Look what’s finally finished asdfghjkl

I am really going to need a handler to make sure I don’t knock people out with these bad boys.


I have wings!!!!!

[Mask is getting made tomorrow. <3 There will be a second video of the “cosplay so far!” once everything is doneeeee.]



Okay so basically the wings and hoodie now join together, god bless velvro.

All we have to do is add the wrist straps and THESE BABIES ARE FINISHED OK.

[They move forwards, backwards, and out to the sides. I shall take a video when done to demonstrate this.]

Qualities a bit naff and I just fart around a bit BUT HERE TAKE IT.

I have mega MEGA tunnel vision in this so I’ll need Rosie/Mary to pretty much take me by the hand and lead me around. XD; It’s also a bit hard on the breathing front and the eyes steam up and it gets a wee bit warm. It feels like I’m back at Build-A-Bear!! But I will suffer for my art and have a lot of breathing/drink breaks.

Can’t wait to get the ears done.

Feeling a little less stupid today. C: Finally attached the tail to the hoodie.

Gun'na cut out and maybe stitch together the red sail now~ The reason it’s not a part of the main tail is because I want it removeable - that way my Hiccup and I can maybe do some neat recreation videos of her “building” and attaching my tail. nwn


UGH the quality of these photos really don’t do Mary’s hard work any justice. XD;

But YEAH YEAH here is just a quick look at how the ears and tail will look when they’re on the hoodie! I just pinned them really quick to have a look-see so they’re not very accurate/a bit messy at the moment.

/squeaks with excitement

/feeling much more confident about this cosplay now

bluebaripie asked:

how on earth did you do those wings? did you finish them! did you post them? sorry I'm getting myself into a wing project and I wanna know as much as possible!

Oh, my Toothless wings? :’) 

If you want to see pictures of the finished project, just check out this tag here! As for how they were made, my Dad and I pretty much followed this tutorial to the letter! And I thiiiink this tag has some more step-by-step stuff of us making them. 

If you have any specific questions I can try and help, but it was a couple of years ago that we actually made them so I might have forgotten a bit.

I hope this does help though! I’m gonna post it in case other people need the same advice. ♥