toothpaste kisses and heart shaped bruises

love songs for the signs + lyrics

aries: hourglass // catfish and the bottlemen “and i’m so impatient when you’re not mine / i just wanna catch up on all the lost times / and i’ll say i’m sorry if i sound sordid / ‘cause all i really ever want is you”

taurus: video games // lana del rey “they say that the world was built for two / only worth living if somebody is loving you / baby, now you do”

gemini: toothpaste kisses // the maccabees “lay with me, i’ll lay with you / we’ll do the things that lovers do / put the stars in our eyes / and with heart shaped bruises / and late night kisses divine”

cancer: can’t help falling in love // elvis presley “take my hand / take my whole life too / for i can’t help falling in love with you”

leo: if // red hot chilli peppers “and if i saw the sun fall down / i’d pick it up and make a crown / one that was a perfect fit for you”

virgo: better together // jack johnson “but there is not enough time / and there is no song i could sing / and there is no combination of words i could say / but i will still tell you one thing / we’re better together”

libra: thinking out loud // ed sheeran “so baby now / take me into your loving arms / kiss me under the light of a thousand stars / place your head on my beating heart”

scorpio: only love // ben howard “darling, i feel you under my body / darling, you’re with me forever and always / give me shelter or show me heart / and watch me fall apart” 

sagittarius: first day of my life // bright eyes “yours is the first face that i saw / i think i was blind before i met you / now i don’t know where i am / i don’t know where i’ve been / but i know where i want to go”

capricorn: re:stacks // bon iver “this is not the sound of a new man or crispy realisation / it’s the sound of the unlocking and lift away / your love will be / safe with me”

aquarius: could it be another change // the samples “the only time i feel good sinking / is when i’m sinking fast and deep for you”

pisces: your song // elton john “i hope you don’t mind / i hope you don’t mind that i put down in words / how wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

Toothpaste Kisses

A/N: I know this isn’t a request but I am working on them. This is inspired by Dodie Clark’s cover of Toothpaste Kisses that was originally written by The Maccabees so I suggest you listen to that before or whilst you read this because Dodie’s cover is beautiful. 

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Word Count: 929

Warnings: None just lots of fluff

Requested: No 


Cradle me, I’ll cradle you
You and Remus laid on the sofa of your newly bought apartment, both of you in one of his jumpers just laying in silence listening to the rain fall outside the window. You loved nights like this; just being in each other’s presence, silently laying in each other’s arms, listening to his heart beat as you mindlessly traced the scars on his face and neck with the hand that wrapped itself round his neck. “(Y/N).” Remus whispered causing you to look up into his hazel eyes and melt under his loving gaze. “I love you.” He whispered and a small smile formed on both of your faces. “I love you too.” You whispered back, cuddling closer to him. 

So with toothpaste kisses and lines
I’ll be yours and you’ll be

You were stood in the bathroom brushing your teeth before bed, humming random tunes and fidgeting to them as the froth gathered around your mouth, Remus came back into the room with his toothbrush hanging out the side of his mouth. “It was James, he was freaking out because the baby wouldn’t stop kicking Lily.” He sighed, running a hand through his already messy, brown hair. You giggled and shook your head, spitting out the build up of foam. “Would you ever want to start a family? With me, that is, even with the whole werewolf thing.” He said awkwardly as he continued brushing his teeth with a slight frown, you froze and straightened up to look at him. At first he thought you were going to freak out and leave, just like he thought when he first told you about his condition, but these worries cleared when he was the bright, minty smile that spread across your face and reached your eyes. “I would love nothing more.” You smiled lovingly and wrapped your arms around his neck as he wrapped his round your waist, you both leaned into each other and kissed affectionately. You began to giggle as you could feel the toothpaste smear together and pulled away, he smiled down at you and rested his forehead on yours lovingly. 

Lay with me, I’ll lay with you
We’ll do the things that lovers do
Put the stars in our eyes
And with heart shaped bruises
And late night kisses, divine

It was the early hours of the morning and the sun was just peaking over the horizon, neither you of Remus had gotten any sleep that night, too worried about James and Lily to sleep. You two being extremely close friends with the couple, you were informed that Voldemort was after them which set you on edge and kept you up most nights. You laid in a jigsaw of body parts; your arms around Remus’ neck stroking his hair gently as you rested your forehead against his, his arms wrapped tightly round your waist tracing shapes on the soft skin of your lower back, your legs intertwined. His lips were on your neck placing soft and meaningful love bites scattered on the skin, there were several that were dark enough to be seen and a few that would be hard to cover with make up, the rest were fair and delicate.

“Rem, the sun’s coming up, do you want to go watch it?” You whispered, breaking the morning silence, he nodded softly and moved his head away from your neck and looked into your stunning (Y/E/C) eyes. “Should I go make us some tea?” You smiled, knowing he loved tea in the morning, he smiled and nodded again before untangling your bodies so that you could get out of bed. You shivered as you stood up and made your way to the kitchen to make the teas. 

When you were finished you brought them back to the bedroom and gestured for Remus to follow you up to the roof where you two had made a small, cozy getaway that was adorned with multiple pillows and fairy-lights. He dragged your duvet up and you both got goose bumps when the cold morning air hit you, the surrounding area was silent and it seemed like the world was asleep. You placed the teas on the small table then sat down on the bundle of pillows facing the sunrise, Remus sat down shortly after and wrapped you both in the still-warm duvet, his arms pulling you into a hug. You grabbed your teas and gave him his, he took a sip and smiled, kissing your temple afterwards. You both sipped on your teas whilst you looked at the horizon as it filled with different shades of red, pink and orange, loving the silence and peacefulness. In those few moments you were able to forget about the war going on and the dark forces arising. In those few moments you were able to sit with the person you love and see something you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. “I love you (Y/N), so much. And I pray to god that I’ll be able to tell you that for decades to come.” Remus whispered, his head resting on yours. You moved your head so you were looking up at his face, the light made his scars stand out against the rest of his smooth skin. “I love you too. We’ll make it through this war, all of us.” You insisted and leaned up to kiss his soft, chapped lips. 

 So with toothpaste kisses and lines
Stay with me, I’ll stay with you
Doin’ things that lovers do
What else to do?

♡ with heart shaped bruises & late night kisses ♡

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01. bike ride - the brobecks 02.songs about your girlfriend - los campesinos! 03.fred astaire - san cisco 04.what you know - two door cinema club 05.down to the market - the kooks 06.toothpaste kisses - the maccabees 07.norgaard - the vaccines 08.just because - funeral party 09. let’s dance to joy division - the wombats 10.hit the heartbrakes - black kids year - two door cinema club what you want - ok go 13.harlem - new politics 14.1996 - the wombats 15.fool like me - cobra starship 16.shiver shiver - walk the moon 17.the run and go - twenty-one pilots 18.broken heart - dr. dog 19.the long run - jhameel in my car - paramore 21.ready to go - panic! at the disco too young - for the foxes 23.say it like you mean it - the cinema 

lets count how many times have i put harlem on my mixes 

5SOS preference- Toothpaste Kisses- The Maccabees

*Anonymous asked you: Can you do a song pref/blurb off of Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees??*

*sorry if this is horrible but this song literally has 2 verses so uhh yeah*

Ashton: Lay with me, I’ll lay with you, we’ll do the things that lovers do

You lay in bed next to your boyfriend Ashton. You were cuddled into his side. He was telling you a story about donkeys or something. You weren’t even remotely interested but just hearing his voice was enough. He finished his story just as you were drifting off to sleep. “Babe?” He asked, making you jolt into consciousness. “Hmm yes?” You asked sitting up. “You weren’t even listening.” He pouted. “Sorry babe.” You kissed his cheek. “You’re my girlfriend, you’re meant to listen.” He frowned like a child. “Really is that what girlfriends do?” You asked with a playful smile. “Mmm.” He nodded. You kissed his cheek. “So there were 8 donkeys?” You asked, crossing your legs and staring at him intently. You watched his eyes light up when he realized you were partially listening.

Michael:  with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses

It was verging on 4 in the morning and you still sat on your boyfriends lap. Just being around him, smelling his scent and feeling his warmth could keep you going for the longest time. Loving him hurt like a burn to bare skin, but that just made you want to love him more. Hold him closer. And get burnt harder. His love gave you heart shaped bruises, that weren't visible to the untrained eye. But anyone that knew just how much you loved each other could see them plain as day. You took his face in your hands and your lips connected. The sting of his tongue hurt like heaven. But seemed to sooth everything else. His hands on your hips pulling you closer to him. That connection that couldn’t be matched by anything else.

Luke: with toothpaste kisses and lines, I’ll be yours

You leaned against the bathroom doorway as your boyfriend Luke brushed his teeth. His shirtless body glistened with the water droplets still present from the shower. You caught his eye, as he saw your reflection in the mirror. He bit down on the tooth brush as he turned motioning you over. You walked slowly towards him. His t-shirt, you were wearing brushed against the top of your thighs. He lifted you up by your waist and put you on the edge of the counter. You took the tooth brush out of his mouth and he pressed his lips to your. The mintyness of the toothpaste was a bit overwhelming but Luke’s skin on yours seemed to overrule that factor.

Calum: Cradle me, I’ll cradle you, I'll win your heart

You sat on the couch next to your best friend Calum. The movie you two were watching was making you sleepy. You felt yourself drifting to sleep and falling into Calum’s side. You woke up in your bed with something hard pulling down on the other side. You looked to see an arm draped over your waist. Calum was laying next to you, sound asleep. He was holding you in his arms. You suddenly freaked out, pulling yourself out of bed. You got out and stood by your wardrobe. Calum woke up and stared at you confused. “Whats wrong?” He asked. “Did we have sex?” You squeaked out. “What no?!” He threw his hands up in defense. “Then what was this?” You motioned to the bed. “You fell asleep on me then I carried you to bed, you started calling out for me so I stayed.” He laughed. Embarrassment flushed your cheeks. You had always had a crush on Calum and your sister said that sometimes you talk about him in your sleep. “Oh my god.” You put your face in your hands. “Its fine.” He laughed put his hand on your shoulder. Goose bumps ran up your arm. “I didn’t mind.” He winked leaving the room.

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