top 10 casts


Hidden Figures (2016)

Directed by Theodore Melfi

Cinematography by Mandy Walker

Top 10 Twd characters (current cast)

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For Your Own Good Compass by Yaiba

Paul Arendt, art director, comments: “Sunless Sea is all about lights in the darkness, and this piece captures that sombre mood perfectly. I like the warmth and detail of the compass against the cold blue of the buoy, and the suggestion of a tragic end to an unfortunate captain.”

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“The Zee” by Havenshark

Paul Arendt, art director, comments: “This feels like a tattoo or a piece of tribal art that’s gotten completely out of hand. Eyes, tentacles, gaping mouths, eyes *inside* gaping mouths… it’s the kind of thing that an HP Lovecraft protagonist sees just before they go completely bonkers.”

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50 Best Albums of 2015 - #8. Various Artists, ‘Hamilton: Original Broadway Soundtrack’ (Rolling Stone):

A nearly three-hour Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton (“the ten dollar founding father without a father”) might, on paper, sound like a tough feat to pull off. Writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also plays the lead role, made it look easy with a book of modern hip-hop and R&B songs that could’ve been played on the radio. Even if you didn’t get to see the show, the soundtrack album still works as a fantastically fun ride of its own. It helps that the Caribbean-born orphan who became our first Treasury Secretary lived a perfect hip-hop life – hustling his way from poverty to “young, scrappy and hungry” New York success story, fighting a bitter North-South regional battle with Thomas Jefferson and finally going down at the hands of punk-ass Aaron Burr when beef turned lethal. In Hamilton, the complex policy debates of the early Republic are rendered in verses worthy of Kanye. But along with being outrageously thrilling living history, it projects brilliantly into our own election season. As Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette sing after whooping ass on the British: “Immigrants, we get the job done.” Take notice, King Donald.


top 10 actresses: #6 → Maisie Williams

“I was quite weird in school. I think people were scared of me because I was like really, really hyper. I had a few friends but I was never the popular one or the pretty girl…One of the reasons I love ‘Game of Thrones’ is because it’s about finding out who your real friends are, and sometimes that takes a very long time to realize.”