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i hope you kno that bts has worked hard and suffered something BB who get it on a platter served cannot relate to.

BB getting things on a platter and not working hard????

 Ah yes the group that mopped floors and cleaned toilets at YG, the group that slept with rats, the group that didn’t have anything to eat, the group that made YG Ent. a big 3 company, the group that pulls in $44M a year, the group that YG admitted to wanting to pull the plug out of in 2011 but was saved by the MTV award, the group who put themselves on TV and worked their asses off in 2011 despite their scandals, the group whose leader lived through death threats and the most vile comments yet locked himself in a recording studio to work on a new album, the group with members who have suffered through anxiety and depression, the group who have had to beg YG to do anything for them, the group who go on massive world tours and never complain once, the group who has dealt with the lowest of lows and the darkest times that you can’t ever imagine, the group who were shunned before Lies for being ugly and short, the group who were shunned for doing a new music style, the group who still gets name called and bullied? Ah yes BIGBANG the group that gets all their success handed to them a group that didn’t lift a finger. 

I don’t know what BIGBANG you’re talking about but it isn’t the one I’ve loved for 10 long years, the ones who’ve worked endless days and nights for every fucking penny that they’ve made every fan every award. BIGBANG’s hardwork has made them who they are and don’t you dare take that away from them. YG helping them? BIGBANG fucking made YG it’s the other way around. 

All groups work their asses off. Don’t think that you’re the only one. Success isn’t being sold at Walmart it is earned. 


[FANCAM] 161202 TOP -  BIGBANG 0.TO.10 THE FINAL in Nagoya

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