top 15 favorite cartoons of all time

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What do you think the PPG reboot will do to the Rowdy Ruff boys?

I dont know and I honestly dont care. I stopped watching. 

Heres my deal for shows. 

I give shows 5 episodes to catch my interest

For shows with characters I love I go further. I watched 15 F*CKIN episodes of Ultimate Spider-man trying to like it since spider-man is my favorite super hero and I f*ckin hate the show except for these 2 episodes

I watched 10 episodes of the New Powerpuff girls cause the Original PPG is one of my top 10 favorite cartoons of all time and. I dont like it, there were scenes that made me chuckle but for the most part its bland, its unfunny, The animation isnt that good neither are the characters and so Im done. 

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If I dont like something I’m not going to continue watching it. 

Like that honestly doesnt make sense to me. Its like their being 2 bathrooms.

One of em is super clean and sparkling and perfect for you to relax in, Big ass Nice Bath Tub, Sauna esque settings and water proof Electronics you can have fun with 

the other is Just a standard FOUL one and COVERED in Shit

And you’re just like “

What the FUCK is THIS SHIT?!?!”

you stare and yet your curiosity makes you go in the Crappy Bathroom and you come out like that was Just disgusting

WHY YA KNOW ITS CRAPPY in there and the NICE ONE is Always empty and free!?

I dont like shows I consider shit so why would I keep watching BS.

Funny story 13 of my buddies still watch it and are

ALWAAAAAYS Complaining that its cringeworthy and a spit on the name of the original

and so I asked 3 of them. 

“If you dont like it why are you still watching it?”

“Cause I want to see what they do next”

I dont get it, but who am I to judge people but I’m not interested anymore. I’ll stick with the classic

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top 15 favorite cartoons of all time | #03 | DANNY PHANTOM (2004 - 2007)

Tucker: Wait, you guys kissed?
Danny & Sam: No! It was a fake-out make-out!

Oh man… hands down my favorite half-ghost and half-human to ever exist. I don’t understand why this got cancelled but I really did love this show. From the characters, to the plot, to the development between the characters (Danny and Sam, anyone? That was so obvious it hurt.) and the humor… did I mention the characters? Cuz I gotta say this show had some pretty freaking awesome villains. In particular, I really liked the Box Ghost, lol and Vlad. But I’m sure my most favorite villain is Ember. Oh god that girl can sing, and that song really was catchy. Same with the theme song! I’m sure everyone knows and loves it. Bottom line: Love it. Will still love it forever. Danny is awesome. I really enjoyed his character development a lot. Just so much love!

5Sos Bsm #25: You're A Teen & Still Afraid Of Thunder

Luke (15): You were home alone for the night, and there was a large thunderstorm. You watched your favorite movies, played music loudly, and even called your best friend, trying not to freak out. But as time went by, the storm got worse, meaning the thunder got louder. You sat on the couch with your head in your hands trying not to have a panic attack. All of the sudden, you felt arms wrap around you. You open your eyes to see your brother Luke. He kissed the top of your head and smiled. “I’m here honey, you’re alright. Let’s watch some cartoons in my room, yeah?” You quickly nodded and clung on to Luke’s arm, not wanting to ever leave the safety of his presence.

Ashton (16): It was bad enough that you hated heights; being in the middle of a storm while on a jet was dreadful. It was Michael who first noticed your shaking figure. He, who usually was the one to make fun of you like there’s no tomorrow, alerted Ashton that you weren’t alright. Ashton quickly switched seats with Michael so that he could sit across from you. “(Y/N), look at me.” You obeyed your older brother and hiccuped a little as you looked into his eyes. He reached out and held your hand, “I’m right here. Nothing bad will happen, I promise.” As soon as he said that, the thunder boomed again. You squeezed his hand and continued to take shaky breaths. Ashton then switched with Calum so that he was right next to you. He whispered reassuring thoughts the whole rest of the flight until you eventually fell asleep on his shoulder.

Calum (14): Calum had always held you when you were little when you were scared. He always was so sweet and caring. Would he still be like that? You’re in high school, you shouldn’t be this scared of a storm. Nevertheless, you were slowly rocking back and forth on your bed, holding back tears. Crack!The sudden flash of lightning caused all of the power to go out, leaving you alone in the darkness. You started hyperventilating, not even bothering trying to not cry. You grab your phone, turn on the flashlight, and run to Calum’s room. After softly knocking on the door, your protector opened the door and immediately softened when he saw your tear stained face. He carefully picks you up and carries you to his bed, where he holds you close and sings softly until the storm is over, and even lets you get your sleeping material and sleep in his room.  

Michael (17): You had begged Michael to let you go on tour with them, and he finally agreed. And tonight you were alone on the tour bus, it was about 11 at night. The boys all refused to let you got to there concerts, afraid the fans might hurt you. So you stayed home, lounging on the couch, watching Tv, when you heard a loud crackling sound. You screamed, and crawled under the covers. Since you were 10 you had a terrible fear of thunder. You didn’t even know why, but you did. And you really wished Michael would have been there, to comfort you. But he was still gone, why were they so late? You hid under the covers, trying everything in your power to block out the loud noises. Then you heard the bus door open. And as soon as you did, you bolted out too the door. Hugging Michael as soon as he had one foot in the door. He hugged back and said “The thunder?” You nodded shyly into his chest. He laughed, leaned down, and whispered in your ear “Go get some food, and we can watch movies with the boys, and we can keep you safe from the terrible storm.” You nodded and said “Thanks.” “No problem Scardy.”


top 15 favorite cartoons of all time | #06 | The Powerpuff Girls (1998 - 2004)

Blossom: We’re the Powerpuff Girls.
Buttercup: We fight crime.
Blossom: That’s what we do.
Bubbles: Duh.

I can honestly say that these girls were my super heroes back when I was in Elementary School. They were just so amazing. Not to mention, the other characters from this series were just as great. This is an example of a witty 90’s cartoon with enjoyable characters and one hell of a theme song! I really enjoyed the differences between the three girls. Although sometimes that might come in between them, at the end of the day, they’re all just three sisters, three best friends with the fierceness to boot! The simplistic style of this cartoon sticks out to me and the voice actors were amazing. (Bubble’s voice, anyone?! ♥) There are so many enjoyable moments and memories that this cartoon has it’s impossible for anyone not to like it!

top 15 favorite cartoons of all time | #04 | CODE: LYOKO (2003 - 2007) “I bet she’s been telling you how nobody can resist her charms. She’s right, too! Just take a look at the two nobodies she always hangs around with. ” - Odd

I remember when people would always just remember this cartoon for its huge foreheads and odd animation and drawing style. I gotta say that bit was kind of unflattering but under the surface it was a really good show, I think. The group had a really good dynamic that I loved and the animation in the digital world was fantastic. Plot wise it was interesting to see the characters develop, sometimes it lacked it but I just remember loving it as an elementary kid and it still really holds a dear place in my heart. The ending was a bit meh but I’ll definitely never forget this show. Also, what about that theme song? Haha!