Cavity: Curse and a Spell PitchxTooth Playlist

1.Control the Storm~ Delain

2 Bless the Child~ Nightwish

3. Ten Black Roses~ The Rasmus

4. At the Back of Beyond~ Visions of Atlantis

5. Love’s Not Made for my Kind~Tarot

6. Mask~ Keiko Matsui

7. Absent Without Leave~ Sirenia

8. Linger~ Epica

9. Every Time it Rains~ Primal Fear

10. Once Upon a time~ Kamelot

Cavity~ Price

There was a saying that love comes with a price. If that was true, then the price for loving Pitch was Nightmares.

It wasn’t anything Pitch did on purpose, or if he was to be believed, anything that he took any particular pleasure in. But when Tooth slept in Pitch’s arms she subjected herself to her darkest fears, night after night, after night. Pitch couldn’t do anything about it, that would be self-contradictory, and Sandy’s good dreams couldn’t reach her when she was in such close proximity to Pitch.

Many times Tooth found herself wondering why she put up with it. After all each morning she felt less rested and more irritable. Was loving Pitch worth all of that?


In the middle of the night, when the nightmare was the coldest and darkest, she woke thrashing as gasping… and Pitch was always there. Always there with his arms wrapped around her reassuringly, whispering comforting words in her ear, never complaining about her waking him up from his own restless sleep.

“I’m your worst nightmare.” He told her one evening before she drifted to sleep, “Remember that. No matter how bad it gets, as long as I’m yours nothing bad will ever happen to you.”

She still had nightmares of course, but she always heard that whisper “I’m your worst nightmare…” and somehow, Nightmares didn’t seem to be such a high price for Pitch.