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TOP 15 ~ Clash of the Titans

Attack on Titan Season 2 is coming!!!

My personal TOP 15 Greatest moments, characters and plot lines

15. Bertolt & 104th

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Top 15 Sasunaru Moments

In no particular order

1. “Heaven is wherever you are, teme”

2. “Allow me to picture you naked and then blush really hard”

3. “I look like I am ready to destroy anyone who hurts you but I melt the second you look at me”

4. “I think I love you, idiot”

5. “I can’t kill you”

6. “Wait, I wanna die for you and then remember our kiss before I die”

7. “Imma feed you”

8. “You are in love with Naruto you idiot, accept it”

9. “Naruto for the love of God stop pretending we are just friends”

“Fine, I’ll confess”

10. “You better not be dead”

11. “Sasuke is hella hot”

12. “I can’t believe I let you leave again”

13. “I miss you”

14. “I will have a panic attack now that they want to kill you”

15. “We will die together and we’ll be finally happy”

Top 15 unexplained larry moments

The most questioning moments in all of Larry history.

Starting off at #1 The standing out to film. What even was this? We all thought it might have been a coming out video, but we actually don’t know. Note how it’s just the two of them and supposedly Eleanor? (Debatable)

#2 The Wellington. What even happened here? It’s debated that Louis shouts “boyfriend” and “waitress” here. And apparently they kiss? They were obviously very drunk. Also note that the camera is blurry and it’s the only beautiful footage we have.

#3 The almost kiss. During a radio interview Louis doesn’t think the camera is on him and harry, so he turns his head and somewhat puckers his lips, kinda asking Harry to “kiss me” Harry then takes notice of the camera and jokingly slaps Louis’ cheek. Louis sees that the camera is on them then mouths “oops.”

#4 The couch moment. What exactly happened here? A “I’ll just causally whisper something supposedly dirty into you ear” moment? Well what ever happened made Louis have a “loaded gun” for the rest of the night.

#5 The chocolate coin fight. Somehow opening chocolate coins lead to throwing them at each other, which lead to the “Now kiss me you fool!” Totally platonic right? (not to mention Harry tweeted “chocolate coin problems” which is a code for gay sex or this moment?)

#6 The same love performance. When Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert performed, Harry rested his head on Louis’ shoulder. Maybe totally platonic, or not; not to mention the song is about gay rights.

#7 The moment when Louis jacked off a fern plant and look at Harry. What even was that? Mid-interview and everything. Just looked at Harry and waited for him to look and then shamelessly did it. We saw that Louis. The poor fern. 

#8 The supposedly whispering into Harry’s ear. (as antis said) A famous concert part.  But his ear isn’t there, is he whispering into his cheek? 

#9 The “Harry’s getting head.” When Louis and Harry were questioned about what they were going to do after the BRIT Awards, Louis said, “Harry’s getting head.” They were all a bit drunk and then Harry high pitch squees and Louis smirks and licks his lips. Like ok, just friends.

#10 The Paris interview. That was extremely painful and sappy oh my. I don’t think I even need to go on about the flirting, the soft hair touches, the soft laughs, and full on heart eyes.

#11 The “How do you whisk?” Ok, on national TV Louis just so happens to forget how to whisk? Like we get it, you don’t cook, but do you really need a hands on example? Apparently he did, and he also mentioned how Harry loves sweet corn and how they live together, and how Harry does all the cooking. 

#12 The “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.” Harry said it so straight forward with such a serious expression. And the interviewer says “who” and Harry replies and later says “It’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.” Like ok. Then the lady says “That’s beautiful Harry” and he just nods.  

#13 The “Next to you.” The infamous “Where do you want to sit?” “Next to you.” And of course management’s right there and says “you can’t sit next to each other.” Which is an example of management’s ability to do what they want.

#14 The “Do you all want to get married and have kids someday?” Oh you know just answering it while looking into your pals eyes and turning away blushing. ‘100%.” from Louis. And then a “Even as young as you are?” And a “yeah” from both of them. 

#15 The “Lou can I give you a blowjob?” Ok, who even says that? During Niall’s interview you can hear Harry ask that. Which Louis’ responds, “I’d love it if you’d just wait.” And of course they’re whispering so they didn’t mean to get heard. Which makes Niall stop and laugh. Totally platonic pals. :)


Naruto Questions Anyone?

1. If you were a ninja, what village would you be from?

2. Top 3 favorite moments in Naruto ( Part 1 / Shippuden )?

3. Character with the best fashion sense?

4. Character with the worst fashion sense?

5. Most underrated character in the manga?

6. Top 5 characters you would marry?

7. What character are you offering a free ass whooping to?

8. Who would you be trained by?

9. Character that you identify with the most?

Character you’d share a dysfunctional bond with?

10. Out of the given teams in the manga, what team would you chose to be on?

11. What character would be your best friend for life?

12. One thing you learned from watching Naruto?

13. 3 things you love about Naruto Uzumaki?

14. Which female character stands out to you the most?

15. Top 3 moments you hated the most?

16. Character you would NEVER date even for a million bucks?

17. 2 characters you could see yourself chilling with?

18. Who would win in a ramen eating contest? You or Naruto?

19. What male character would look good in a bikini…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

20. What character would you do an ultimate jutsu with?

21. Who are you twerking with on your birthday…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

22. What character are you reviving?

23. What character would you do a photo shoot with?

24. What character would you lose to in a 3 round game of rock, paper, scissors?

25. A character you would twerk for…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

26. A character that gives you the creeps?

27. If you could talk to any character right now, who would it be and what would you say?

28. If Gai Sensei and Lee asked you to work out with them, what would you say/do?

29. Would you be effected by Naruto’s sexy jutsu/ Reverse Harem jutsu?

30. Who is the funniest character and why?


Top 15 Stydia Moments:
#12. “And by the way, you cannot discern a pattern by a single data point, so stop trying.”