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My top 10 childhood OTP’s

10. Danny and Sam

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9. Sonamy

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8. Kataang

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7. Naruhina

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6. Taiora

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5. Kim and Ron

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4. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl

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3. Beast Boy and Raven

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2. Helga and Arnold

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Top 10 Harry Potter Ships - Draco/Luna

“Oh. Hello.”

“Loony, move out of my way.”

“Are the nargles getting to you?”

“What are you blabbing about now?”

“Oh my, it’s like you’re their nesting ground.”

“I am not a nesting ground for..nargles.”

“They’re only around those who are nervous. Tell me, are you nervous Draco?”

“No. Why would I be nervous. I’m just talking to you.”

“I see…”

my top 10 BL otps/ships (♥.♥)

i have a damn long list ! believe me imma hardcore fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

p.s those only are MY top 10 otps/ships in real life and they’re not arranged in order, all of them have the same amount of love in my wild heart ♥

  • ChanBaek/BaekYeol “because chanbaek is love … chanbaek is life
  • SeBaek/HunBaek “because i’m a fuckin’ kinky hoe, why wouldn’t i love that TOUCH MY BODY ship… pffff xDsorry chanyeol
  • EunHae “who fuckin’ doesn’t ship this?!
  • MyungJong “maybe it’s love, maybe it’s a sexual tension, but there’s something and i can see it damn well!!
  • JRen “because fuckin’ confess already Kim Jong Hyun, if you didn’t yet -.-!!!
  • 2Min “once you’re into this, there’s no escape.. and they’re fuckin’ hot!!!
  • SeJin “discovered them today and they became in my top list…why? look at this gif!!!!!! that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

someone horny for the maknae 24/7

  • VinSeop “gay and fabulous (♥.♥)
  • HanJoo “because you gotta respect the one-sided love effort
  • YuZhou “Chinese otp from drama Addicted Heroin♥ and there’s a HUGE thing going on between those two not just in the drama


  • update 7/11/2016: MEanie grinding & humping but still being super fluffy & cute kind of couple

i forget them.. i forget to add them!!! ‘cuz imma stupid bich (how dare me?)
im guilty af for forgetting about ‘em sorry

Top 10 Anime Ships

Natsu x Lucy (Fairy Tail)
Shirou x Rin (FSN: UBW)
Kirito x Asuna (SAO)
Shikamaru x Temari (Naruto)
Okabe x Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)
Haru x Shizuku (My Little Monster)
Hikki x Yukino (Oregairu)
Shinji x Asuka (Evangelion)
Makabe x Aki (Masamune-Kun’s Revenge)

Honorable Mentions:
Minato x Kushina (Naruto)
Ed x Winry (FMA)
Rygart x Sigyn (Broken Blade)
Raku x Chitoge (Nisekoi)

TOP 10- My favourite gay (male) ships

Last time I was talking with a friend of mine and we made a list of our 10 most appreciate ship and we discuss about it! I wanted to share my list with you guys! If we have some ships in common then tell me about it! =D

#1- Aomine x Kise (Kuroko no Basket)

#2- Tetsushi x Yukio (Acid Town)

#3- Hide x Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

#4- Spideman x Deadpool (Comics- Spiderman and Deadpool :p)

#5-  Bokuto x Akaashi (Haikyu!!)

#6- Itachi x Shisui (Naruto)

#7- Midorima x Takao (Kuroko no Basket) 

#8- Naruto x Sasuke (Naruto)

#9- Murasakibara x Himuro (KnB)

#10- Boruto x Mitsuki (Naruto Gaiden)

Do you want me to do, a top 10 list of gay (female) that I ship? A top 10 of my hetero ships? =3 

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top 10 unpopular/odd hetalia ships you ever heard off and somehow like?

Uhhh I don’t know if I have that many obscure ships? I also don’t really know what counts as unpopular or odd in Hetalia, given that PruCan is somehow popular
I don’t understand this fandom so I’ll try my best

2) somehow GerFra/FraGer seems not that popular? which is a huge shame. let them be married. they are a married couple you heathens
3)  I honestly can’t think of more right now because I’m boring
4) I like the aesthetic of Canada/Ukraine, they seem cute