I adore the Lightfury <3 she is soooo beautiful! I had so much fun painting her and I don’t understand the hate for her at all !  I want to do so much more fanart <3 Maybe we should do a monthly theme of how to trainyour dragon artworks until the big day of its release next year? anyone up for that? 

I am also considering selling badges of this painting if I get enough people who might be interested! 🙌🏻Also Commissions are OPEN 😊I am a graduate uni student in desperate need of some commission work! Check out my instagram page:

Getting a hang of this digital painting thing! It’s baby toothless! Cause I’m dying to see the 2nd movie and I’m just rolling in the corner till it comes out. I’m doing more on a big sheet but had to start sharing what I’ve finished! Will upload on Deviant Art later! User is Sofy-Senpai
Poses inspired by Land Before Time! ;u;