says ‘DAT ASS’ and it’s an instant mood killer because they both end up laughing too hard over them.

-They’re cuddly. Super cuddly. And they know it. They will very blatantly get all cuddly and use PDA to make other people get up if they’re sitting on the same couch as them so they can then spread their legs out like the JERKS they are.

-Dick enjoys giving Wally foot/leg massages and Wally always returns the favorite with shoulder/back massages. About 80% of the time it ends in sex. The other 20% they end up falling asleep on top of each other.

-Their favorite thing, however, is forcing the Batfamily and the Flashfamily to get together for holidays. It’s always worth filming.

naomi scott: a number 88 on US top 100 charts (admirable, but was among the rest of the lemonade mouth cast); two films (one of which got a 2/5 rating and all 5-6 sequels cancelled, the other getting mostly below-average reviews); maybe half a handful of tv show appearances; literally no evidence of her dancing abilities.

jade thirlwall (and the rest of little mix): ¼ of the only band to ever win x-factor (broke the spice girls’ previous record with their debut album, six times platinum, most vevo certified female artist and girl group, four headlining tours, three supporting acts); won 20 out of 73 nominations, which include a Brit, an O2 Silver Cleft, and two TCAs; 17 singles, with 19 music videos; no filmography to speak of; clear evidence of dancing abilities here, here, here, and here, although there are countless other examples of dancing whilst singing capabilities.

@disneyanimation 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 


This woman, 손예진 Son Ye-jin, looks badass.

Promotional poster (top) for the Korean feature film 해적 The Pirates. The film is set in early Chosun times as “an action adventure about pirates and bandits searching for a missing seal that went missing at sea when it was attacked by whales.”

Uh, okay, if you say so (the film sold to 20 different territories at a recent Cannes market, after all). Actress Son Ye-jin portrays Yeo-wol, “a female boss who has control over the seas and is bound with charisma and dynamic sword skills.”

Release date in South Korea : 2014/Summer. Directed by 이석훈 Lee Seok-hoon. Screenplay by 천성일 Cheon Seong-il.

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Relationship status: Single &probably forever alone 

Favorite color: currently purple but it changes all the time. I also love green a lot. 

Last song i listened to:
 Don’t call me - Asia (currently playing. I’m listening to music literally like 20 hours a day, at the very least. It helps me … you know, not to freak out

Last movie i watched: I’m trying to remember the name - uh, Gifed. that film about the super smart girl who lived with her uncle. Great film. 

Top 3 characters:
 Idk ?????? er…. let’s see. If I read now a book about ELP, do Greg, Keith &Carl count? 

Top 3 ships: I’ actually don’t dedicate my life to ships but I can think of some. let’s see ,, Dorian Gray &Basil Hallward…. Greg Lake &Chris Squire ,, Carl Palmer &John Wetton ,, Rick Wakeman 

Books I’m currently reading: ELP’s biography with a really long name that I can’t get my brain to write,,,, have it here  and it’s so so long I wanna die

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What do you think the wealth/status/class of each of the kids in httyd is?

Ok.  Yeah.  Easy.

And while we’re here, we’re going to learn a lot about what these words (status/class/wealth) actually mean.  And we’re going to talk about Vikings in general.  Among other things.  Like some theory and process.

You didn’t know you were signing up for an archaeology class when you asked this, did ya, Anon?

Or maybe you did.  Maybe that’s why you asked in the first place.

Either way!  That’s what you’re getting!  Whoo-hoo!!

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Via IMDB, let’s just see how well you actually do know…

  • In the early years of the series, Mulder is a firm believer in extraterrestrials and Scully is skeptical. In real life this is the opposite, being Duchovny the skeptical and Anderson the believer.

  • The famous echoing chord from the theme music was a fluke. Composer Mark Snow accidentally rested his elbow on his keyboard with the echo function on, and he liked the resulting sound so much, he wrote the theme around it.

  • When Gillian Anderson got pregnant at the start of the 2nd season, some network executives wanted her role recast. Executive Producer Chris Carter adamantly denied their request.

  • During the opening titles, in the Mulder and Scully’s FBI ID badges can be read “Federal Bureau of Justice, United States Department of Investigation.” This alteration was necessary as making a fake FBI badge, even for fictional purposes, is illegal. The real-life quote is: “Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Department of Justice.”

  • When casting the role of the Cigarette Smoking Man, the producers had no idea the character would turn into a major role in the series. When the character became more prominent, they worried that William B. Davis, who had only been cast as an extra, would not be able to carry the part. As it turned out, Davis, who is one of the most respected acting teachers in Canada, impressed series creator Chris Carter so much that he made the Cigarette Smoking Man the main villain of the series.

  • Chris Carter wanted the show to end after the fifth season, when his original contract, as well as those of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny expired.

  • Carter wanted to continue the story in a series of feature films, starting with The X Files (1998). The Fox Network, however, found demand for the show too high to cancel the series, so they instead mandated the film to fit in between series five and six of the show. Carter found writing seasons five and six as well as the film very difficult, as he had to craft a screenplay that would not require the audience to have seen the show to understand it, and episodes of the series that would tie in to the film, but not rely directly on the film’s plot to make sense.

  • Gillian Anderson has stated that she based her approach to the role of Dana Scully on Jodie Foster’s performance as Clarice Starling in “The Silence Of The Lambs”. Ironically, a contractual obligation to “The X-files” prohibiting her from playing an FBI agent in any other role would prevent her from being offered the part of Clarice Starling in “Hannibal”.

  • William B. Davis, who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man, was actually the acting teacher of Lucy Lawless who plays Shannon McMahon.

  • Despite their chemistry and deliberately slow-burning sexual tension of their characters, both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have admitted that they were not close and bickered with each other due to the long hours of shooting in Vancouver during the show’s initial run. It was only after the show ended in 2002 that they developed a natural rapport, and now consider themselves great friends and closer to each other than their spouses.

  • Props from Mulder’s X-Files office are currently preserved and on display at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum in Los Angeles. According to the museum, the famous I Want to Believe UFO poster from the office continually had to be replaced as copies kept disappearing from the set. The poster on display at the museum is reportedly one of the last available copies of the original set-used posters.

  • The series’ science consultant, Anne Simon, a virologist at the University of Massachusetts, wrote a non-fiction book in 1999 titled “The Real Science Behind the X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites and Mutants”.

  • Dana Scully was named after the famous sports journalist Vin Scully. Mulder is the maiden name of Chris Carter’s mother.

  • Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) met his wife Arlene Warren on the set of The X-Files (1993), while she was Gillian Anderson’s (Scully) stand-in. Later in the series, she gets some screen time, as Skinner’s secretary, Arlene.

  • The line “The truth is out there”, at the end of the opening credits, was ranked #9 in TV Guide’s list of “TV’s 20 Top Catchphrases” (21-27 August 2005 issue).

  • In one episode, Scully tells Mulder that she thinks Téa Leoni has a crush on him, to which Mulder responds “How could Téa Leoni have a crush on me?” Téa Leoni was David Duchovny’s wife in real-life at the time.

  • Chris Carter lists All the President’s Men (1976) as one of his inspirations for the series. There are numerous references to the film, including the shadowy informer Deep Throat, meetings in underground car lots, and hints at conspiracies which stretch all the way to the F.B.I.

  • During the last season of the show, the opening credits included a shot of a list of “FBI Contacts, Witnesses, and Contributors.” The names on the list were actually the screen names of posters on the official “X-Files” message board and changed with each new episode that season. Other names on the list were anagrams of characters on the show.

  • The character Leyla Harrison was named after a writer of The X-Files Internet fan-fiction who died of cancer in February 2001. The fictional Leyla Harrison was a fan of Mulder’s and Scully’s, having spent her time in the F.B.I poring over their expense reports (in much the same way that Internet fans of the show examined the minute nuances of every episode), so the tribute was very appropriate.

  • The series does not show episode titles on-screen. While this was not unusual even in 1993 (though it is more commonplace in 2004 when virtually no American dramatic TV series display episode titles), what is unusual is that many fans learned episode titles as well as advance plot information via the Internet. The X-Files (1993) was one of the first TV series to be so promoted.

  • Ranked #2 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Top Cult Shows Ever!” (30 May 2004 issue).

  • The recurring character Cigarette Smoking Man was never given a name until late in the series. He is referred to as Cancerman in some early episodes. The show’s fans took to referring to him as simply CSM.
  • The ‘previously on The X Files’ segments are missing from the DVD Season boxset releases.

  • Gillian Anderson has declared several times that her favorite epidode is Bad Blood and David Duchovny that his favorite end in an episode is Postmodern Prometheus’s in which Mulder and Scully dance together.

  • The first five seasons of the show were filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The show often cast local Canadian actors in guest and secondary roles, often reusing the same actors in different parts in multiple episodes. The most prominent example of this was actor Nicholas Lea, who appeared in a guest role in season one before being cast in the unconnected, more prominent role of Alex Krycek starting in season two, but there are many other examples of local actors who reoccurred in multiple roles over the course of several different episodes. These actors include: J.B. Bivens, Lorena Gale, Gillian Barber, Forbes Angus, Larry Musser, Harrison Coe, Hrothgar Mathews, P. Lynn Johnson, and Doug Abrahams (among many others). Each of these actors appeared on three or more X-Files episodes, each time as a different character (Barber played three characters in four episodes).

  • Chris Carter has cited Moonlighting (1985) as an influence on this show, specifically the relationship between Mulder and Scully. Carter also has said that the show is an example of how not to further the story, as the sexual tension between the two leads should never be resolved.

  • Lucy Lawless’ character Shannon McMahon was meant to become a major recurring character in the show’s final season. A high-risk pregnancy, however, forced Lawless to leave the show after only two appearances.

  • David Duchovny originally suggested Jennifer Beals, his former classmate at Yale, for the lead female role.

  • The character Senator Richard Matheson is named after Richard Matheson, whose writing inspired Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974), the show that inspired Chris Carter to create The X-Files.

  • Chris Carter based the character of the Cigarette Smoking Man on E. Howard Hunt, while William B. Davis has cited Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein as inspiration for his performance.

  • The series has never been out of syndication since it ended in 2002.

  • Fox Mulder’s sister Samantha was abducted while she and Fox were watching an episode of The Magician (1973). When Patty Hearst (Patricia Hearst) was kidnapped by the SLA, she was watching “The Magician” with her boyfriend Steven Weed.

  • Both Scully’s and Mulder’s fathers are named William. William is also the name of Scully’s brother and of her son. William is also Mulder’s middle name.

  • Scully’s family has a thing for Moby Dick: Scully is called Starbuck by her father, her dog’s name is Queequeg, and she calls her father Captain Ahab. (In 2010, Gillian Anderson, who played Scully, appeared in a version of Moby Dick (2011) that also starred Ethan Hawke, Donald Sutherland, and William Hurt.)

  • Rebecca Toolan, who plays Fox Mulder’s mother, is in reality only one year older than David Duchovny.

  • Nicholas Lea, who plays the traitorous agent Alex Krycek, does all his own stunt work.

  • Several news sources reported that Gillian Anderson was originally offered only half of David Duchovny’s salary to return as Dana Scully for season 10. The Daily Beast interviewed Anderson about this: “'I’m surprised that more [interviewers] haven’t brought that up because it’s the truth,’ Anderson says of the pay disparity, first disclosed in the Hollywood Reporter. ‘Especially in this climate of women talking about the reality of [unequal pay] in this business, I think it’s important that it gets heard and voiced. It was shocking to me, given all the work that I had done in the past to get us to be paid fairly. I worked really hard toward that and finally got somewhere with it. Even in interviews in the last few years, people have said to me, “I can’t believe that happened, how did you feel about it, that is insane.” And my response always was, “That was then, this is now.” And then it happened again! I don’t even know what to say about it.’ She stammers for a moment, at a loss for words. 'It is… sad,’ she finally says. 'It is sad.’ (Anderson and Duchovny ultimately took home equal pay for the event series.)“

  • Callum Keith Rennie turned down the role of Alex Krycek, not wanting to commit to a television series at the time. He later accepted a role in The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008).

  • Mulder saw Edward D. Wood Jr.’s Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) 42 times. He also lives in apartment number 42. 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything from Douglas Adams’s "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, another cult sci-fi story.

  • The Lone Gunmen characters became so popular that they were briefly given their own short-lived series, The Lone Gunmen (2001).

  • Recurring use of the numbers: 1013 - Ten Thirteen is the name of Chris Carter’s production company; his birthday is 13 October 1956. 1013 is also the silo number that Alex Krycek is locked into in season 3, and 10:13 is the time where start some episodes (or a scene that’s dated at this time). The number 1121 also appears often; it is creator Chris Carter’s wife, Dori’s, birthday.

  • The production of the show took place in Vancouver, Canada up until season 5. From season 6 the show moved to Los Angeles.

  • Adam Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bruce Campbell and Dean Cain all auditioned for the role of John Doggett.

  • The character Fox Mulder was ranked #7 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends” (1 August 2004 issue).

  • Robert Patrick, who plays Special Agent John Doggett, is the brother of Richard Patrick, the lead singer of Filter. Filter’s music has appeared on the TV soundtrack, “Songs in the Key of X”, and the The X Files (1998) movie soundtrack.

  • Ranked #9 on Empire magazine’s 50 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time (2008).

  • The comedian Kumail Nanjiani (known for shows such as “Silicon Valley” and “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail”), who has a role on this reboot of The X-Files,“ is also a devoted X-Phile who hosts "The X-Files Files,” a podcast on which he discusses and analyzes in detail each episode of the original series. During filming, he was chatting with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in a production tent in the middle of the night when Anderson and Duchovny asked why he wasn’t recording the conversation for his podcast–so he did. At their urging, he asked them about which episodes of the show they thought were the worst. Anderson listed “Space,” “Fire,” the episode she first called “The Cat One–Los Lobos Tostitos” before Duchovny “corrected” her and said “Tesos Tostados” and Nanjiani provided the actual name of that episode, “Teso dos Bichos.” Duchovny identified “the chupacabra episode” (“El Mundo Gira”) as one of his worst.

  • Network executives originally wanted a “taller, leggier, blonder and breastier” actress for the role of Dana Scully. At a point of the pre-production before the release of the series, Pamela Anderson was attached to the role, but it caused a total rejection of Chris Carter, who wanted a more cerebral character instead more physical. Eventually it caused a casting to find an actress for the character, being Gillian Anderson one of the candidates in it. Although she was initially rejected, Carter lobbied for this second Anderson, talking with her in secret to give instructions about how get the part. Then she tried again, winning the role.

  • When David Duchovny went to the casting for Fox Mulder, he wore a tie with little pink pigs in it. More later, Duchovny declared that the tie was the key to get the part.

  • “I made this.”, the words spoken over the Ten Thirteen company name, are spoken by Nathan Couturier, son of the supervising sound editor, Thierry Couturier.

  • The Lone Gunmen (Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund) from the original series were contacted about the possibility to appear in the revival for the 10th season. Finally, they make a silent cameo dressed like cowboys as part of a hallucination after Mulder ate special mushrooms in order to induce himself a trance to connect mentally with a patient in coma (season 10, episode 5).

  • In the UK Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released new “Mytharc” multi-part episodes as edited together TV movies on VHS in the mid 1990s. However, these tapes (which usually took the title of just one of the episodes comprising them but were sometimes completely re-named) were extremely expensive and released as numbered “Files” in the wrong order. For example “File 3: Abduction” (“Duane Barry”/“Ascension”/“One Beath”) confusingly came after “File 1: The Unopened File” (“Anasazi”/“The Blessing Way”/“Paper Clip”). Although by the third season most mythology episodes were multi- part stories, important plot information relating to the conspiracy could still sometimes only be found in the unavailable standalone episodes to further confuse viewers of these releases. Also, “Colony”/“Endgame” and “Piper Maru”/“Apocrypha” were seemingly forgotten to be included in the series until long after many later episodes.

  • Mitch Pileggi, who had a semi-regular role as Skinner, would later get a recurring role on Supernatural (2005) as Sam and Deans grandfather, Samuel Winchester. Supernatural (2005) is often referred to as an The X-Files (1993) clone.

  • Former X-Files writers Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz were asked to return for the revival, but had to turn down the offer due to scheduling conflicts with other projects.

  • Full names of the two main characters are Fox William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully.

  • The younger son of Gillian Anderson is named Felix, which contains exactly the same letters than “X File”. She got pregnant during the shot of the second movie.

  • Christine Willes, who played FBI agent/therapist Karen Kosseff (aka Scully’s counselor in seasons 2 and 4), plays hospital head Sister Mary in the revival.

  • The 9th season ended in May 2002, meanwhile the 10th season began in January 2016. This marks one of the longest gaps between two consecutive seasons of a same series.

  • The name of the female lead in the series, Dana Scully, is also found in Anne Tyler’s bestselling 1985 novel “The Accidental Tourist”.

  • Brad Follmer, the character played by Cary Elwes, is named after creator Chris Carter’s writing assistant, Brad Follmer.

  • When Agents Miller and Einstein are first introduced in the 10th season, there are several jokes and references that indicate that they are meant to be analogues of Mulder and Scully’s younger selves, including Miller’s credulity in contrast with Einstein’s skepticism and Einstein’s red hair and science-related name. The name “Miller” is also a clue to this; the last name “Mulder” originally comes from a Dutch word that means “miller” (that is, a person who runs a grain-processing mill).

  • Re-uses the same opening credits from the series with the addition of Mitch Pileggi.

  • Just as Dana Scully was named after Dodger broadcaster, Vin Scully, so was John Doggett named after Vin’s broadcasting partner, Jerry Doggett.
    David Duchovny also played a government agent in another cult series with paranormal overtones, Twin Peaks (1990). Don S. Davis, who plays Scully’s father on the series, also played a military figure on David Lynch’s series.

  • Although the Cigarette Smoking Man is obviously famous for chain smoking cigarettes, he only utters the word “cigarette” one time during the show’s run. Strangely, actor William B. Davis was an former smoker that he was not smoking since 1973, twenty years before he was cast for the series. At first of the series, the cigarettes he smoked in this role were real, until he became aware that he was having cravings for tobacco when not filming. At his request, the cigarettes used from then on were herbal.

  • David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson parodied their roles as Mulder and Scully reprising both in animated versions for two cartoon series, The Simpsons (1989) and Eek! the Cat (1992). In can be seen in The Simpsons: The Springfield Files (1997) (season 8, episode 10) and Eek! the Cat: Eek Space 9 (1995) (season 4, episode 9).

  • In diverse interviews William B. Davis revealed that the viewpoint that people have about his character, Cigarrette Smoking Man, is totally wrong, being really the hero of the series and that feels himself as the hero, not the villain.

  • The fame of Mulder and Scully inspired an eponymous song, performed by the band Catatonia for its album “International Velvet” (1998). It was one of the big hits of this year.

  • Robert Patrick said he would not be reprising the role of John Doggett for the 10th season of the series, due to his work in the TV series Scorpion (2014).

  • “Michael row the boat ashore” is sung by Maggie Wheeler when William is adopted.

  • In a 2015 interview with National Public Radio, composer Mark Snow said that when he was originally trying to compose the theme song, after he sent Chris Carter a few ideas that Carter rejected, Carter sent Snow the 1985 song “How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths, saying, “I just love these guitars. Listen to this song, and see if it inspires something.” Snow also said that he got the idea for the whistling element of the theme from old Proteus sample called “Whistling Joe,” but the whistle actually heard in the recording of the theme is bolstered by Snow’s wife, who was a particularly strong whistler.

  • Rebecca Toolan who plays Teena Mulder is only one year older than David Duchovny, who plays her son.

  • When Mulder awakes in the cemetery towards the end of season 10, episode 3, The X-Files: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster (2016), he is laying on the grave of someone named Kim Manners. It’s a tribute for Kim Manners, one of the many directors of the show, who passed away of lung cancer in 2009.

  • Cigarette Smoking Man smokes a fictional cigarette called Morley. It’s inspired in the real-life company Phillip Morris.

  • In response of multiple voices asking him to invite Gillian Anderson to guest staring in Californication as a Hank’s lover, Duchovny always affirmed that he’d never do it because he wanted to preserve their special relationship as Mulder and Scully.

  • In keeping with the original series run’s practice of reusing Canadian character actors in multiple unrelated parts, Hiro Kanagawa, Christine Willes, and Alex Diakun each appeared in one of the three first episodes of the long-delayed “reboot” (aka season ten) aired in 2016. Kanagawa played two different characters in the second and fourth seasons; Wiles had the small but recurring role of FBI Agent Karen E. Kosseff (Scully’s therapist) in three different episodes; and Diakun played four different characters in the second and third seasons and the second movie.

  • The two main characters of the TV series The 4400 (2004), Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch) and Diana Skouris (Jacqueline McKenzie), are inspired in Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). It’s more evident in the names of the feminine roles.

  • In The X-Files: Shapes (1994) (season 1, episode 19), Mulder and Scully travels to Montana to investigate about a crimes possibly caused by a were-wolf. At the end of the episode an old Native American called Ish (played by Jimmy Herman) prevents Mulder and Scully with the quote “See you in about…eight years”, in the belief that the were-wolf’s curse repeats each this time. Since then “Shapes” was aired in 1994, these eight years would match with the second half of the season 7 and the first half of the season 8. Nevertheless, Mulder and Scully back to Montana in any episode of both seasons, implying that perhaps the were-wolf’s curse not happened again.

  • According to Scully, Mulder’s nickname during his training in the FBI’s Academy was “Spooky Mulder”, by his excessive passion about supernatural phenomenons.

  • Former Director/Producer, Rob Bowman won’t return to direct the series. In a round table discussion whether to do another X-Files feature film, it was decided that a six episode mini-series would be able to go more in depth with previous story arcs and continuity from the original series and first film.

  • Its main theme song was often used as a background music in ’“Muñeca brava’ (1998)’ Argentinian television series.

  • The 10th season mixes its own mythology with "Monster of the Week” episodes, being just the first and last episode of the season dedicated to the mythology, and the other four to the Monster of the Week.

  • Although they don’t share scenes along the series, it reunites two actors from Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Earth Star Voyager: Part 1 (1988): Peter Donat and Bruce Harwood. Donat and Harwood played Admiral Beasley and Dr. Eugene Leland respectively, meanwhile in the series they played Mulder’s father and J.F. Byers (one of the Lone Gunmen).
  • Mulder was born in October 13th of 1961, while David Duchovny is a little bit older, August 7th of 1960. However, even Scully is younger (23rd February of 1964), Gillian Anderson lied in her audition in order to seem older; she was only 24 years (9th August of 1968).

  • Mulder was born in Chillmark, MA. We learn that Scully family lived in different places like San Diego or Japan when her sister Melissa was three, but we never figure out where Scully was born.

  • Due to the height difference between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, she used to be on an apple box, aka 'gilly box’. According to Gillian Anderson, most of the times, she forgot it and then she fell off.

  • Mulder is a Cum Laude graduated in Psicolgy by Oxford University and was the first of his promotion in Quantico, becoming in the great big promise of the FBI. Scully studied Phisics in Berkeley and Medicine in Maryland University.

  • Laurie Holden, who played the recurring character Marita Covarrubias from seasons 4 to 9 (from 1996 to 2002), not reprises this character in the 10th season.

  • Scully’s abduction during the second season was originally planned as a way of explaining Gillian Anderson’s absence due to pregnancy. Later, creator of the series Chris Carter turned it into a vital plot point to the ongoing series mythology for the original run of the series until 2002 as well as in the revival of 2015-2016.

  • At the conclusion of season seven, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson had yet to be signed for additional seasons, and most of the cast and crew assumed the show would end. Chris Carter wrote the episode “Requiem” to function as a series finale, but in the eleventh hour Fox decided to renew the show. Only Anderson agreed to return to the show full time, and as such, Carter created the characters of John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) to compensate for Duchovny’s absence. Carter also retooled the series mythology to focus on government Super Soldiers, and to eliminate plot threads regarding the alien invasion conspiracy with the hopes that it would revive interest in the show.

  • The father of Scully’s baby, William, is Mulder, even we don’t listen it until after his born.

  • According to Chris Carter, the exact moment when Mulder first fell for Scully was the moment she walked in his door in the Pilot and the first time she did it was when she phoned him from her bed in this first episode. It was such an intimate moment.

  • Piper Anderson-Klotz, Gillian Anderson’s daughter, was working in the Art Department during the production of season 10. Piper was born during the second season of The X-Files and her unexpected birth was the reason the show writers devised Scully’s abduction, which went on to become one of the most important mythological arcs in the original series. The third season episode The X-Files: Piper Maru (1996) was also named after her.

  • In a beautiful piece of self-referential Production Design, the opening title designs for the season 10 semi-reboot revert back to the original legacy (pre-Doggett and Reyes) wide-screen cropped version of the original Mulder and Scully title design.

  • In The X-Files: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster (2016) (season 10, episode 3), Scully jokes with Mulder saying him that she’s immortal.

  • Nevertheless, it isn’t a joke. In The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (1995) (season 3, episode 4), Mulder and Scully meet Clyde Buckman (Peter Boyle), a life insurance salesman who after to know Buddy Holly’s airplane fatal accident in his youth became so obsessed with the death that he acquires the ability to see when everybody going to die. At a point Scully questions Bruckman about her death, and he simply answers “You don’t”. Eventually, in The X-Files: Tithonus (1999) (season 6, episode 10), Scully meets Alfred Fellig (Geoffrey Lewis), an freelance crime photographer who is 149 years old after to turned in an immortal when decades ago he was dying in a hospital. Felling saw Death directly go for him, but Fellig rejected her turning around his head asking that another one would die instead him. Death killed a nurse who assisted him, and Fellig lived looking for Death in order to die, being capable to anticipate when a person will die and photographing the corpse trying to capture Death in a photo. At the end of the episode Scully and Fellig are shot by a assassin wanted by Mulder and Scully. She see Death go for herself, and Fellig asks her turn around her head to avoid dying. As well as Fellig dies, Scully recovers completely in the hospital, making effective the Fellig’s immortality in her. Scully’s immortality too appears in The X-Files: My Struggle II (2016) (season 10, episode 6), after she is immune to a lethal plague which is isolating the world.

  • Chris Carter stated that the X-Files weren’t closed since the FBI had discovered the hybrid race invasion would happen in 2012. Allegedly, the timeline takes place after the invasion had already begun. This creates a “backwards” envisioned storyline told present tense and watching what may have happened during the time lapse.

  • When she returned to playing Scully for season 10, Gillian Anderson opted to wear a wig instead of dying her hair red, because it would most likely cause her hair to fall out due to having it dye back to blonde immediately (for her role on The Fall (2013)) after the shooting of the revival wrapped.

  • In the season 4, episode 7, The X-Files: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (1996), Cigarette Smoking Man’s real name is revealed to be C.G.B. Spender, with no explanation about the meaning of the acronym of the first three letters. Curiously, C.G.B. match with the initial of the last names of Chris Carter, R.W. Goodwin and Rob Bowman, creator and two of the most recurrent directors of the series. It should reveal Cigarrette Smoking Man as Carter Spender, full name Carter Goodwin Bowman Spender.

  • Often times Mulder ask help to three conspiracy theorists named Byers, Langley and Frohike, who called themselves Lone Gunmen. It’s a nod for the JFK’s assassination in 1963, since then Lee Harvey Oswald was called “lone gunman”.

  • Chris Owens, who played the recurring character in the seasons 5 to 9 Agent Jeffrey Spender, son of Cigarrette Smoking Man and Cassandra Spender (Veronica Cartwright), previously played a young version of his fictional father in The X-Files: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (1996) (season 4, episode 7) and The X-Files: Demons (1997) (season 4, episode 23).

  • In the episode The X-Files: Unusual Suspects (1997) (season 5, episode 3) Detective John Munch (Richard Belzer) interrogates the Lone Gunmen about the events happened in it. It sets the series in the same universe that Homicide: Life on the Street (1993) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999). Due to the some appearances of Belzer as Munch in other series, The X-Files (1993) too would be in the same universe of The Wire (2002) and Arrested Development (2003), as well the rest of the Law & Order franchise since then some of their characters appeared in some episode crossovers.

  • Even though Mulder and Scully clearly have a crush on each other since the first episode, become best friends in a few episodes and very likely fall in love with each other in the first season, for different reasons they only become lovers between the end of season 6 and the middle of season 7, and in addition, they keep it in secret after their child was born.

  • In The X-Files: Re-Opened (2015), the documentary before the 10th season, Chris Carter describes Mulder and Scully’s relationship as “platonical” for nine years, even we saw large love exhibition between them during that years, including how they had a child together.

  • In the The X-Files: Pilot (1993), when Scully is interviewed by Division Chief Scott Blevins (Charles Cioffi) about if she knows Fox Mulder, she replies know him not directly, but by his reputation as FBI’s analyst and his work in the capture in 1988 of a killer named Monty Props. It’s the only one reference about Props made in all series. Props was created after Garret Jacob Hobbs, a serial killer only mentioned in the Thomas Harris’ novel “Red Dragon” (who was shot to death by Will Graham). Harris’ universe was a strong influence in the creation of the series.

  • Mulder and Scully rarely call each other by their names. Mulder hates his name, and asked Scully not to call him Fox in TCotC, in Tooms. She never did It again until Home Again, 23 years later. She doesn’t have the same problem, but obviously Mulder rather to call her Scully than Dana.
Meeting My Doctor; Or How I Accidentally Made Sure that Peter Capaldi Remembers My Smart Ass

Okay, I meant to write this all out on Tuesday to share the fun times with everybody, but I have literally been sick on my couch for like 48+ hours so it’s a bit belated.

Location and casting spoilers for S10 ahead, please use discretion if you don’t wanna know.

I found out that the Doctor Who folks were filming S10 in Newport, Wales last week. Looked it up and discovered that hey, it’s only a 3-hour train ride from where I live. Which is apparently a big deal in British time but is pretty much nothing in American time, so I said why not?

So I get up super early on about 3 hours sleep maximum, hop on the train, and go to Wales. I’ve never even been to Wales before. I did not know how many steep hills there are. I found out very quickly, upon hiking up a very steep hill in order to get to the set. This was not entertaining. Worth it in the end, though.

Most of the day was spent sitting with other folks across the street from Fields House, watching people set up and knock down props and cameras. We got to watch Pearl Mackie and David Suchet (plus a few extras) rehearse and film a scene, which was cool. Mostly we just sat around and chatted about stuff. I met another woman there who was a pro photographer and she’d brought her fancy camera, so we talked photography for a bit. Most of the folks visiting the set were from Wales, and they all thought I was crazy coming all the way from the London area (as I said, that’s apparently a long ways to them). It also came out that I’m from Chicago originally. There were only about 20 folks tops there at any given time, so it was actually quite an intimate, laid-back time.

Anyway, Pearl had free time first, so she came out and signed stuff and chatted with us, and the woman with the camera grabbed me and yelled “THIS GIRL CAME ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON!” which confused Pearl because I had an obvious American accent. Embarrassing, but she was really sweet.

Peter came out a lot later and was signing for everyone. Because there were so few people, he actually took the time to chat with everyone a bit individually, which was really cool. He signed for the camera lady first, and she handed her camera off to a friend of hers to take photos of them together. Unfortunately for her, her friend turned out to know absolutely nothing about photography and didn’t get a single photo. She was upbraiding him for it when I met her gaze and said “You want me to?” and she just nodded gratefully and silently handed me the camera. I took some photos (that actually came out) while Peter very obligingly and graciously posed with her again.

As soon as they were done, she pulled the exact same wonderful, kind, embarrassing bullshit on my poor ass. She turns to Peter, points at me, and this time goes (again, very loudly) “She came all the way from Chicago to meet you,” which is patently false, but it did get his attention. His mouth just popped open in amazement, and I went over and admitted that no, not really, I’ve actually been living near London for the past year, to which he shrugged and said, “Well, via London, then.”

He took my things to sign and told me that he’s never been to Chicago but would love to go, and I advised him to visit in autumn because every other season is awful (truth). He asked why it’s called the Windy City, and I confirmed that it is very windy (a partial and severely annotated truth).

That was when I cleared my throat and told him, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your performance in Heaven Sent. It really meant a lot to me to see that, and had a deep impact. So thank you.” And I managed to do it without getting emotional, so good for me! Still, though, it must have struck something, because he stopped what he was doing in signing and raised his head to look me straight in the eyes and told me, “Thank you. That’s really lovely to hear. I mean it.” Which made me smile. All the while the camera lady had been snapping photos of us, so he very suddenly wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in for a pose for her (which was a super super super nice feeling, gotta admit).

Anyway, this is where the whole story takes a hilarious and embarrassing and utterly surrealist turn and I am still laughing about it days later.

He must’ve glanced down at my chest tattoo because suddenly he goes. “Oh, is that Tolkien? You know, I went to Hobbiton down in New Zealand.”

I say something along the lines of “Oh wow, I wish I could afford a flight to New Zealand, I’ve always wanted to visit there,” and he shrugs it off saying, “Well, we were doing a promotional tour for Doctor Who.”

At which point, my smart mouth immediately says “So they’re big fans of Doctor Who in Hobbiton, then?” in the perfect deadpan I always do when I’m being a smart ass piece of shit, because I apparently have no fucking filter.

He pauses and tries to figure out what I’m saying, before continuing. “No, I mean we went to Hobbiton…”

He’s not getting it, I think frantically. Oh God, he’s missing it. So I pitch it to him a second time, looking him in the eyes and practically begging him to please get it this time. “Aaand Hobbits are big Doctor Who fans, huh?”

And I swear on my mother’s name, the poor man got a rather concerned look on his face, because in this moment it was absolutely clear that Peter Capaldi honestly believed he had misled a girl into thinking that Hobbits are real.

“No, no, no,” he begins explaining to me, “We were in New Zealand, promoting Doctor Who to the New Zealanders, and as a special treat they took me for a visit to the set of Hobbiton.”

Now, this entire time I am just about to lose my fucking mind because how has my life gotten to the point where Peter Capaldi is standing there in full Doctor costume explaining to me that Hobbits don’t exist? But instead I just stand there like a deer in headlights, my cool very slowly breaking as the smile on my face gets wider and wider and wider until I think I’m going to break, and I can no longer restrain the giggles fighting to escape my lungs, God help me.

And that was when the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all fucking year happened: Peter Capaldi (looking very stern and severe in his black sweater and long black jacket and black sunglasses, not to mention more than a little worried about this poor deluded child standing in front of him) finally notices my grin and the fact that I am very close to dying, and this look of pure unadulterated realisation just washes over his face. I can still see it in slow motion in my head. It was glorious.

He stares at me, trails off mid-sentence, and then silently mouths an “…oh.”

I could no longer hold it back. I started giggling like a moron. I apologised to him, thanked him, and left him standing there staring after me before he moved on to signing things for other folks.

And that is how I accidentally and unintentionally rekt Peter Capaldi.

[150424] Fancafe Update - Nakta

Title: Happy Nakta Day :) ♥

Nakta’s 20 Questions & 20 Answers

Name: Shin Yoonchul     DOB: 1993.04.24    Blood Type: O

1. How would you describe yourself in one word?

2. What is your favourite number & why?
#7. When I was in elementary school there were many instances where I was #7.

3. The good & bad points of your personality?
Strengths - Neat and understanding
Weaknesses - I worry too much, it’s something I feel all the time but I’m also a bit timid!

4. What are the top 3 memorable things for you in the past year?
1) MV filming!   2) Fanmeeting!   3) Fansign he..he

5. If you could go back to being a student, what would you want to do the most?
Since I like music I want to study music!

6. What is your favourite colour & why?
Black because I think it’s the calmest color.

7. Write down the sizes of your shirt/pants/foot/finger/toe/head that you know!
Shirt - 105
Pants - 32~33
Shoes - 280 

Like that?

8. What are you most interested in lately?
Michael Jackson! DEEZ*

9. The variety program you really want to guest on?
4 Things Show, Healing Camp, SNL, Running Man

10. What is the best thing you’ve done since being born?
Coming up to Seoul! from. Daegu

*T/N: DEEZ is Topp Dogg’s music producer

11. What was your childhood dream?
Biologist! (next to drawing: Frog)

12. Why don’t you do weather forecasts anymore? They were nice...
It’s very hard to take selcas ㅠuㅠ

13. How is Doldol lately?
to. Hansol    *insert BGM: Toccata & Fugue in D minor, BWV 565*

14. It’s been said that you have other partners besides Doldol….
A: Yes there’s a lot (Lotte Malang Cow, Palbari)

15. People say you’re a frog expert, which type of frog do you think is the prettiest?
Leopard frog! Korea’s native frog!

16. Three parts of your body you’re most confident about!
Eyebrows!, Philtrum!, Nails! 

17. We see you bothering the members a lot… Are you that powerful?
I experience it as well…..

18. What is ToppKlass to Nakta?
Companions (^u^)

19. What kind of Nakta do you want to be for ToppKlass?
Charming Nakta

20. Your goal for 2015?
To write a song that I’m satisfied with

We sincerely wish Nakta happy birthday!!

Please congratulate him lots :)

..:+:.. Happy Nak-Ta Day :D ♥..:+:..

Trans: ToppDoggIntl


Via timemagazine:

Go Back in Time To Visit the Original Jurassic World

The Jurassic Park franchise grossed more than $2 billion at the box office over the span of three movies and eight years, with the original film ranking in the top 20 American box-office performances of all time. On Friday, the franchise roars again with Jurassic World, a fourth installment that imagines how things might turn out if a dinosaur theme park attempted to attract visitors by creating a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. (By all appearances, the answer is “not well.”)

In 2015, we need genetic mutants and modern technology to amp up the drama. But in 1939, there was plenty of drama in the sheer possibility of seeing dinosaur fossils in a museum. That year, New York City’s American Museum of Natural History debuted the largest fossil exhibit in the world, consisting of 200 specimens covering a time period of 200 million years.

Much of the collection came thanks to the paleontologist Barnum Brown, who had been excavating fossils since the 1890s. Among Brown’s treasures were a 66-ft. brontosaurus discovered in Wyoming and a nodosaurus, “resembling a huge horned toad,” originally found in 10,000 pieces near Billings, Mont.

See more photos on

My top 35 favorite Musicians/ composers  of All time .

My top 35  favorite Musicians/ composers of All time . 

had this idea to come up with my top 35  so here it is . 

1.)  Bob Dylan  

2.  Nujabes 

3.  Nas 

4. Jimi Hendrix 

5.   J dilla

. 6.  Tupac

7.) Wu-tang clan 

8. Michael Jackson 

9. Frank  Sinatra 

10.  Bob Marley 

11.  Miles Davis 

12. Rakim 

13.)  Erykah Badu

14. Outkast 

15 . Slash 

16 . Guru 

17.  MF DOOM 

18 . Prince 

19.  hans zimmer -  film composer 

20.  Lauryn hill 

21. John Carpenter - film  Director / composer 

22.   The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap’s Hitchcock 

23.  Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

24. Led Zeppelin 

25.  Blackstar - Talib Kweli and Mos Def 

26. Aersosmith 

27.  James Brown 

28. Ray Charles 

29. beastie  boys 

30. N.W.A

31.  Kid Cudi 

32.    J cole 

33. Blu 

34. Nirvana 

35.  TLC 

On Writing Fantasy

In fact, I’m going to make a prediction: eight of the ten top-grossing films this year will be fantasy or science fiction. I’m pretty safe in making that bet: it’s been true every year for the past 20 years.

Yet many folks don’t recognize how important fantasy is in our lives.

I grew to love fantasy as a child, sitting on my mother’s knee, as she told me bedtime stories like “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Hansel and Gretel.” I don’t think that I recognized that animated stories—cartoons like Bugs Bunny or movies like Peter Pan—were roughly the equivalent of those bedtime stories.

Yet fantasy permeates society and my love for it blossomed as a child—from bedtime stories to cartoon, from cartoons to comics and fables and myth, from myth to more contemporary fantasies in the form of novels.

So what is fantasy for? What good is it?

Quite simply, fantasy is what we as storytellers use to hold the attention of our audience as we prepare to tell them something important.

Whenever something strange is introduced in a story, it grabs the attention of the audience. Whether we speak of a haunted house, or bring out a ghost, or have a character sucked back in time as we introduce a strange conflict, that grabs the reader’s attention, but quite often the story carries lessons that are of more value than mere entertainment.

In Homer’s The Odyssey, we learn about the need for courage to face the future, but we also learn about the duties that soldiers owe to brothers, and the ethics of how one should entertain strangers in our own homes, and so on.

In the same way, fantasy today carries lessons for life. I have a theory about fantasy. I suspect that the human brain is incapable of storing most of the information that we need to know in order to really understand the world. So very often, ancient history gets stored under the guise of fable.

Let me see if I can explain it more clearly. Take an incident from your own family history, something far in the past, and try to examine what you really know about it. The truth is, you probably don’t know anything—just the fable.

Keep reading

Even if Lifetime’s been labeled a ‘guilty pleasure,’ millions of us have been watching it for decades. So to dismiss Lifetime’s brand, content, and viewership is to dismiss a media company for and by women worth almost $900 million. It is to dismiss the only channel on television whose top five original films of 2015 were all directed by women, at a time when women still direct only 7% of major films. Critics may have ignored the channel until Unreal, but Lifetime has been producing increasingly vanguard work on women’s issues, and building the strongest employment hub for women in major entertainment, for 20 years. Lifetime has long contributed to the mainstreaming of feminism, and now, feminism’s move to center stage has made Lifetime more relevant than ever.

Can we just take a second to appreciate what Dan and Phil did for us last week, by the way?

Whilst on a nationwide UK tour (Sometimes doing 2 shows a day, plus meet and greets), they took the time to film videos (Most of them being 15 -20 minutes long), edit them and upload them every day, without fail, for an entire week.

And to top it all off, Phil actually took to Twitter to basically apologise for there being no liveshow yesterday!

Seriously boys, take from me, we don’t need you to bust a gut every day to try and give us content. Just because your job is on the internet, you shouldn’t feel like you need to interact with us all the time. All im saying is, after the tour is finished, have a break, for the love of God!

In 2013 Selena proved to everyone that she was more than 'Justin Bieber's Girlfriend'
  • She had a small cameo in ‘Aftershock’
  • She released her first debut single (Come & Get It)
  • Received her first #1 Single (Come & Get It)
  • She received a Gold Certification (Slow Down)
  • She received her 5th #1 club hit (Come & Get It)
  • Come & Get it went Double Platinum
  • She won Best Pop Video at the VMA’s
  • She won Choice Single by A Female Artist at the TCA’s
  • She won Choice Break-up Song at the TCA’s
  • She won Favorite Album at the Young Hollywood Awards
  • She has been nominated for Worlds Best Song
  • She has also been nominated for Worlds Best Music Video
  • Stars Dance debuted in the top 10 in over 20 countries
  • She played one of the leads in Getaway
  • She had her Wizards Reunion
  • She is starring in Rudderless
  • She is also staring in a book adaption called 'Behaving Badly’
  • By the age of 21 she has starred in 18 films
  • Spring Breakers
  • She embarked on her first world tour
  • She performed at the Half Time Show
  • She performed in 54 different places all over the world on the tour
  • She completely sold out more than half of her shows
  • She performed at multiple jungle balls
  • She performed on X Factor USA

She accomplished all of this BY HERSELF in a single year. Now you tell me that she is a fame whore. Not a simgle one of these things I have listed have absolutely anything to do with Justin. In this past year he hasn’t been in her life, at least not publicly.

Tell me she isn’t talented! Tell me that she is a fame-whore and that she wants Justin for his money because just out of her sold out shows her gross profit was more than $23 million and not to mention the continuous royalties off of the 4 films she released this year, also with all of her late night appearances (which she will be paid for) and the continuous royalties that have anything to do with her album.

People are clueless and if this small town girl from Texas can achieve this much in a single year, by herself, then you just wait and see what she can achieve within a life time.

Selena Marie Gomez is incredibly talented and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so accept that she is here and that she is capable of doing things on her own and move on. I’m sick and tired of people accusing her of things that she hasn’t actually done. She works hard for what she has and she loves it. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE.

The Academy has a problem It’s a problem that needs to be solved.
A year ago, I did a film called Selma, and after the Academy Awards, Cheryl invited me to her office to talk about what went wrong then,” he said. “We had a deep and meaningful [conversation]. For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed last year is one thing; for that to happen again this year is unforgivable.
A year ago, I did a film called Selma, and after the Academy Awards, Cheryl invited me to her office to talk about what went wrong then,” he said. “We had a deep and meaningful [conversation]. For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed last year is one thing; for that to happen again this year is unforgivable.
This institution doesn’t reflect its president and it doesn’t reflect this room. I am an Academy member and it doesn’t reflect me, and it doesn’t reflect this nation.
We have a situation whereby currently the biggest movie in the world and of all time [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] is led by a black man. That film was knocked off the top spot this weekend by a film led by two black men, Ride Along 2. The biggest TV show on the planet is led by black people, Empire.
There was a photograph up here earlier, and it’s a photograph of Lyndon Johnson giving a pen that was used to sign the Voting Rights Act to Dr. King. The year before that photograph was taken, the Civil Rights Act was passed. It was started as an idea by JFK; LBJ used the sentiment at the loss of JFK’s life to bring about the Civil Rights Act being passed. When Dr. King said we need the Voting Rights Act to be passed, LBJ said it’s too soon, it can’t be done. People were losing their lives. People weren’t allowed to vote. Dr. King said [we cannot] wait. What was done was done not in years but months. The march from Selma to Montgomery, those marches began in January of 1965, and by March of ’65 the world was aware what was going on in Selma. By August of that year, the Voting Rights Act was passed.
The Academy is an institution in which they all say radical and timely change cannot happen quickly. It better happen quickly. The law of this country can change in a matter of months. It better come on. The Oscars is on February 28. Cheryl needs us to pray that by that date, change is going to come. We need to pray for Cheryl, we need to support Cheryl, we need to love Cheryl. We cannot afford to get bitter, we cannot afford to get negative. But we must make our voice heard.
—  David Oyelowo speech to audience at a gala honouring Cheryl Boone Isaacs on 18 January, 2016.

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FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS – August 20, 2015. On the heels of a record-breaking theatrical run, FUNimation Entertainment announced today that the home video release of the anime film “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” will be available on digital HD starting October 9 and at retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada starting October 20. Three SKUs of the home video will be released and are currently available for pre-order at “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” screened in more than 1,000 theaters during its official theatrical run from August 4 – 12. In the wake of phenomenal box office receipts and winning a spot on the Top 10 list of highest grossing domestic anime films of all time, select theaters extended the release through August 17. In total, “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” grossed an $8.4 Million box office in North America.  

“We’re grateful to all our fans for their tremendous response and support for the theatrical release of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’,” said Gen Fukunaga, founder and CEO of FUNimation. “I am especially pleased to bring them the home video release so quickly after the theatrical run so they can enjoy the movie over and over again, just as we will.”

Fans of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” will have the choice of three versions of the home video release. Two of the SKUs, the Collector’s Edition and the Blu-ray Combo Pack, include 50 minutes of extra features. Details on all three SKUs are as follows:

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (Collector’s Edition)

  • Feature Film (95 minutes)
  • Over 50 minutes of extra features, including:        
  • Exclusive, premium packaging – including clear o-card and digipack
  • Set of four (4) holographic Frieza Force propaganda postcards
  • Suggested Retail Price: $59.98
  • The Voices of Dragon Ball Z (in-the-booth “making of” featurette)
  • The Return of Dragon Ball Z (cast interviews & red carpet footage)

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F’ (Blu-ray + DVD Combo)

  • Feature Film (95 minutes)
  • Over 50 minutes of extra features, including:        
  • Suggested Retail Price: $34.98
  • The Voices of Dragon Ball Z (in-the-booth “making of” featurette)
  • The Return of Dragon Ball Z (cast interviews & red carpet footage)

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F’ (DVD)

  • Feature Film (95 minutes)
  • Suggested Retail Price: $29.98

FUNimation is offering a pre-order special for “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” in its online store. Fans can purchase an exclusive Shenron dragon t-shirt for just $10 with any pre-order of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F.’” All three SKUs are currently available for pre-order. Visit for more details.

anonymous asked:

What is it like making money playing videogames and making peoole laugh

Honestly? Dividing. It’s obviously the funnest thing you could imagine doing for a job but it’s equally as terrifying when your job depends on popularity. It can feel like being back in school but being the person no one wants to know equals you not covering the rent..

I had a bit of a low moment this evening when I looked through ‘Top 100 Today’ on YouTube and was reminded of things I can’t bring myself to do but I see them rewarded excessively nowadays.

Whether it be selling out by doing a horribly off brand deal, having shitty Skype recorded audio for all other players or lazy editing.

It can be disheartening to attempt to break the mould and try something that takes more time / talent but filming 20 minutes of something and trimming the sides will do better.

I think it’s a struggle among many that all YouTubers face. It looks like the most glorious job from the outside and parts of it are but it isn’t all rosey. Just saying.