My toothpaste came todayyy!
Why am I freaking out about toothpaste?
Because minty toothpaste burns. It’s agonising. Ever tried to buy non minty toothpaste? Impossible. It comes in every type of mint imaginable- but not non minty. I don’t care how ‘mild’ it thinks it is, they all burn. This is a problem faced by many people including autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder. A lot of people who can’t tolerate mint choose to use children’s toothpaste because it’s generally fruity. The problem with this is the fact that children’s toothpaste does not contain enough fluoride for adult teeth.

So when I find an adult toothpaste that’s not mint flavored, yes, I get excited.

It tastes soooooooo good!! It’s like brushing your teeth with a lemon meringue pie. It’s sweet and creamy and it still makes your mouth feel fresh and clean.
You don’t have to spend another day deciding between your desire to look after your body and your desire to not have a mouth full of pain.
Ima just leave this here…