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2017: The Year of the Female Villain

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Top 10 Upcoming Young Heroes

The heroes must be from the 2010s to now and the heroes must be new and never been done before.

10. Star and Marco

9. KO

8. Ladybug and Chat Noir

7. Randy Cunningham 

6. Ruby Rose

5. Finn the Human and Jake the Dog

4. Ms. Marvel

3. Korra

2. Steven and Connie

1. Midoriya “Deku” Izuku


Martial Arts Action Movie Appreciation (Part 3)

Top 10 Martial arts action stars. (In no particular order)

Why Lee Joon Gi Won Our Hearts During The Drama Awards.

He is very polite. 

When other teams just greeted from their seats with a smile when the MC was introducing them to the viewers. Lee Joon Gi led his team, he stood up and together they bowed to the viewers. 

He shares the glory. 

Every time he won an award, he hugged and gave high-five to all his Scarlet crew. 

He is full of consideration. 

During the best couple award session, Lee Min Ho had to receive the award with Shin Won Ho since Jeon Ji Hyun was still shooting. Knowing that the male couple might be awkward, Lee Joon Gi approached them first to give a little encouragement. 

He shows his love. 

When Baek Hyun said that he loves his brothers and sisters in the Scarlet crew, Lee Joon Gi immediately shot a heart at him and he’s happy. 

He never forgets to thank his fans.

On the way to the stage for receiving the Top 10 Stars Award, Lee Joon Gi turned back for a while and waved to his fans first before proceeding to the stage. He is so lovable. 

He is naturally chic. 

You could tell that he’s so confident, comfortable and that he enjoyed every moment of the show. 

He is friendly with his junior. 

Though Lee Joon Gi is older and 8 years more senior in the industry. He still automatically greeted Lee Min Ho with a slight bow and friendliness when they met on stage. He is everyone’s favorite senior. 

He respects his senior. 

When Kim Sung Ryoung arrived on stage, Lee Joon Gi welcomed her with a bow and smile. He is such a fine young man. 

He is a gentleman. 

Lee Joon Gi thought that Kim Sung Ryoung was the last one in the Top 10 Star Awards. Being a gentleman, he let her to slide to the inner side, so he could stand on the outer side in line. 

He overcomes obstacle. 

He won the Hallyu Star Award that night which means he is the most popular overseas. So the MC tested him to deliver his thank you speech to his international fans in English, and he managed to deliver it well. 

Click to watch his English speech. 

And that would be all the reasons to love Lee Joon Gi. His acting was brilliant in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and he deserved more awards. May the humble actor return to the dramaland soon in 2017 with a new exciting project! You can look for him on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie this January 2017 and don’t forget to follow his Instagram @Actor_JG 

I reposted in the wrong tag

@moonlightmew6 had tagged me in a TOP 10 game, so I decided to do my top 10 shows/fandoms! 

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My Top 10 Reylo Songs

*Inspired by @greyreylo. Warning: lots of Evanescence!*

1 - Hi-Lo by Evanescence

2 - In The Name of Love by Martin Garrix feat. Bebe Rexha.

3 - Together Again by Evanescence

4 - Why Try by Ariana Grande

5 - Love Me Or Leave Me by Little Mix

6 - Love Exists by Amy Lee

7 - Speak To Me by Amy Lee

8 - Secret Love Song by Little Mix

9 - Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camila Cabello

10 - Clarity by Zedd

Alright, these are my top 10 Reylo songs! Some of them might only make sense to some of my headcannons, but in a way or another, they all remind me of Reylo!

Top 10 Star Trek Planets Chosen by Our Scientists

What would happen if the crew of the Starship Enterprise handed over the controls to our scientists and engineers? It turns out many are avid Star Trek fans with lengthy itineraries in mind.

1. Vulcan

What is perhaps the most famous Star Trek planet was placed by creator Gene Roddenberry in a real star system: 40 Eridani. This trinary system of three dwarf stars, about 16 light-years from Earth, could play host to exoplanets; none have been detected there so far. The most massive is 40 Eridani A, chosen as Vulcan’s sun.

2. Andoria

An icy “M-class” (Star Trek’s term for “Earth-like”) moon of a much larger planet—a gas giant—that is home to soft-spoken humanoids with blue skin, white hair and stylish antennae. In our solar system, gas giants play host to icy moons, such as Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus, that possess subsurface oceans locked inside shells of ice. Our missions are searching for lifeforms that might exist in these cold, dark habitats.

3. Risa

Another Trek M-class planet known for its engineered tropical climate and its welcoming humanoid population.  The planet is said to orbit a binary, or double, star system—in Star Trek fan lore, Epsilon Ceti, a real star system some 79 light-years from Earth. The first discovery of a planet around a binary was Kepler-16b, which is cold, gaseous and Saturn-sized.

4. “Shore Leave” planet, Omicron Delta region

This is another amusement park of a planet, where outlandish characters are manufactured in underground factories straight from the crew members’ imaginations. In real life, astronauts aboard the International Space Station print out plastic tools and containers with their own 3-D printer.

5. Nibiru

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” finds Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy fleeing from chalk-skinned aliens through a red jungle. Red or even black vegetation could exist on real planets that orbit cooler, redder stars, an adaptation meant to gather as much light for photosynthesis as possible. An example may be Kepler-186f, a planet only 10 percent larger than Earth in diameter. At high noon, the surface of this planet would look something like dusk on Earth.

6. Wolf 359

A star best known in the Star Trek universe as the site of a fierce battle in which a multitude of “Star Trek: Next Generation” ships are defeated by the Borg. But Wolf 359 is a real star, one of the closest to Earth at a distance of 7.8 light-years. Wolf 359 is also a likely observational target for the Kepler space telescope in the upcoming Campaign 14 of its “K2” mission.

7. Eminiar VII/Vendikar

These two planets are neighbors, sharing a star system. So, of course, they’ve been at war for centuries. While we have no signs of interplanetary war, multiple rocky worlds have been discovered orbiting single stars. A cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1 is orbited by three Earth-size planets; two have a chance of being the right temperature for liquid water, with possible Earth-like atmospheres.

8. Remus

The planets Romulus and Remus are home to the Romulan Empire (ancient Rome, anyone?), although Remus seemed to have gotten the raw end of the deal. Remus is tidally locked, one face always turned to its star. Tidally locked worlds might well be a real thing, with many possible candidates discovered with our Kepler space telescope. The habitable portion of the surface of such planets might be confined to a band between the day and night sides called the “terminator zone”—a.k.a. the twilight zone.

9. Janus VI

A rocky world lacking an atmosphere, perhaps similar to Mars. While humans must maintain an artificial underground environment to survive, the innards of the planet are a comfortable home to an alien species known as the “Horta.” Their rock-like biochemistry is based on silicon, rather than carbon, inspiring us to imagine the many forms life might take in the universe.

10. Earth

In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters; the real Earth is, at least so far, the only life-bearing world we know. No true Earth analogs have been discovered among the real exoplanets detected so far. But a new generation of space telescopes, designed to capture direct images of exoplanets in Earth’s size range, might one day reveal an alternative “pale blue dot.”

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Top 10 Animated Shows Currently Airing (TV, Internet or other) 2017 Editions

  1. Bojack Horseman 
  2. South Park
  3. Rick and Morty
  4. My Hero Academia
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  6. Voltron: Legendary Defenders
  7. Star vs. The Force of Evil
  8. One Punch Man
  9. Steven Universe
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) aka Nick TMNT

In the spirit of the end of the award season here are my Top 10 2014 movies.

Special Mention to: Under the skin, Locke, Interstellar, Palo alto, Coherence, Inherent Vice, Nightcrawler, What we do in the shadows, Camp Xray, Boyhood, 22 jump street The babadook, Deux jeurs, une nuit, The trip to Italy, The raid 2, Enemy, The lego movie, Mistaken for strangers, Jodorowsky’s dune, Citizenfour, Finding Vivian Meier, A most violent year, The lego movie, Guardians of the galaxy.

Haven’t seen:  Big eyes, Song of the sea, A girl walks home alone at night, Timbuktu, Jauja, The better angels, Mr. Turner, Le sel de la terre, Mommy, Miss julie, Cavalo dinheiro, Maidan, etc.

My Top 10 of Cartoon show favorite Episodes of 2017

I know is only one week for new year, but i decided to do this before new year eve.

10. The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos (The Loud House)
9. Clarence Stormy Sleepover (Clarence, the first and last mini series)
8. Icy Nights 2 and Panda 2 (We Bare Bears)
7. Woohoo (Ducktales reboot)
6. Let’s be Friends and Let’s take a Moment (OK KO Let’s be Heroes)
5. The Collector (Miraculous Ladybug)
4. That will be all and Lars’ Head (Steven Universe)
3. Adventure Time Islands (Adventure Time)
2. Battle for Mewni (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
1. The Final Battle (Regular Show, i miss the show already, Thank you RS)

Tell me your thoughts about these episodes.           


So the Stranger Things cast holds 8 of the top 10 spots on IMDB’s Star Meter board. Which is wild. They also have the 3 spots after 10 and then Noah is in the top 30 and Caleb is 60. I wanna try and get Noah and Caleb to be up with the rest of them. They deserve just as much recognition for the season as the rest of the cast.