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Top 10 piano sonatas?

Oh this is going to be beyond hard to list. This list is going to be super biased of course because it’s my personal favorites, so right away Scriabin is going to be disproportionally frequent here, since his set of 10 is my favorite set of sonatas in history, and Beethoven is also disproportionally here because, well, he’s Beethoven, his sonatas defined and destroyed the genre and it’s hard not to include at least three. 

Also, adding in retrospect, this took me almost 40 minutes to put together. It was not easy. I was going to abide by a “no more than two per composer rule” but I couldn’t because I have too many favorites by few composers. Also to reiterate, this is a top 10 of my favorites, not objective best, because looking over my own music collection as well as some “best sonatas” lists by others, there are a few “great” sonatas on lists that I either haven’t listened to enough to hold an opinion, or personally don’t care for. Those won’t be mentioned as I’m not here to start a flame war. Anyway, here it is, my top 10 piano sonatas:

10: Scriabin - Sonata no. 3

The best of his “early” sonatas, imo, that started out as a program work to depict the ruins of some medieval castle, and that was scrapped and instead became a poem about the journey of the soul, and that was scrapped and now it’s a piece of absolute music. But the whirlwind of afterlife drama remains. Also, the slow movement has one of the most gorgeous melodies in the literature.

9: Beethoven - Sonata no. 32

His last sonata and so of course he goes out with a bang by going against sonata convention. Two movements. The first is a fiery Beethovenian drama, complete with an improvisatory nature and fugato section, while the second is in the major, is double the length, and a set of variations on a simple theme, some of the variations predict ragtime.

8: Chopin - Sonata no. 2

His darkest music, this sonata is very gloomy, very energetic, and yes it has the iconic and perhaps overused Funeral March, but it ends in one of the most shocking gestures I’ve seen in Chopin’s music: a flurry of notes, a perpetuum mobile toccata that never rests in any distinguishable key. 

7: Rachmaninoff - Sonata no. 2

It is like a concerto for solo piano. Better than Alkan’s hidden gem. This work is full of fire, the second movement is Classic Hollywood level Romantic, and the finale coda is breathtaking. It’s amazing to think what kind of sound can be created by one instrument.

6: Scriabin - Sonata no. 8

My personal favorite of the late sonatas. The opening is hypnotic in it’s mystic tonality and its dizzying multi-voice polyphony, throwing all of the main melodies together in a way that seems effortless and natural. As if these eerie melodies came from somewhere in nature, in the depths of the subconscious. This piece inspired a short story idea of mine that I’m still trying to flesh out. No spoilers, but it involves dreams, out of body experiences, phantoms, and the night.

5: Beethoven - Sonata no. 21 “Waldstein”

Like another concerto for solo piano. I think the smartest aspect of this work is how much attention Beethoven pays to structure and contrast, and instead of giving us three relentless heavy movements, which would seem over the top, overkill, he gives us two heavy glorious movements that sandwich a calmer, shorter reflective one that becomes a great transition between the two. Also, the ending “sunrise” melody is so uplifting, it gets stuck in my head days after I hear it. And to think I shrugged this one off in high school.

4: Beethoven - Sonata no. 29 “Hammerklavier”

His most powerful sonata, IMO. So much is going on over such a long stretch of time. To use the tired word, it is “epic”. Also, the crazy “pre-post-modernist meta-musical” fugue ending is ingenious. And if that description did your head in, try listening to the music itself. It’s just as bizarre. 

3: Liszt - Sonata in b minor

I’ll be honest, I would probably put this at my personal “2″ but the top sonata on this list is so similar I wanted variation. This is my favorite 19th century sonata, it has everything: great themes, emotional journeys, thematic unity and transformation, and so compact that you notice new details with every listening, and it becomes more awe inspiring with each listen because you say to yourself, “wait a second, this is a pattern used in X theme but slowed down, or used as the bassline, wow I can’t believe he thought of everything”

2: Scriabin - Sonata no. 5

Apocalyptic, otherworldly. Another Scriabin sonata that inspired my own fantasy/sci-fi story, no spoilers here either but basically the story ends with an eerie calm after an escape from an oppressive force, floating on his back in a lake looking at the moon, the wilderness, what the forrest in moonlight feels like, what the stars feel like. And it’s only 12 minutes. 12 minutes of music from another planet.

1: Medtner - Sonata no. 7 “Night Wind”

Basically, the same things I wrote under Liszt’s sonata, but add in Russian Romantic poetry, thick textures, an impressionist program, and even more fluid melodies. This work is great, exhausting to listen to the first time around, and may even seem like too much. But the more you listen, and notice what is going on, the more captivating it becomes. Sure the “Night Wind” may feel more like a whirlwind out of control at times, but everything is heavily weighted and constructed.


I finally got around to making this video! fun. is my favorite band of all time, so here’s my personal top 10 favorite songs from them! <3

  1. have you been to any coheed concerts? how many?
  2. what was the first coheed song you ever heard?
  3. do you collect albums/CDs/merch? what all do you own?
  4. do you think claudio will ever cut his hair off?
  5. do you have any coheed tattoos? if not, would you ever get any?
  6. how old were you when you started listening to coheed?
  7. are there any tracks that are very dear to you? can you describe why?
  8. are there any tracks that you prefer as acoustic?
  9. do you think YOTBR is a bad album? 
  10. are you interested in the amory wars?
  11. have you met any of the band members?
  12. chris pennie OR josh eppard?
  13. mic todd OR zach cooper?
  14. what are your favorite lyrics?
  15. your top 3 favorite music videos? 
  16. your top 10 favorite songs?
  17. top 10 LEAST favorite songs?
  18. favorite and least favorite albums? 
  19. can you rate each album on a scale of 1 to 10?
  20. do you have any coheed-related confessions to make?

neutral planet’s favourite albums of 2015 (so far)

oh wonder // oh wonder

wild - ep // troye sivan 

little mourning // milk & bone

another eternity // purity ring

badlands // halsey

in color // jamie xx

honeymoon // lana del rey

dead (acoustic) // blackbear

blurryface // twenty øne piløts 

the balcony // catfish & the bottlemen 

(click link in caption under each album cover to listen to full album) 

@galdramani  tagged me for “your top 10 favorite songs of the moment”! so here are my current favs, in no particular order

1. talk me down- troy sivan
2. shape of you- ed sheeran
3. gravel to tempo- hayley kiyoko
4. rockabye- clean bandit 
5. evacuate the dancefloor- cascada
6. alphabet boy- melanie martinez
7. I’m a ruin- marina and the diamonds
8. all this time (pick-me-up song)- maria mena
9. black and gold- sam sparro
10. neon trees- songs I can’t listen to

I tag @youremarvelous, @hanabloemen, @hockpock, @fireblazie, @kixboxer, @kevystel, and anyone else who wants to do it :)

luca’s top 10 favorite (music) albums

[as of 26 mar 2017; previously updated on 3 dec 2016]


honorable mentions (albums that used to be on the list but have been bumped off): we started nothing (the ting tings), nevermind (nirvana), led zeppelin iv (led zeppelin), dark side of the moon (pink floyd), odelay (beck), tragic kingdom (no doubt)


(the album that got me into muse years ago; it still sends a little tingle down my spine with every listen. it should be tied with ‘dark side of the moon’, but i like this album just a little better and didn’t want to put more than ten albums on here)


(it’s so fun, yet it’s so haunting; it’s so energetic, yet it’s so heartbreaking. it leaves me wishing for more, but it’s still an overall delight to listen to.)


(it’s somewhat conceptual without trying to be, it’s catchy as heck, it’s thoughtful and personal, and it’s often beautifully written. the album may be too long for its own good, but i will never get bored of its tracks.)


(its lyrical material is somewhat heavy, but it’s still easy to listen to. depressingly enough, it’s also easy to relate to. its obvious standouts–especially lucky–are amazing, but for some reason, they don’t fit in with the rest of the tracks for me; it’s the understated songs that truly make the album.)


(in my opinion, this is one of the most unfairly underrated albums of all time. its sound is reminiscent of the beatles’, but it still manages to be unique (and in my opinion, it outdoes them). a few of its tracks are somewhat weak, but the rest of the album definitely compensates for it. its lyrics can be confusing, but i find that to be kind of endearing. this album makes me wish ryan ross and brendon urie never had any ‘creative disagreements’, but at least we got this album before they did. kudos, panic!)


(a beautifully done homage to the band itself. it has a characteristically odd sound, but it’s incredibly compelling and i can’t get enough of it.)

3 (tie)

(honestly, i was really tempted to place the latter album above tidal as muse is my favourite band, but for some reason, i couldn’t bring myself to do it. both of these albums hold a load of personal meaning to both me and their authors. that is really all i can say. as such, they can be difficult for me to listen to, but whenever i do play them, i feel uplifted even though their material can remind me of some of my darker moments. tidal is a beautifully personal and poetic album [and, impressively enough, it was written by a teenager!], and black holes and revelations can’t help but make me feel so many things at once that i want to explode with emotion…yet not because i wouldn’t be able to listen to it anymore.) 


(this album. i cannot get enough of it. it calms me down. it helps me through creative projects. it makes me nostalgic for advanced art class, the environment in which i first experienced comfort with myself and others. it is as beautiful as heaven and as addictive as hell. it has turned my head into a radio. it has turned me into a fan of radiohead. and it has forever changed me. i cannot thank the band enough for releasing it.)


(i may be incredibly biased, but this is an album everyone needs to listen to at some point in their lives. it covers a wide range of topics that are often sung about in mainstream pop music, but dave moisan’s takes on them are insanely intelligent and fraught with creative metaphors that somehow manage not to make his songs sound too stilted. and even then, they hold so much meaning that it takes a deep look at their lyrics to truly understand them. the album’s production is incredibly unique and a delight to listen to, and its instrumentation is amazing despite the obscurity of the team that brought it together (also, dave plays quite a few of those instruments, which is extremely impressive). and last but not least, dave is a really freaking amazing singer–he may not be the best ever, but his voice is both soothing and seductive, it’s versatile as heck and full of emotion, and both his characteristic falsetto and his warm chest voice are ear candy. i tend not to enjoy pop music as much as that of other genres, but this album has shattered all of my expectations, and the fact that it has gone relatively unnoticed since its release six years ago shatters my heart. please go listen to it. i will love you forever.)                                                                                                      

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Man of La Mancha?

Yes yes yes! Good job!!

Ladies, gentleman, and nonbinary folks, I present the final list:

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Wicked
3. Man of La Mancha
4. Into the Woods
5. Cats
6. 1776
7. Fiddler on the Roof
8. Brigadoon
9. Oklahoma!
10. Hairspray

Thanks to everyone who participated :) I had fun.

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my top 10 favorite musicals

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What are your top 10 favorite songs?

at the moment:

welcome home son - radical face

the breeze - dr. dog

nothing’s gonna hurt you baby - cigarettes after sex

i am the cosmos - pete yorn, scarlett johansson

gardenia - iggy pop

love song - bad luck

this old dog - mac demarco

if you go - parker brown  (he’s a local musician and i adore him !)

why do you let me stay here - she & him

cherry oh baby - the rolling stones

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1) Fiddler on the Roof
2) Hamilton
3) Spring Awakening
4) Great Comet
5) Groundhog Day
6) West Side Story
7) Next to Normal tied with Sound of Music
8) Fun Home
9) Cabaret
10) Little Shop

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Terus please?

01. Full name: Terus aka Reaper
02. Best friend: Argo
03. Sexuality: Bisexual, Demi-Romantic
04. Favorite color: Blue
05. Relationship status: Single but crushin hard on a slug boi
06. Ideal mate: Someone strong, not an inkling, someone who puts up with his salty broody ways, someone who understands he needs space sometimes, someone to mellow out his strict and hard working attitude
07. Turn-ons: Neck bites, dominance, closeness
08. Favorite food: Raspberry Crepes with citrus topping
09. Crushes: Demitri <3
10. Favorite music: He enjoys classic rock and Punk rock
11. Biggest fear: To be demoted or injured severely
12. Biggest fantasy: To take over the octarian army and train them with his superior teaching methods
13. Bad habits: Tends to snap easily, very very broody, has a hard time relating to anyone who isnt an octopus, doesnt understand his feelings well, tends to claw at his skin when frustrated
14. Biggest regret: Leaving himself open for attack that caused all his scarring
15. Best kept secrets: He got his job by murdering his predecessor for insubordination
16. Last thought: “…not my neck”
17. Worst romantic experience: He use to have an octo lover a long time ago who would dig their nails into neck and he hated it more than anything on the planet
18. Biggest insecurity: He’s becoming insecure in his teaching methods as his students keep defying orders
19. Weapon of choice: Customer Octarian Blaster
20. Role Model: His Superiors

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I'm gonna guess that your favorite musicals are Heathers, Fiddler on the Roof, Pippin, Dear Evan Hansen, Fun Home, Next, Something Rotten


Also, Illegal Heathers is actually number 1 in my heart hahaha

  1. Fiddler on the Roof
  2. Hunchback of Notre Dame

  3. Pippin

  4. Les Miserables
  5. Something Rotten

  6. Falsettos

Guess my top 10 favorite musicals

Tag 10 People You Want to Know Better

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Name: Sara

Nickname: I don’t really have any. My mom calls me silly or goose or a combination of the two if that counts. In my Hetalia phase I was Canada

Favorite color: Brown. Especially the dark shades of brown.

Last song I listened to: Uh, all the way through? Probably something from Hamilton. I think. I’ve been watching top 10 videos with music as the focus, so *shrugs*

Favorite Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, Voltron, FMA, Steven Universe…etc (I don’t normally do favorites)

First Fandom: Warriors (the Erin Hunter series)

Books currently reading: Lost Hero by Riordan. Only because I was waiting for my mom so we could go somewhere one day and just picked it up off the table. I do so much other junk that reading kinda takes a back seat, but I love to read.

Worst thing eaten: Vegemite! I was going to say ‘well, I don’t like to say WORST’ but then I remembered I’ve had it before.

Favorite place: Oh man, uh, the forest, the mountains, the beach. Personally I love the Tri Cities on my states eastern side. They may lack mountains, but it’s quiet and beautiful and has normal weather.

Bonus: In bullets because I like being organized:

  • I’m studying to be a psychologist for children and teens with mental disorders
  • My school is in Idaho and I’m only there during Fall and Spring so I have a three month break of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND IT’S SO BORING
  • However, it gives me plenty of time to write and draw and do random things school schedules would never allow
  • My birthday is the same as Dr. Suess’!
  • I love to write, read, draw, and sing but only put two of the three presentable ones online
  • I sound like a child on recording
  • I have 6 fics - 2 in the works and 4 completed
  • I have 62 characters! (OCs and FCs alike)
  • I have 13 original works planned out - 1 is a five 'book’ series and 4 are comics
  • Asking me to choose favorites is probably not a good idea, I like everything
  • I ramble when answering open ended questions, so I’ll stop now

@willow-tea is my art blog

People I’d like to know more about: @pjfangirllvnda @melonorca @samochas @summer-arts @shavothehusky @catnippackets @13thseeker @gumshogun @auroura101 @bennettflynt

This is optional, obviously, but it’s the first thing I’ve been tagged in so I wanted to do it ^^

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Music questions 1, 3 and 12

1. Top 10 favorite bands (in order)?

This fucking sucked, by the way. But I was always a musician first in life and what better way to put an order together than by massive influence.

Avenged Sevenfold
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osborne (Randy Rhodes in particular)
Dimmu Borgir
David Bowie
Type O Negative
Ne Obliviscaris

3. Favorite album?

Behemoth - The Satanist.

That album did things to me on all sorts of levels.

12. What band do I REALLY want see?

I’ve seen most of who I HAD to see, but I would REALLY like to see a heavy, progressive band play with a full, live orchestra. Like what Metallica and Dimmu did. As for a particular band to do so? If by some miracle they got back together, Agalloch. I’d shit myself.