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“Don’t you think Happily Ever After is a cliche theme for a wedding?”

“We’re best friends that fell in love, our whole love story is cliche, Jemma”

“Ugh, Fitz”

Dabba Developments: 17th July, 2017

RiKara bits in the episode were SOOOOO glorious! Yeah, there’s still major confusion regarding Omkara ke aakhir wo CHAHTA kya ha but there’s some clarity about why Gauri is staying in the house and what SHE wants. MY QUEEN SLAYED TODAY!!! Theek thaak happy burdaayy karwa diya mera!

Humein samajh nahin aata aakhir wo chahte kya hain? Na jaane ki ijaazat dete hain…na rokne ki wajah.”

Is it just me or does Queen gets some darn memorable words to say? ANYWAY! She’s asking the right questions and that’s all that matters for now. Omkara being so SOFT with Gauri had me MELTING! Like..there was no exasperation in his expression at all? He was so patient with her.. cuz he knows her zidd. Can one blame Gauri for not knowing how to deal with THIS Omkara? The Nandi Bel who was ready to lock horns with anyone at any given chance has become so….gentle.

MAAAAA ka photo toot gaya which is the reason of Gauri’s outburst. I liked how the angry outburst happened because of a mixture of her own confusion and her allergy. Ek toh tabiyat kharab toh uski irritation..maa ke photo tootne ka gham..add Nandi Bel acting like a cotton candy tou uska confusion! No wonder Queenie had had enough in that moment and khade khade..okay bethe bethe BAJAA daali Omkie ki. Ngl…I applauded. LOUDLY.

ALSO BRUUUHHH!!!! CAN I JUST SAY HOW FUCKIN’ AMAZING IT WAS FOR GAURI TO BASICALLY TAKE THE UPPER HAND IN THE SITUATION AND SAY THAT SHE FORGIVES OMKARA?! He hasn’t done anything to apologize to her but she just sensed his intent and BOL diya ke jaao..maaf kiya. It legit must’ve left Omkara even MORE baffled about the situation. He was ready to be all soft and caring towarsd her, hoping to work his way slowly towards getting closer to Gauri. But she toh stopped his advances on the first step itself. Ab Omkie kya kare?!

What WASN’T glorious though was Gauri IMMEDIATELY feeling guilty for being rude to Omkie cuz of just two tiny things he did for her. First the tent thing and then Omkie sketching her mother’s picture. Okay..two admirable efforts to show he cares for her but SHEESH! WHEN YOU COMPARE IT WITH ALL SHE HAS DONE FOR HIM….!! And it’s still missing the entire point! Gauri doesn’t want him to do grand things for her..she just wants him to be honest with himself and herself and their relationship. Just give their relationship a name and status so she can deal with it accordingly. Gauri isn’t even do kashtiyon ki sawaar! She is barely in any kashti!!

And because I sat through the ObBahus scene I HAVE to say - ACP Anda…your dilemma makes NO sense. NONE. I roll my eyes soooo hard whenever they try to compare her situation with Queenie’s. And Annika is the one who is giving them tips. TOTALLLY appreciate her saying ke ObBros can’t be understood in a day..they are all a confused mess of emotions that they themselves don’t understand! But I ain’t gonna support Annika when she says Omkara hasn’t said anything but he sure has done things which show he cares. I’m glad Gauri isn’t convinced by it either..

ANYWAAAYYYY!!! Omkie Shomkie is on the way of doing things he WANTS to do cuz dil chahta hai and not cuz of majboori! So thank god for developments! I know Queenie ain’t gonna sit still till she gets all the answers she needs. Cool start of the week.

P.S - THAT BABY WAS SOOOO CUTE!!! But this track is gonna be SOOOOOOOO fillerish. cute hai. Mereko chalega! :D

P.P.S - The relate level with Gauri’s sneezing was SO high. Meri khud ki cheenken nahin rukk raheen!