top 10 web

Youtuber Headcanons
  • Yuugi: Poppin’ Cookin sets, vintage toys, light-hearted Duel Monsters technique videos, makes subscriber specials at least once a month
  • Atem: Competitive game streams uploaded in whole, Con videos, Videos of Yugi making videos of Poppn’ Cookin
  • Jou and Honda: Weird flash game streams, Windows Destruction, basically Joel and Vinny; Ordering gross pizza for charity
  • Anzu: Con vlogs, cosplay tutorials, anime dance flash mobs
  • Kaiba: CritMagnet style PWNAGE, only less memes and more dragons, and "What would happen if we BOILED an iphone6 in COKE?"
  • Mokuba: Dances to pop songs in his room and rants about Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bakura: Cr1tikal. Just Cr1tikal
  • Ryou: Disneyworld Vlogs with Yuugi and friends, urban exploring, excitedly talking about the Magical Kingdom in 90% of his videos
  • Marik: Creepy top 10 lists, Deep web exploration, and does analysis on Internet urban legends
  • Yami Marik: Makes deep web videos
Top 10 web development trends and predictions for 2015

With new powerful development tools, super cool new technology and tidal changes in the tech world, this year looks set to be a very exciting year for web developers. Here are our top 10 trends and predictions for the web development world in 2015. 

1. Motion UI2. New challenges for responsive design3. Foundation for Apps4. The rise of Node.js5. Web UI components6. New JavaScript features7. Web API8. Single page applications9. The rise of Instagram10. The Internet of Things