Imagine being Josh’s better half, but he keeps it private to protect you from potential hate. Since you are also very close to Tyler the fans start to ship the two of you, which makes Josh more than jealous. In the end he can’t keep it in anymore and makes your relationship official.

Something New

Synopsis: A Shitty drabble with lots of fluffy shit about staying the night with josh.

Word Count: 872

Warnings: shitty wrighting

Just do it. just pick up the phone and call him, it’s not that big of a deal. If he says no, he says no. He’s my best friend, it’s fine. I tell myself, I take a deep breath and force myself to press the call button. I was just about to hang up when he picked up. “Josh?”
“Yeah? whats up?” I hear him say on the other side of the phone. i pause hearing the silence of the line.
“This is gonna sound so weird but, will you stay the night with me tonight?” I asked leaving a pregnant pause. “I mean I have coffee and I can cook  if you’re hungry but you don’t have to if you don’t-” I was cut off by his chuckle causing my cheeks heat up.
“I’d love to stay the night, and food sounds great.” he said trying to keep his chuckling quiet, “I’ll be over soon.”
 I quickly get to cooking and setting up my loveseat for a night of movies, decorating it with pillows and blankets, wanting everything to be perfect for Josh’s first time staying the night. “Fuck.” I whisper hearing his car pull up, “I thought I had more time.” I set our food on the coffee table, running back to my room to change into night shorts, and a tye dye t shirt I made with Josh ages ago, that is now riddled with holes, before running back down the hall. I peak my head out waving to catch his attention, I see him come around his car in his comfy garb. I stare for a little too long as he looks back at me I realize how creepy I must look, I clear my throat hoping to dismiss my inappropriate thoughts.
“uhm food is ready and the movie is queued up and ready to go whenever you are.” I called out to him.
“Oh alright cool.” He smiles at me, making his way inside, droping all his stuff by the door, to the loveseat plopping down causing me to chuckle. When I sit down, I end up unintentionally sitting as far away from him as possible, watching him play with the reclining buttons on my new couch making it go all the way back and then all the way up again, repeatedly. How fucking adorable can one boy be. “ I didn’t know they made automatic recliners.” I roll my eyes with a small smile, turning on the movie, reclining back myself.

The movie ended quickly but it didn’t really matter because we weren’t really paying much attention to it, Josh was too busy making bad puns, and I was to busy making fun of his bad puns until we both fell asleep.
When I woke up I felt a pair arms wrapped around me and I stiffened, before remembered the events from the night before. Naturally loving the feeling of the security and comfort I shut my eyes and relaxed back into his arms, pretending to still be asleep, Trying to keep my nerves and butterflies at bay. Not long after this, I feel him move bringing me closer to his chest rubbing soft circles on my arm, now holding me more than cuddling. It felt strange doing something I had only Imagined in my head, dreaming about it was one thing, but it actually happened was a whole new game. I had ‘cuddled’ with a man before, but this felt..Different. I was immensely enjoying having Josh holding me, giving me the attention I craved from him so deeply. He had never done something so bold. Meanwhile while I was lost in thought about how ‘dreamy’ Josh was, my arm was in the process of falling asleep, which meant I was gonna have to move, potentially risking him letting me go sooner than i’d like. Fuck it.
I move my arm and slowly open my eyes to look over at him, to see if he had noticed, only to see he’s looking straight back at me, giving me a soft smile filling my body with warmth and butterflies. “Hi” I let out softly, smiling back at him.
“Hey.” he whispered back grabbing my hand, “How are you feeling?”
“Sleepy, but fine. How are you?” I asked and he let out a soft hum in reply. “Do you have to do anything today?”
“I have rehearsal to go to today but you could come with me if you’d like, and afterward we can go get something to eat. Hows that sound?” It seemed as if today was going to be filled with new things. I was shocked he invited me to rehearsal, in all our time spent together he had never invited me to his practice sessions.
“Oh wow yeah, that sounds great!” I smiled, the warmth between our bodies radiating, I reached to grab hold his hand and his finger easily slid between my own. “I like this. Maybe you should stay the night more often.” I whisper, earning a chuckle from him.
“I think so too.” he whispers right back bringing my head down to his neck while he rubs his hand up and down my back slowly. I could get used to this.