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What are your 10 top favorite blog, that you like to reblog the most? (If you don't want to answer this q, to not hurt any one feelings. I understand) I'm just curious cause I love your blog bro' and I'm stoked to be following you. So I hope you say my blog, if not it's cool.

i can only say your blog if i’ve spoken to you, follow you back, or have some typa acquaintanceship with u. but off the top of my head…

We’ve just updated our blog ( and compiled our top 10 favorite places in Tokyo this week!

Special thanks to the following JapanLovers for using our hashtag #JapanLoverMe:

@verymerii @sera.bunny @kittyandbuck @aikohosoya @lilly.belle.disney @nattyadventures @bambiiiyor @cherylish @katya__ili @weekend_gypsy 🎌❤️

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what is your top 10 favorite comic book blogs?

Ahh this is always so hard! I make friends with most of the blogs I follow so it’s like you’re asking me to pick a favourite child.

That said - based on their incredible content(/friendship) over the years, and in no specific order:

Also tied for equal 11th:

Also I just unfollowed about 50 inactive pages as I went through to make sure I didn’t forget anyone so I still need new blogs to follow - hit me up!

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what are your favorite blogs? idk top 10 maybe?


these are people i love seeing on my dash and reblog a fair bit, most of them are mutuals but also some tumblr crushes !!

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Top 10 favorite blogs?

These are the 10 true crime dedicated blogs who I reblog from the most and also enjoy their posts ,in no specific order: 











There are many others as well and I really don’t wanna miss to mention anyone here,because honestly all the blogs who I follow are amazing blogs and also very sweet people :) 

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Top 5 favorites bands and top 10 favorites blogs 😊 have fun!

Thanks! 🖤🖤
Ok so this changes every day but today

Top 5 Fav Bands:
1. Hellhammer
2. Iron Maiden
3. Isengard
4. Motörhead
5. Anvil
Top 10 Fav Blogs:
1. @metalkilltheking
2. @the-true-metal
3. @quorthory
4. @silverstagpotter
5. @xochitl-metal
6. @death-is-only-everlasting
7. @kawaiichurchburner
8. @stxrlx
9. @softggogh
10. @blazeinthenorthernsky