toothiana cosplay


A few I edited from the ROTG shoot (will edit more eventually, just did some of me and my friends)

Bunnymund: Lord of Dinosaurs Cosplay/Cosplay for Dinosaurs (me)
North: Idahojones
Toothiana (guardian): Uzumaki cosplay
Toothiana (pre-guardian?): —-

All taken at Sakura Con

So at Sakuracon 2014, I debuted my Human Toothiana cosplay from the film Rise of the Guardians and 90% was awesome feedback; people in awe of my creativity, my hand embroidery, how I acted much like Tooth; but 10% was some awful awful comments! Like ‘Who the hell are you supposed to be?” or “This is an ANIME convention, not a MOVIE convention” and “Youre dumb for cosplaying an OC” and “Dude! Youre fat! Cover up!”. A Staff Member even stopped me because my midriff was showing and I am a bit on the pudgy side around my tummy. it doesnt really bother me because I was finally able to wear something out of my comfort zone and be positive about my own body, but it really got me thinking “Why did this one person stop ME when other people are cosplaying character from Like Kill La Kill or a series that shows a bit of skin.”

Quite literally, for every nice comment i got, i also got a negative comment, mainly about my tummy. Not only because I am on the pudgy side, but also because of the fact that I have Tinea Versicolor which is a benign skin infection that discolors patches of your skin. 

A lot of the negative comments said directly to me were “She doesnt look like that!” or “Where are the rest of the feathers?!”, “She isnt Indian”, and overall it made me a bit self conscious and i was self doubting “Was it really worth stressing over this? all of the research, all of the money spent, all of the headaches from designing, all of the cramps from hand embroidering up to 18 hours a day?”

And when i saw comments online and people I met from con saying How beautiful i pulled off the costume and that just instantly answered all of my questions:

Yes it was worth it!


Fridays with Frost Ep. 24: Holiday Cheer

Happy Holidays from Jack Frost! Hope this makes you smile! <3

Jack Frost: thealchemicfox


Another post that’s massively late! We don’t have any photoshoot pics of these costumes yet and we don’t know if we will be fixing these costume up and wearing them again to get some, but here are some shots of our ROTG Yule Ball costumes worn to Holiday Matsuri 2013! All the photos are by tigershotproductions from the Costume Contest.

The Jack and Tooth designs were based off of the-guardian-of-fun’s designs and then we tried to mimic the style by designing our own costumes for North and Nightlight! We had a lot more detail work that we wanted to add to all of these costumes and simply ran out of time, hopefully we can fix these up one day and get some proper pictures of them.

This was our first time cosplaying as a full, cohesive group and tackling such extensive designs. The ball gown, feather bustle (full of about 200 hand dyed turkey feathers), feather headdress, wings and jewelry were a definite challenge for us. The rest of the costumes were also entirely handmade by each respective cosplayer. We won Best Group in the contest which was so amazing, we were so happy to receive that and to see fans excited about our costumes! 

Tooth: mgannin

Jack Frost: bettiefett

North: scuttlebuttoftheancienttimes

Nightlight: flamingonipples