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There’s some blogger who’s seriously mad at me over a cartoon form the 2000s or late 90s. Won’t say what it is but the theme song is in my top 10 worst.

It’s a cartoon no one cares about, even ironically. Except for this person.

They post nothing but stuff about this cartoon. They recently started sending me rants towards my criticisms I made on that cartoon years ago.

I thought it was ironic but they’re too dedicated. I hope this person finds help

My Top 10 Favorite Animated Opening Theme Songs

My buddies did a list of favorite original songs from animated shows. I haven’t because it would take a while. Until then, here’s something else. I did put a few rules for myself on this on. NO anime openings. NO English dub opening songs (sorry Pokemon). Lyrics or instrumental don’t matter, but the songs have to be so good I’d want to listen to them on my music player.

10. “Judo Flip” The Boondocks

I loved The Boondocks. I also loved the music in this show. It was mostly done by the artist Asheru. It was fresh, hip and soulful. This opening lets you know that you’re dealing with someone who has been enlightened by their struggles. 

9. “The Chosen One” American Dragon Jake Long

Listening to Dante Basco freestyle is both great and hilarious. I like both versions, so they share this spot. Pop punk with a smidge of Chinese influences and you got yourself a cool theme song.

Ya’ heard?

8. “What’s New, Scooby-Doo?” What’s New, Scooby-Doo?

I love pop punk. I love pop punk! Simple Plan is a long time name and they made an upbeat, lively theme into the Scooby-Doo lineup. Think of it as a updated version of the original show.

7. “It’s Ladybug!” Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Yeah, it’s kinda campy and silly but so is the show. The theme lets Ladybug and Cat Noir share the spotlight and paints the show in your mind perfectly

6. “We are the Crystal Gems” Steven Universe

I never get tired of hearing this song. All the actors sing beautifully. Optimism and harmony. What more can you ask for?

5. “In the Loud House” The Loud House

I love pop punk. I grew up with it, and I still like it today. This song is as energetic as the show itself. It fits and the theme of family is still there. 

4. “A World Without Danger” Code Lyoko

The show is fine. The theme is uplifting to me. Filling me with hope and optimism. The idea of a bright future and that electronica sound is fantastic. I know it’s too corny for some, but sometimes I really need that optimism in my life.

3. “He’s Iron Man” Iron Man: Armored Adventures

I’m going to be honest I don’t really like this show that much. Major problem? It’s boring. Plain and simple. The premise isn’t super great either. Tony Stark as a teenager? Forget it. But the theme is a riffing good time. Rock with the little bits of electronica to throw in the tech influence and you’ll be cheering for everyone’s favorite jerk with a heart of gold. Just not the kid in the show.

2. “Spectacular!” The Spectacular Spider-Man

My favorite of all the Spider-Man cartoons, and that’s because I grew up loving the 1994 series. It’s not nostalgia. It’s my lifelong hero being perfected. The theme is catching and creative, not relying on previous themes. I jam out to this song, throwing my hands in the air saying “spectacular” over and over. 

1. “Fight As One” Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

You hear this theme and you know it’s ass kicking time. A rock tune that gets you pumped to save the world. When the world is in despair, you put your cape on and fight. Because if we can’t save the world, you can bet your ass we’ll avenge it.

Honorable Mention: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pick one. Any one.

  1. How and when did you get into Topp Dogg?
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  6. Which MV theme do you like best?
  7. Your favorite solo/soundcloud track?
  8. Your favorite cover of Topp Dogg?
  9. Is there any Topp Dogg  song that has a special meaning for you?
  10. Your bias?
  11. Your favorite ships/interactions?
  12. Favorite fansite(s)?
  13. What is your favorite hair color for each member?
  14. Whose fashion style do you like the most?
  15. Which member matches with your personality the most?
  16. Who do you think would be your best friend in Topp Dogg?
  17. Which member caught your attention the first time?
  18. What do you like the most about each member?
  19. Your favorite photo of each member?
  20. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of B-joo?
  21. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hojoon?
  22. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hansol?
  23. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Sangdo?
  24. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Xero?
  25. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Nakta?
  26. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Yano?
  27. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of A-tom?
  28. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of P-goon?
  29. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Topp Dogg?
  30. Rank the dance line in terms of favorite dancing style!
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  32. Your favourite live performance?
  33. Rank the rap line in terms of favorite rap style!
  34. Did you make new friends thanks to Topp Dogg?
  35. What is your favourite show of  Topp Dogg?
  36. What variety show do you want Topp Dogg to be featured in?
  37. What accessory would you bring for a fansign and for which member?
  38. Have you ever been to a fansign or concert of Topp Dogg?
  39. Have you ever sent a fan letter?
  40. Did you ever join a fansite’s birthday project?
  41. Are you a member of the fancafe?
  42. Do you talk openly about Topp Dogg in front of friends and family?
  43. If you were given the chance to say one sentence to all of them, what would you tell them?
  44. If money, distance and the like weren’t a problem, what kind of gift would you give them to their birthday?
  45. What subunit would you look the most forward to?
  46. Do you watch their appearances on shows live or do you wait for subs?
  47. If they were all puppies, which one would you adopt?
  48. Which member would you take on a date?
  49. Which one would like like to have as a best buddy?
  50. What kind of concept would you like to see in the future?

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top 10 anime theme songs


Hey, everyone! Here we are again with yet another challenge and this time we will be focusing on those of you who enjoy to make typography posts with Taylor Swift’s lyrics. Since some of you voted for the challenge theme to be Top 10 Taylor Swift songs from each of her albums, first of all, we chose her debut album (duh) to make this edit challenge :)

We also decided to shorten it a little bit since, on the last one we did, there were some music videos that people didn’t edit much and some of the days we didn’t get as many tagged edits as we wanted so we’re giving only ONE day to the 10th song until the 6th and TWO days from the 5th to the 1st instead of three days to each.

Just like the other we will be posting original content of the topic and we will reblog your posts tagged with #top10tsongs and be sure you put the tag within the first FIVE tags cause otherwise it won’t show and we won’t be able to reblog it. And you don’t have to put any caption like “top 10 taylor swift songs challenge…” cause we know typography posts are not only about the edit but about the caption as well so we get it!

Also you don’t need to make typography posts only! You can make gifsets with the lyrics, edits, aestetics, anything. This is about editing stuff and that can be anything you want and like <3


  • #10 Tied Together With a Smile ♥ 83 votes ♥  June 11th
  • #9 I’m Only Me When I’m With You ♥ 85 votes ♥ June 12th
  • #8 I’d Lie ♥ 92 votes ♥ June 13th
  • #7 Mary’s Song ♥ 101 votes ♥ June 14th
  • #6 Tim McGraw ♥ 112 votes ♥ June 15th
  • #5 Picture to Burn ♥ 117 votes ♥ June 16th to June 17th
  • #4 Teardrops on my Guitar ♥ 129 votes ♥ June 18th to June 19th
  • #3 Cold as You ♥ 133 votes ♥ June 20th to June 21st
  • #2 Should’ve Said No ♥ 140 votes ♥ June 22nd to June 23rd
  • #1 Our Song ♥ 148 votes ♥ June 24th to June 25th

Thanks for voting and participating!

TaylorSwiftEdit Team