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My Top 10 Favorite S1 Villains

Just like the title says this is a list of my top 10 favorite villains from season 1. I’m bored right now and felt like doing this, so here we go! 

10. Evillustrator

If you’re on the Lila Appreciation discord, you probably know my feelings toward Nathaniel. (Overwhelmingly neutral) That being said, I did enjoy his episode and found him to be very sweet. I think the fact that he wasn’t concerned with anything other than making Marinette like him was cute and a nice change from the normal shtick that we see. 

9. Dark Cupid

I felt really bad for Kim in this episode, but I do like that they broke the stereotype that the pretty, rich, snobby girl dates the stereotypical jock boy. (I like Kimlix and Kimax better anyway) I think the concept of his akuma was interesting, and it made for everyone’s favorite scene from season 1. I appreciated his line about how Chloe’s heart is too dark for him to waste an arrow on too. It’ll be really significant once we start to see her grow, I think.

8. Gamer

As a gamer myself who can often be quite competitive, I did feel for Max quite a bit in this episode. I also really appreciated all of the references in this one to Street Fighter. Max is an adorable little guy who just wants to play games and have a good time. I hope that they address the nature of Marinette’s selfish behavior in the new seasons and maybe tone her back a bit, but I don’t see it happening for a while. (I’d be happy to be wrong about that though)

7. Puppeteer

I liked that this episode included several villains at once, and I found it ironic that the closest Hawkmoth ever came to getting their Miraculouses was when he used a little girl. I think this was probably my favorite use of Lucky Charm at the end and just shows how bamf LB is. Plus I thought it was creative using the dolls like she was playing a game with them. I liked the concept of her villain a lot.

6. Time Breaker

I’m a big fan of time travel anyway, so this episode was right up my alley. Plus Kimlix! I like how inadvertently dark her villain was too because she literally killed people and sucked up their energy to go back in time, and that’s just metal af.

5. Lady Wifi

I really appreciate Alya’s character and her rivalry with Chloe. It is an interesting highlight of one of Alya’s flaws as a reporter in that she goes to extremes to prove her hunches right and often jumps to conclusions. I really liked her powers as well being able to freeze people and travel through phones. I think she made a terrifying villain, and I was happy to see her reappear in Puppeteer.

4. Pharaoh

So, he probably wins for coolest powers (also, hey, Vic Mignogna!) I really liked the incorporation of the different Egyptian gods in his powers. And I thought it was hilarious that Vic voiced another character who was attempting to bring someone back from the dead. (You think you can do these things, Edward, but you can’t! Think of equivalent exchange!) I was kind of hoping that he would injure his leg/arm in this episode, but the ending was still satisfactory enough. I again like how dark his intentions were with human sacrifice and all, and I really hope we see more of Jalil in the new seasons!

3. Stormy Weather

I think Stormy Weather is probably my favorite design for a villain. She’s super cute, and I love Aurore’s design as well. Plus I like weather-controlling abilities, and it was the first episode that I ever watched in the series. The fight sequence was epic, and I love her face when Chat is trying to be slick and cool and she just blasts him across town. Sass queen!

2. Volpina

I really like Lila/Volpina’s design. I hated her the first time I watched the episode (but you’re kind of led to), and it wasn’t until I started writing fic and seeing more appreciation/theories for her that I started to really like her. Now she’s one of my faves, and I was semi-hoping she’d get to be the real fox. I mean, I’m on a Lila appreciation discord for crying out loud. I look forward to seeing what they do with Lila in the future, and I hope that they normalize her a little bit and don’t make her the new Chloe/new recurring pain in the rear. 

1. Reflekta

So, I’ve only mentioned it a couple times, but Juleka is my favorite classmate, and I really liked her episode because I can relate to being left out and walked over. (bonus: Julerose!) I really liked the banter that resulted from Chat Noir getting changed, and I actually like the design of Reflekta a lot which is odd because I hate clowns. But I thought the ending to this episode was super sweet, and Juleka is precious and should be protected at all costs, okay? 

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Top 10 favorite Batman villains?

oh boy this is fun so ill get right to it

10. Kirk Langstrom – Manbat

I list him as #10 because while hes much higher on my list of favorite characters, he’s more an honorable mention in the rogue category.  Kirk’s about as much a villain as the Hulk is– more or less good/neutral in the comics with a footnote of Occasionally Destructive As Hell.  But I really love this loser lame ass Batman-groupie scientist, I wish they had addressed in tv media that he really did originally wanna be a hero like Batman and it just fucked up really badly, and I REALLY would love to see him awkwardly trying to avoid being involved in rogue clique affairs at Arkham.

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I was tagged by @feedmecomicart​ for my top 10 comic book villains. (You can check the original post here) So, I guess it’s go time! Here are my top 10 favorite comic book villains:

1. Venom/Mac Gargan (Marvel Comics)

2. Hood (Marvel Comics)

3. (the latest) Jack O’Lantern/Real name unknown

4. Baron Zemo/Helmut (Marvel Comics)

5. Maestro (Marvel Comics)

6. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Comics)

7. Shredder (TMNT/IDW Publishing)

8. The Revolutionary (Project Superpowers/Dynamite Comics)

9. Kevin (Sin City/Dark Horse Comics)

10. Nemesis (Icon Comics)

Now that this is over, I guess it’s my turn to tag people. Let’s see.. I tag @wildegurke, @ilaney, @randomjunkbloguniverse, @therealitymarble, @shadesoforlando, @frgiannotta & @god-hunter. Let’s see what you got! Or not.. I mean if you wanna do it, go for it. If not, well, I still know you’re all badasses inside.