evenmorestress  asked:

I am curious, if you’re still up for taking requests for Lost Light Apartment what would your take be on my two favorite greens, Waspinator and Cosmos? Neighborhood homeless man and lonely astronomer?



So incredibly strange

Homeless and lives in the alleyway behind the Lost Light apartment building

Has a weird obsession with Bumblebee

Very greasy hair

A bit dumb

Okay, a lot dumb

Refers to himself in third person

This creeps a lot of people out

Hisses at people

Hissed at Sideswipe once and scared the shit out of him

Is barefoot and wears an old green onsie

Drift feels bad for him and brings him meals

Minimus has tried to arrest him multiple times

Rodimus tells him to leave him alone

Has a shopping cart full of tin foil

Sleeps in the tin foil

Very, very pale

Hallow cheeks and weirdly big eyes

That are an uncomfortably bright green

Very square headed

Has no street smarts at all and gets beaten up a lot

Seen running way from people a lot too

Weird shaped eyebrows that go straight up

Somehow found yellow lipstick and sometimes wears it

Hides in the dumpster a lot because many people do’t like him

Gets food thrown at him a lot too

Gangle and tall

Likes bananas

Will purposely poke at wasps nest

If you hear screaming its him running away from wasps



So lonely 

Very, very lonely

Has no friends at all

Never has

In school he sat alone, did everything alone

And now he is still alone

Everyone forgets about him

If they are in the same room as him they usually forget he’s there

Literally dyed his hair bright green to get people to notice him

It did not work

Wears a weird, gross looking green suit

Square headed as well

Is naturally red headed

Has a horrible bowl cut

Very chubby and short

Has a very flat nose

Spends most of is time working because he has no friends

Meets Soundwave on the roof one day when hes stargazing

He rambles about stars for a while and Soundwave listens for hours

It becomes a nightly thing for the two

Even Ravage likes Cosmos

Gets bored easily

Lives in a sad little apartment with posters of constellations everywhere

Tries to say hello to his neighbors

but they don’t remember his name

yo…… i am……doing this
so i managed to find some internet and a lot of time and i made a list of all my mutuals! so here we go! i love you all a lot… people in bold have all of my heart

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i love you all, anyway!

heres to the end of a shitty year