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[…] For the first time in more than 51 years, there are two cast recordings in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 chart. The original Broadway cast recording of Dear Evan Hansen debuts at No. 8 with 29,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Feb. 9, while still-hot Hamilton: An American Musical, moves from No. 12 to No. 13 (25,000 units; down 1 percent). The chart last housed a pair of top 20-charting cast albums way back in 1965, when the Broadway cast recordings of Hello, Dolly! and Fiddler on the Roof both occupied the region for 11 consecutive weeks, between Jan. 16 and March 27, 1965. Hello, Dolly! topped the chart for one week in 1964, while Fiddler On the Roof peaked at No. 7 in January of 1965. Both albums were particularly strong performers on the list, with Hello, Dolly! spending 90 weeks on the tally, and Fiddler charting 206 frames on the list.

As previously reported, Dear Evan Hansen’s bow at No. 8 is the highest debut for a cast recording on the chart since 1961, and marks just the fourth cast recording to reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in the last 50 years. In that span of time, the only previous cast albums to visit the region were: Hamilton (No. 3 in 2016), The Book of Mormon (No. 3 in 2011) and Hair (No. 1 for 13 weeks in 1969). […]


wednesday 22.2, semester six, week six

It’s only 3pm, but I consider my work for today done – I’m on break anyways. I’ve organised my next week on both my blackboard/weekly planner and my journal (actually noticing I’ve done quite some work already, even though I didn’t think I did). I checked my literature notes on Woolf, adding missing information (names, places, etc… that my prof briefly mentioned but might add in an incoming test. I know how he works now.) and prepared for the next seminar (sadly working on two characters’ deaths (and my fav?? I was so disappointed in myself for getting attached to a secondary character and having him dying… again)). Next today? Reading. Mostly reading, and taking the train to the countryside. I’ll probably finish Adam Silvera’s History is all you left me, although I tried to read it slowly enough for it to last (not happening), and start Six of Crows’ sequel (I’ve had it on my Kindle since Christmas and simply forgot about it because of exams and starting the semester.)

Monthly Reads | April 2017

Special mention⭐ & Top 5 + 10 more stories under the cut:

1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Prompt Challenge

This is a prompt challenge @suddenclarityharry had the inspiration for after reading some of the feelings described in the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. Participants pick a random number between 1 and 1000 and have to use the feeling described to write a short fic in a week’s time!
Authors: a-writerwrites, letsjustsee, becomeawendybird, londonfoginacup, icanhazzalou, allwaswell16, phd-mama, flamboyantommo, jaerie, iflovewereall, all-these-larrythings
Week One  | Week Two | Week Three - posted tomorrow!

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death)

by LovingCup | Afterlife | 490k

AU- After dying in an accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body. On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, they fall in love and begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.

It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does

by roaroftheninth | World War II | post war | 50k

“He says that he’s grateful for that ending, because he always wanted to imagine it like that and you were always a better storyteller than he was. But that’s not the ending that should be published, because it’s not the truth.”

Summary: It is 1953; Louis makes that nine years since they won the war (eight if you count the Americans, which he never does). His first novel, a best-seller set during wartime, is due for a sequel - but Louis doesn’t want to face the ending.

Run away home

by hattalove for 1D Big Bang: Round Four | friends to lovers | horse racing | slow burn | injury recovery| 106k

Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.
Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.
it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.


by TheMagicWord | famous/non famous | Coming Out | implied/referenced homophobia | 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

Safe And Sound (You’ll Always Be)

by Rearviewdreamer | Famous/Non Famous | Bodyguard!Harry | 58k

When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

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Personality of the Week: Coco Lili

Coco is a YouTuber & Blogger specializing in beauty, fitness and is an amazing motivator! Above is a video where she shares her top 10 favorite books, and goes into detail about what each book offers. Number 1 & 2 are my personal favorites and have shaped me to be the person I am today! I think the best part of this is to see industries crossing over which Coco does single-handedly. She’s made beauty and the law of attraction compatible and accessible to all her followers. Here is someone that encourages us all to live beautiful lives, inside and out!
You’ll find more of Coco here:
Bookish Ask

1. Top three books?

2. Favorite genre[s]?

3. How do you organize your bookshelf?

4. About how many books do you read a week?

5. Favorite authors?

6. Favorite series?

7. How do you mark your place in books?

8. How long have you been on Booklr/Tumblr?

9. Favorite Book Blogs?

10. Current or Classics?

11. Fiction or Non-Fiction

12. Favorite place to read?

13. Reading playlist?

14. Latest book haul?

15. Favorite beverage for reading?

16. Currently Reading?

17. Popular series/book you didn’t like/didn’t finnish?

18. Favorite characters?

19. Characters you’d date?

20. Fantasy or Science Fiction?

21. Guilty Pleasure?

22. Favorite bookstore?

23. Hardcover or Paperback?

24. Do you use ebooks or audiobooks?

25. Order online or buy in the store?

26. Favorite time of day for reading?

27. Favorite page to screen books?

28. Books you think should be movies?

29. Favorite cozy read?

30. Gateway book?

31. Do you like fluff?

32. Summer or school-year reads?

The struggle is real

1. Is that feces,urine, blood or anal glands on my scrubs?
2. Where in the hell is my pen?
3. I think I just stabbed myself.
4. Pretty sure I just skin glued myself to this animal.
5. Wow, isopropyl alcohol is really helpful finding all the cuts I didn’t know I had.
6. Where did that bruise come from?
7. I think that scratch is going to scar.
8. Why is this client here…again…for the third time this week?
9. Does the doc really need to talk about the clients family right now? I’m just down here, on the ground, trying to restrain this 100lb naughty malamute.
10. God, this dog stinks. I really wish I could move my face.
11. Did I log those drugs in the DEA book?
12. This surgery needs to go faster. I need to pee.
13. Shit, I can’t get my scrubs untied and I really need to pee.
14. My nose has to itch right now?! I’m sterile damn it!
15. Oh look! Toenail trimmings in my bra.
16. No shorts or tank tops this week. I look like an abused spouse.
17. Staff meeting tomorrow.
18. Was that the sound of my scrubs ripping?

This weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was M for Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Respect for a man that can pull off pants like these lol

Sarah Reads

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.

Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil’s name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr.

But what Starr does or does not say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

Why I Picked it Up: This book has been on my list for months and it’s been at the top of the NYT Bestseller’s List for 10 weeks. It’s a very important and timely story and I feel like it’s my responsibility to engage with this kind of text, even if I don’t pick up contemporary all that often. I was also sent a copy by the lovely @sophiacbv and I’m so happy I finally have time to read it!

Why I Kept Reading: Starr’s narration is so compelling, and of course it’s very different from my own experiences. The way she experiences microaggressions, the way she has to alter her own image depending on where she is, and all such things are so realistic and well-written. I know for a fact this is not a book sheltered white teenage Sarah would have picked up, but I can already tell it’s one that I’ll be recommending to everybody.

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As a former Chris fan, I cringe that the only way Chris can get work is if he writes it for himself because no one will cast him.

Yes, that poor darling. Taking an opportunity to showcase his acting, writing, and creative contacts all in one space with a respected production studio, and perhaps even try a new opportunity as a director.  Because it’s not like he was ever cast in something where the part was written just for him simply because Chris was so uniquely talented! Except, y’know for those times that actually happened with “Glee” and the Noel Coward film. (The fact that production was stalled due to economic reality doesn’t actually change the fact that Chris was hand-picked by the director and the heirs of Coward himself.) Other than that, though, I agree that it isn’t like he’s been offered opportunities to act with anyone famous. I mean y’know, except for the likes of Betty White, Carol Burnett, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Julie Andrews, Jennifer Saunders … I mean who ever heard of those folks, right? 

Of course, we all know that Chris has just been loafing around doing nothing in the two years since his gig on Glee ended. I mean, those five or six books written in that interim were nothing, right? After all, it’s not like the ones that’ve been published have done any business … except for the past 2 years comprising at least a third of those 30+ weeks he’s spent on the New York Times Bestseller top 10, natch.

But hey, not everyone can count on the opportunity to grovel to Ryan Murphy and kiss his ass when they need a job!  Poor Chris, forced to rely on his own creativity, talent, and good reputation in Hollywood.  It’s a pity, but he can dry his tears of shame on some of those millions he’s earned. 

anonymous asked:

Top 5/10 panel shows? or TV shows? or movies? or bands.. something, idk, anything you wish haha <3

I’ll do all of these!

Top 5 Panel Shows

  1. Would I Lie to You
  2. The Unbelievable Truth
  3. The News Quiz
  4. Mock the Week
  5. The Dog Ate my Homework

Top 5 TV Shows

  1. Taskmaster
  2. Father Ted
  3. Black Books
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Jekyll

Top 5 Movies

  1. Singing’ in the Rain
  2. Star Wars
  3. X-Men
  4. Moulin Rouge
  5. Rent

Top 5 Bands

  1. Matchbox Twenty
  2. Scouting for Girls
  3. Kaiser Chiefs
  4. The Hoosiers
  5. The Beatles

In honor of Banned Books Week, here are the top 10 challenged books of 2013.

This is the second year Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants series has topped the list. He tells NPR’s Lynn Neary:

“I don’t consider the books to be anti-authoritarian, but I do think it is important, if you think something is wrong, to question authority — because, you know, there are villains in real life, and they don’t always wear black capes and black hats. Sometimes they’re dressed like authority figures. And kids need to know that it’s important to question them.”

So I have to write this sort of essay for my master and I want it to send it tomorrow even though I still have like two weeks to post it and I was kinda panicking because i read i had to write 30 pages about the book I’m planning to write in the next two years and GUESS WHAT ???? I misread it and I only have to write like 4-6 pages about it and add 10-30 pages from old texts I wrote which means i’ll be done in like two hours tops !!!! 

from this 

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real quick 

SARIC UPDATE: today was quite different. part of our project is to conduct a poll using a random sample of strangers so we went to the mall and asked a bunch of random people questions about alcohol and stuff. im more of an introvert so i was not excited about it but eric is very charismatic so he kinda took over which was nice of him:) after about an hour of harassing innocent shoppers, we got dinner in the food court and just talked again for a long time. he didn’t say anything about the events of last week (about asking if i like him and saying he liked me) so im not sure if it was just an innocent thing or like some weird boy strategy thats supposed to freak me the hell out haha. the best part though was the ride home. i crashed my car a couple weeks ago so eric offered to take me home and spare me the embarrassment of being picked up by my dad. so we get in the car, he hands me his cd book thing and says i can pick one and that is when i found absolute confirmation that we are freaking meant for each other. he loves the beach boys. i love the beach boys. we spent 20 min in the car singing surfin usa and fun fun fun. it was quite possibly one of the top 10 best moments of my life haha. and then when he dropped me off he said “tell your dad i say hi” which idk why but i thought was totally awesome. another successful saric day:)

(P.S., next weeks update will be on saturday cuz i have plans next friday)

How to create awesome story ideas?

Writers are dreamers.

And as we write, we want the whole world to be enchanted by our story. It’s not just about being famous. It’s not just about money. It’s not just about recognition. Basically, we write dreams so readers can dream with us. The strongest force to push writers will ever be the passion for dreams. To be honest, storytelling is the best job to ever exist. Like… we seriously take people out of reality.

Originally posted by ikenobo

However, here comes the hard part of being a writer:  Coming up with new cliche-free ideas.

Because, look around. It feels like all good stuff have already been written, or drawn, or animated, or filmed. How can you write an original love story? Or an original alien invasion sci-fi? Or an original superpower fantasy? Not to mention all the times you found yourself trapped in famous stories, afraid you’d never be able to write something as complex and amazing. Sometimes, the fear of start writing anything is bigger than the passion for dreaming. If you have ever felt lost and blocked enough to doubt yourself as writer, this article will help you.

Originally posted by horrorsoflife

Every writer struggles to come up with ideas. Thinking takes time and effort. So, there’s nothing wrong with you, don’t worry. What’s probably wrong is the creative process you are using. 

Let’s say you decide to write a fantasy book, but have no idea what the story will be about. So, you overdose yourself in watching fantasy movies and reading fantasy books. You probably also search for fantasy-inspired pieces here on tumblr and cries listening to Harry Potter soundtrack. Then, after weeks of “research” you have as many as zero ideas for your book.

Originally posted by emzie-boy

Well… no wonder you can’t find your story. This process is killing your creativity. You will never find your story in someone else’s movie/book/art, because it’s not there.

Before we start, close or delete every reference from other stories you have been collecting. We won’t need them. Don’t listen to any soundtrack for a while, don’t write any fanfic, don’t search for fanart. They are not inspiring you. They are blocking you. So, goodbye Harry Potter soundtrack.

Let me show you the “easy”, fun and super insightful creative process. Get ready, here it goes…

Originally posted by aftoiasis

You HAVE to come up with ten story ideas EVERYDAY. It doesn’t matter if they are the top ten worst ideas ever, just write them down.

Open a notebook (or a digital document) and write the first ten story ideas that you can think of. Don’t research, don’t overthink, don’t erase ideas, don’t skip a day. At the end of the week you will have 70 ideas. Maybe 68 will be terrible, but 2 will caught your attention.

Then, repeat this process for the rest of your life.

Don’t ever stop creating 10 stories ideas per day, even if your are already writing or editing a book. This creative process is fun (because you have no obligation to create one genius idea after another), easy (because you can create the most absurd ideas just for fun) and insightful (because one of these absurd ideas might be the story you have been looking for).

So, give yourself ten story ideas right now. 

Writing is supposed to be natural, like a dream. And I hope we can all dream together.

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Relationship Status: flat-lined, DOA.
Favorite Color: red
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick but lbr i can’t keep track of chapstick
Last song you listened to:

Last movie watched: netflix is telling me i haven’t watched a movie that wasn’t a documentary since february. i watched like 10 minutes of grand canyon (1991) a couple weeks ago if that counts
Top three characters: ummmm mylene yolanda and regina like that’s where i’m at rn
Top three ships: atm mylene/yolanda, amelia/maggie, grace/frankie
Books I am currently reading: i have a stack on my desk but they’re all for a paper i’m writing. i lack the attention span to read novels

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Week of April 10, 2017:

  • Janko Stanovnik, Consanguins d’omenes (S.I. Editions Tropismes, 1986)
  • Maurizio Nannucci, Falso/Vero (Innsbruck: 1981)
  • Lawrence Weiner, On Top of the Trees (Lucerne: Mai 36 Galerie, 1988)
  • Don Prince, Beyond Borders (Norfolk, England: Coracle, 1994)
  • Richard Venlet and Thomas Bernstein, Abstraction and Empathy (London, UK: Victoria Miro Gallery, 1989)
iKon’s Google search history

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Jinhwan: how to get rid of burning skin after crying for too long, positive quotes, saddest movies top 10, cute kittens, pastel edits, try not to cry challenge youtube, how to not cry in the try not to cry challenge

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Chanwoo: top 5 gaming apps, pewdiepie youtube, how to make a let’s play video when you have annoying band-members, how to be more hip-hop, prank videos, how to prank your friends


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Top 10 most listened to songs on your ipod

I have an android phone and despite spending the last half hour trying to figure it out, I don’t know how to check, but I’ll tell you some of my favorite songs instead? In no order other than this is how I thought of them

1. All Will be Well - The Gabe Dixon Band
2. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco
3. Still Breathing - Green Day
4. Who Needs Air - The Classic Crime
5. Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
6. The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel
7. You Song - Ellie Goulding (and also the Ewan McGregor version. Both are amazing)
8. I’m Serious - Day6
9. Wrong Again - Martina McBride
10. In a Week - Hozier

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