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Rule: List your top 10 favourite Naruto ships and tag 10 people you’re curious about

  1. NaruHina
  2. HinaNaru
  3. Naruto X Hinata
  4. NH (Naruto and Hinata)
  5. HN (Hinata and Naruto)
  6. Uzumaki Naruto x Hyuga Hinata
  7. Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuga
  8. Uzumaki Naruto x Uzumaki Hinata
  9. Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Uzumaki
  10. SaiIno 


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TOP 10 Favourite Placements

10. LIBRA MERCURY - they are the best tranquillizers ever, only hearing their voice will soothe you immediately. They make you feel home and peaceful. 

9. VIRGO MERCURY - Overthinkers, but especially intelligent and interesting to communicate with. Calm, but never boring, always know the right thing to say!

8. LEO RISING - their appearance is just worth admiring, they are so beautiful and full of grace, might seem arrogant but only on the outside!

7. GEMINI RISING - restless, funny, smart, playful, charming, basically adorable as hell!!!

6. SAGITTARIUS MERCURY - chatty, always a bunch of interesting things to tell, often cutely lisping, but it only adds charm to their fast talking.

5. CANCER MOON - so caring and selfless, people like them are just waiting to give all of their compassion and love to you, they make you feel so special!

4. TAURUS MARS - These are the people that always know how to act, what to say, what to do at the right moment, in the right place and the right way. They are never dumbing themselves down for anyone, incredibly strong and independent human beings!

3. AQUARIUS VENUS - That one is mine, and I feel like I still need time to get on that AquaVenus level. Those people are the best flirters on Earth, they are provoking and intriguing you to a fault, they have such a unique kind of irresistible charm. They manage to be cocky, flirty but innocent and sweet at the same time. Those cuties are precious to this world!

2. SAGITTARIUS MOON - These people are hyperactive sweethearts! They perfectly combine a careless joyfulness with an incredibly strong feeling of compassion and understanding. Thanks for never being boring, lovely SagMoonies!

1. CAPRICORN VENUS - You may flirt, date, fall in love with different people, but I wish you to end up with a Capricorn Venus. Those people fall in love once and for all, you will never have to worry about them not being faithful, they will give themselves to you, all of them and never take their love away again. They will spend their lives making you happy and protect you, making you feel special as if you are the only person on earth. They only have eyes for you. Marry these sweethearts!



scott.portelliI often get asked what are my favourite animals that I have spent time with. So Thought I would share my top 10 favourite wildlife to get up close and personal with. Number #7on my list is The rarely seen Leafy Seadragon. They camouflage themselves to look like the surrounding kelp

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what are your favourite top 10 french skincare products💕

*LA ROCHE POSAY effaclar foaming gel (the blue one)
*NUXE rêve de miel foaming gel
*NUXE huile prodigieuse (they have a gold version for summer AMAZING)
*AVENE eau thermal
*LA ROCHE POSAY cicaplast baume b5 lip balm (literally the best in the market)
*CAUDALIE l'huile demaquillante
*CAUDALIE rose clay mask
*CATTIER scrubing mask with white clay
*L'OCCITANE shea butter hand cream (been using this since i was like 12 always in my bag)
*CAUDALIE huile de nuit detox C15 (great night oil to use at the end of ur nightime skincare, to lock everything in and make all the good stuffs put beforehand penetrate deeper into the skin)

i know its not skincare, its for hair but PHYTO7 hair cream is the most amazing daily moistruizing hair cream ive ever used. make ur hair shiny, bouncy, its very light u can use it several times a day, every day and even on the top of ur hair it will not make u greasy (i use it every day and only wash my hair every 5 days and its doesnt built up its amazing it really nourish the hair)

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top 10 fics every dramione fan should read?

Hi! There are definitely more than 10 that should be on this list but here are the first ones that came to mind that, I think, are absolutely worth every dramione fan’s time:

The Fallout by everythursday - MA, 49 Chapters - Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.

Isolation By: Bex-chan - M, 48 Chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP.

The Flatmate By: attica - T, 5 Chapters - After the Ministry seizes all of Draco Malfoy’s possessions - including his beloved Malfoy Manor - he takes up drinking and finds himself taking up temporary residence at Hermione Granger’s flat in Wizarding London. But what neither of them expect is that a lot can happen in 139 days in such close quarters - even the impossible. DHr. COMPLETE!

The Rest of Their Lives By: smuggled-muggle - M, 15 chapters - [Complete] Voldemort’s defeated and now they’ve got the future to look forward to. Hermione’s happily ever after doesn’t happen as she had planned, and Draco refuses to live the life planned for him.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy By: Countess of Abe - M, 25 Chapters - Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.

Gravity By: luckei1 - T, 10 Chapters - It’s about arranging stacks of books, wall colours, and jumping off a cliff. Draco/Hermione

The Green Girl By: Colubrina - T, 22 Chapters - Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? AU. Darkish Dramione. COMPLETE.

Diary of an Illicit Affair By: LoveBugOC - M, 11 Chapters - Chapters of an affair, through the eyes of two lovers: an unfaithful husband and his mistress. Rated for Mature subject matter. Eleven-part series. Dramione.

Clean By: olivieblake - M, 31 Chapters - Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.” Dramione AU, Year 6 with a slow burn and a killer twist. COMPLETE.  

A Fruitless Year by everythursday - MA, 3 Chapters - Sometimes the simplest of storms can grow to nearly topple the mightiest of oaks, and the only choices left are to sever it by the roots, or let it grow towards the light.

- Jamie


top 10 favourite female rulers (in no particular order) ♦ asked by anon

TOP 10- My favourite gay (male) ships

Last time I was talking with a friend of mine and we made a list of our 10 most appreciate ship and we discuss about it! I wanted to share my list with you guys! If we have some ships in common then tell me about it! =D

#1- Aomine x Kise (Kuroko no Basket)

#2- Tetsushi x Yukio (Acid Town)

#3- Hide x Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

#4- Spideman x Deadpool (Comics- Spiderman and Deadpool :p)

#5-  Bokuto x Akaashi (Haikyu!!)

#6- Itachi x Shisui (Naruto)

#7- Midorima x Takao (Kuroko no Basket) 

#8- Naruto x Sasuke (Naruto)

#9- Murasakibara x Himuro (KnB)

#10- Boruto x Mitsuki (Naruto Gaiden)

Do you want me to do, a top 10 list of gay (female) that I ship? A top 10 of my hetero ships? =3 

The Breakfast Club

A/N: I’m running out of IDEAS HERE, feel free to send me some requests or something, HMU… Anywhoo, this isn’t my best work, i personally am very iffy about it but eh, i might as well post it. Very sorry for any mistakes, Hope you enjoy!

Request: XX

Writing Prompt: “We both came here to buy the same movie but there is only one dvd left, let’s split the cost and watch it together i have popcorn at home”

Summary: You go to the store to get your favourite movie, however when you get there you see the one and only Jason Todd holding the last copy.

Relationships: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): XX

Word Count: 497


You and your friends always had movie night on Saturdays, usually having it end up with multiple bowls of popcorn and cans of beer scattered on the floor. However today, when you called your friends to plan which movies you’ll watch today, you found out one of them had extreme food poisoning and the others were on vacation.

With that, you were at the store alone on a search for the last copy of a certain movie you’d needed to watch. The Breakfast Club was one of many classics that made it to your top 10 favourite movies, you first watched it when you were ten years old and it was one you’d find yourself watching on a weekend when you had a terrible hangover. When you went to the store website, you saw they had one copy left and it was a must need to your collection of movies.

As you raced around the corner to the large movie section, your heart nearly shattered when you saw the one and only Jason Todd holding the dvd carelessly in his hand as he scanned through the many other movies there.

You met Jason a while back when you first went to the Wayne household, your parents being close friends with Bruce Wayne. You and Tim seemed to click and get along the most, Dick was almost like a big brother to you and too sweet, you didn’t talk to Damian all that much as he only seemed to glare at you when you tried to start up a conversation. When you talked to Jason it was simple small talk, he had an obvious vibe of, “I have no reason to be here and I have better shit to do”

With a whole lot of confidence, you marched right up to the older man with a slight glare, “Well if it isn’t the one and only Jason Todd,” you spoke up, your eyes shifting from the movie in his hand to his face.

He turned to look at you and couldn’t help but smile, “Y/N! I haven’t seen you in a while, how’s your little relationship with Tim? Hmm?”

“There’s no relationship with Tim, we are just very good friends… Uh, now Jason because you have a masterpiece in your hands, I’m just gonna take it from ya,” You eye the Dvd as if it were prey, quickly removing it from his hands at a quick speed, turning to take off for the cash register. Being stopped by his hand firmly grabbing your arm and jerking you back to face him.

“Or, we can split the cost and watch it together? I’ve got popcorn back at my apartment..” You had to think about it for a moment, seeing his shit-eatng smirk plastered on his lips.

“Only if I get to keep the movie, then we’ve got a deal,” Jason only shrugged at that, releasing your arm from his tight grasp.

“Nice workin’ with ya, Todd”

“My pleasure”