toothpaste man

2016 fic list

Ive seen some other people on here compiling the work they did over the past year together and i thought it would be fun, so here we go :^)


boku no hero academia

voltron: legendary defenders

owari no seraph

misc fandoms

248, 083 words written between 27 fics (altho more than half of that went into circus of crows lmao) :’^) heres hoping i can beat that record in 2017

tfw u see someone walking down the hallway with a basket full of toothpaste like:

how does seventeen even manage to survive having just one bathroom in their dorm like there’s thirteen of them come on and what if like five members have to use it at the same time i can’t even share a bathroom with another person yet alone share it with twelve people it went from toothpaste wars to bathroom wars what’s next


OMG Toothpaste Man is my hero.. GO TO EDC AND I WILL BE THERE FOR SURE!

tfw ur just casually performing ur song then sUDDENLY THERE IT IS THE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY AMAZING OBJECT that is toothpaste and everyone in the squad be like:


Toothpaste man returns! This time at EDC Puerto Rico