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Let’s stand in solidarity with the Tibetan people to show them that they are not alone and that the world is responding to their calls for freedom.


(Courtesy Photo: PTI -A Tibetan little girl during a rally to mark 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day in New Delhi.)

anonymous asked:

According to shinsengumi-no-makoto, Hijikata was considered to have been very very handsome, but he seems pretty average looking to me tbh. Is it possible that he was considered to be handsome due to the lack of good looking guys back at the time?

*wipes tears from laughter*

There are a few things that could be factoring into how you see Hijikata’s looks versus his contemporaries. One is that historical and cultural standards of beauty do vary. A very handsome Edo period Japanese guy may not tick all your boxes for good looks. To judge for yourself if there were good-looking guys around, take a look at these bunch of pictures: Revealed: Japan’s top 10 handsome samurai.

Hijikata’s photograph, though, is fairly modern, Victorian fluffy hair aside, (can you imagine if our only picture of him was with a chonmage?) but the next problem. How detailed is the picture? This is Wikipedia’s version and it’s pretty faded.

I’m not sure if there exist any better copies of the photo, or just ones where people have manipulated the contrast to bring out the features better.

I think he’s plenty good-looking myself, but opinions can vary.