top 10 shows of 2012

Top 10 animated shows of 2015

This year’s been pretty great for animated shows with older shows doing their best eps yet and newer shows showing they have legs, We’ve also seen some great stuff brought to other regions like Ladybug and tons of anime. Some shows have left my favor but for the most part I think it’s been a really great year. Before we begin honorable mentions to Yokai Watch, Miraculous Ladybug, and Bob’s Burgers since they all make me laugh and I enjoy them all to varying degrees.

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Clarence: This is a pretty simple show about kids who’s parents should be watching them more closely doing crazy stupid stuff. It’s really real lifeish while being cute and funny the whole time. Clarence is a sunny optimist and the cast around him are mostly pretty likeable as they fill their roles. I feel like it’s a more charming Ed, Edd and Eddy.

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We Bear Bears: I didn’t think a show about three Bears would be near my favorites this year but here are three bears that I adore. The show feels very much in tune with modern culture and doesn’t really seem to be judging it as much as just using it. The world feels very much like the world of us 20 somethings and show manages despite being about ears to have a very diverse set of human characters. It’s a show that feels very of it’s time and I think that might give it some major nostalgic value in the future too.

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Gravity Falls: The show is reaching it’s close but I’ve loved it while it was going on. I cosplayed Mabel, my girlfriend was dipper, we have a lot of Gravity Falls stuff, I think it’s just an awesomely charming series. The sense of mystery has been great in it and the character development has been shocking for the kind of show I thought it would be. I really like how this show keeps moving forward with a real ending in mind and it has a very realized world that I’ll be happy to step into again in the future if ever given a chance.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 series):  I had  watched a few episodes in the past with my little brother but I never really watched this show. I can’t remember why but my girlfriend and I ended up watching some random episodes on TV and enjoyed it. So we watched more, then we decided we were going to watch it all from the start and now we are up to date.  Turtles going to space has been cool and I like the characters were given. I got some feminist issues with the thing, April is although better here then ever still often the damsel and despite her having Ninja training is show as less capable often than Casey Jones who has no training at all. Still at least here she has some powers and gets to be a Ninja that’s more than other animated series at the leat for this franchise. Also the lack of other female characters in any long lasting way sucks, if Casey can become a staple Idk why some other female badass couldn’t too (or #TransCasey make it happen). Anyway in generally I really love the comedy and stories the show is telling. They are really fun and this take on the Turtles world is by far my favorite i’ve seen (although I’m interested in seeing the comics universe as well).

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Rick and Morty: This is the most “adult” thing on the list I think. Rick and Morty is just sooo freaking funny and while it’s episodes are mostly individual stories I find myself very invested in the characters. Rick and Morty are both very interesting and have wonderful chemistry. Summer also stepped up in a big way this season making for another really cool character to follow here.

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Star Vs the Forces of Evil: This show was a surprise hit from me although I was super excited since I saw the opening on tumblr.  The shows totally lived up to my expectations and gone past them. This show is so charming, funny and original. It feels like the perfect show for Disney to release.

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  Adventure Time: With the Stakes Special airing I had the best episodes of Adventure Time I’ve ever watched play before my eyes. The other episodes outside of this special have also been really good and totally inspired me to watch all the chunks in the middle i’m missing. The more I watch the more i’m a fan.  It is great seeing Princess BubbleGum and Marceline both gain a lot of character development this season.   

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  Kill la Kill: I would have lost my way if I never watched Kill La Kill. This year saw it’s dubbed release and it’s my first exposure to the show. It is wonderful and wacky in every way. It does have some male gaze issues but with how funny the show is and how bad ass the characters are I can get past the #OtakuMoney stuff they do in the show. Most the fan service is keep to the core clothing thing and I do like the discussion of the role we give clothings. The action and characters here are brilliant Mako, Satisuke and Ryuko are still in my head months after watching this show.

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Legend of Korra: This one is this lists cheat since the show ended in 2014 but I had only watched two episodes before this year. I binged the whole thing early on in the year and I loved almost every second of it. A weak season two is my only flaw with it but that is negated by just how awesome everything else is. The drama here is handled in a great way, there is a huge sense of importance in what’s going on, the world building is great, the characters are my personal favorite part.  I also wanted to note I watched all of last Air Bender this year that is too old to justify putting on this list but I will say it would be on this list if it could be and it be high up here.

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Steven Universe: When I first saw Steven Universe I feel in love with the musical score and went hunting down the music. From there I started to watch more episodes and then I watched every episode, then I became a major fans then Jailbreak aired and I became a hard core fan who just adores this series. The comedy is great, voice acting is fantastic, diversity of all kinds is here, the action is animated wonderfully, the writing is brilliant. Nothing about this show doesn’t stand out as great except how bad they seem to be at scheduling since this show goes on more breaks then the French. Seriously I adore this show, it might not be for people who like gritty stuff but this is an amazing show that I only ever want more of.