Bad hookup survival guide

About a week ago I hooked up with someone and I felt absolutely disgusted, used, disappointed, and dirty because I wasnt comftorable, pleased, or happy with the situation and felt scared to say no so for personal reasons and recent experiences, I decided to share a personal lil guide I made that i follow after a really bad hook up.
*Reminder - this is a PERSONAL guide. What works for me may not work for you. Take what you need and leave the rest
1- Deep throating a dirty dick made me appreciate my tooth brush 10x more. I start off by brushing my teeth and flossing, followed by mouth wash. After this i’ll pour myself something to drink to calm my nerves. I recommend tea even tho i’m pouring myself a shot or 5 of vodka.

2- I’ll pick out clean and comftorable underwear, a clean bra, and a big T-shirt to change into for after my bath.

3- I’ll run my bath with warm water and dump ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in with bath salts. I usually use lavender or eucalyptus. You best believe i’m dumping a shit load of body wash in there too, everyone knows a bubble bath is therapy.

4- I massage a deep conditioner into my scalp because that mofo yanked the shit out of my hair a little too hard and now my heads a little sore and my hairs a little knotted.

5- I scoop a generous amount of scrub and work it onto my legs, arms, belly, etc and rinse it off. At this point i’ll turn on my shower head then dose my loofah with body wash and scrub the shit out of my skin. Maybe a little too rough but it gives me the illusion that i’m washing away what the person I hooked up with did.

6- At this point I usually sit in the water to soak for a bit longer or i’ll rinse off and drain the tub and get out. I dry off and cover my body in lotion and spritz a comforting scent on (jasmine, lavender, vanilla) to get the smell of him off me.

7- after this I know my pussy is hurtin. When a guy cant get you wet and rips your dry pussy up it can take a toll on you and your pussy’s emotional health. I’ll take a wet warm wash cloth (please no soap) and gently press it on my labia for any swelling. Then i’ll rub on some coconut oil and put on my panties. No masturbating, let her chill for a bit and recover

8- ok so now that ive done all this i’ll put on my bra and Tshirt and get into bed. I like to write how i’m feeling or honestly just bawl my eyes out and remind myself of these 5 things-
~Who I sleep with doesnt define me
~How many people Ive slept with doesnt define me
~What I do in bed doesnt define me
~I am not less of a person
~I will be okay. My body will be okay. My heart will be okay.
This was kind of a messy little list I put together. Ive been meaning to write this and once I did I cant even put all my thoughts and routines into something that makes sense. But bad hook ups can really take a toll on you. They take a toll on me. And I want to give some kind of supports to others who find themselves in the same situation. Its a kind of misunderstood thing where you feel awful because you agreed to what you were doing but you still feel violated.


Why DNCE’s New Video Toothbrush is so fucking important to me:

DNCE, who’s frontman is Joe Jonas of Burnin Up fame, have snuck their way into the ears (and hearts) of everyone via Cake By The Ocean. Their newest video stars Ashley Graham, plus size model and stone cold fox, as a love interest to frontman Joe.

Now, as groundbreaking as it is to have a plus size woman as the love interest, (with no focus at all on her weight and all the focus on how sexy she is) that is not why it’s important to me. The reason this video is important to be has to do with the lyrics “we don’t need to keep it hush, you could leave a tooth brush.”

There are so many stories of full figured women who meet men who want to date them, but never want to be seen with them in public because they are embarrassed. These men (closeted “fat admirers”, there is even a name and an online community dedicated to them) have been made fun of or ridiculed for preferring plus size women so badly that they don’t even want to be seen in public with one.

If you can get passed the idea that Ashley Graham is physically flawless in general, there is so much representation for the plus sized ladies in this video and it means so much to me. Joe Jonas, a teen hearth throb, is proudly escorting around a plus sized woman with hearts in his eyes.

He takes her out on the town, kisses her at the club, invites her in for a night cap, and wakes up still infatuated with her. He is aroused and present and appreciating her for the sexual being she is.

This was not just a music video. This was not an ad for beats speakers. This was art. This was a story. This was representation.



this is Max, my most beloved bear of all time. He’s over 20 years old and I sleep with him every single night. Well as you can see, max wasn’t looking so hot. He’s been matted for the past 15+ years and no matter how much brushing or cleaning I gave him he was always matted at oily looking. Well I recently came upon a method to clean and detangle faux fur, and I decided to try it on my best friend here. After about an hour of tender love and care he looks much better!!!

So here’s what you’ll need:
Hair detangling spray 💧
A fine toothed pet brush ✨
A hairdryer 💨
(Some patience, depending on how bad the tangles are) 👼

Go through and work on your friend one patch at a time. Spray down the patch with detangling spray and then brush through gently with the pet brush until all knots appear to be out. If you need to, use your fingers to pull out dirt or large mats. Then with the hairdryer on ❄️COOL❄️, dry the patch and repeat as many times as needed

Voilà! Cleaner and fluffier stuffie!✨🐻✨

I hope this helps some of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Day 4 - Prompt - Pollination (the platonic kind) - Iceskating, Shopping and a good dose of Snowballs, too bad Weiss sucks at everything because she’s a Useless lesbian - from weaponscomplex

I hope I’ve met your expectations buddy because, man I’m getting burned out…But I’ll go through with this no matter what and thank you for the prompt XD

Also as a side note, I always imagined Yang going out in the winter like this considering her Semblance…

Seperate Title: Double Date


Marks and Rec: Misc #399

(This catchy little song is from Potter Puppet Pals.)

Tis the season for dog hair in my coffee. Dog hair in my food. Dog hair in my shoes and dog hair on my clothes. Dog hair in my bed, in my books, and on my chairs. Dog hair in my mouth, up my nose, and in my hair. Dog hair on my rugs and dog hair on my floor. Dog hair on my pillows in my purse and on my phone.

Pretty sure that’s dog hair on my tooth brush, too.

I can see Erin and Jillian having their first big fight over something like Erin refusing to tell her parents she has a girlfriend (mostly for her own fear of judgement) and waking up the next day to find that Holtz cut the bristles off of her tooth brush. And it’s so petty but she cannot stop laughing.. And so that’s how Jillian’s walks into the bathroom to find her girlfriend losing her shet laughing super hard on the floor of their bathroom and although she’s mad at her a little she’s still the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Sugar Tote Essentials!

Alright, so I’ve had a few questions on what a sugar tote should include, so here it is 💁🏻!

1) make up pouch: concealer, foundation, powder, lipstick, eye liner, & beauty blender

2) wallet: ID/ License, $50 cash, debit/ credit cards, metro cards

3) toiletries pouch: Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, body spray, gum/ mints, lube, 2-3 condoms, make up wipes, feminine wipes, ibuprofen/ midol, tampons/ pads, hair brush, & lotion
[all of which can be found in travel sizes from target/ Walmart/ wherever]

4) a small pocket knife &/ or mace [if you feel necessary]

5) clean panties (PLEASE)

You should always have these things in your tote because you never know when you’ll need these. Your make up or hair may mess up from intimacy. You may want to freshen up after intimacy so you don’t look like you just got dicked down real good few hours ago. Also, I cannot stress this enough, MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS ON/ NEAR YOU AT ALL TIMES! Always give someone your location or GPS location via Find My Friends. Have that designated friend on speed dial. If you want your identity to be concealed from your POT/ SD hide your DL/ ID/ Student ID behind other cards or in other unusual compartments of your wallet. I’ve had a SD venture into my wallet while I was in the bathroom, his excuse was I was putting some money in there. LOL SO CARELESS OF ME!

Make sure you have flats, sweats, a tee shirt, hoodie, and running shoes in your car. You never know when they can come in handy.

Good luck & stay safe sugar babies!

xoxo JeSuisFaux xoxo


Once again, I’m posting way early on an Ichabbie fanfic event because, hey, the story is ready, and it’s October 28 somewhere!

This is set in an AU Season 3 where Crane and Abbie are housemates, but that otherwise has nothing in common with what was televised. (I am FULL of ideas for what Season 3 SHOULD have been, but you don’t really need my thoughts on what the Horsemen of Famine and Pestilence would’ve been like or how awesome Big Ash would’ve been as a regular character to follow this story.)


Two nights before Halloween, and Abbie had sent Crane on what should’ve been a simple errand—get four bags of candy to replace the ones he’d found and worked his way through during the last two weeks of late-night gaming sessions. Ichabod Crane, cranky grandpa crossed with fifteen-year-old boy.

OK, that wasn’t quite fair. Most cranky grandpas and self-absorbed teenagers didn’t prepare gourmet-quality dinners on a regular basis, nor cheerfully do ninety percent of the housework or happily binge-watch the Great British Baking Show and the last two decades’ worth of Jane Austen adaptations with their housemate. (He was partial to Persuasion, while she preferred the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.) Really, she liked having Crane around every day. He was good company, even if it felt like their lives had turned into a grown-up version of playing house.

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Moving Out Checklist

Living Room:
TV stand
DVD/game console
Coffee table and end tables
Curtains or blinds (whole house)

Office chair
Mouse bad
Landline phone
Filing cabinet/folders
Ink cartridges

Coffee Maker
Measuring cups
Can opener
Garbage can
Trash bags
Mixing bowls
Casserolw dish
Hand mixer
Baking dishes
Drying rack
Knife set
Cutting board
Spoons, spatulas, ladles (you need more than you think)
Plates and bowls
Mugs and glasses
Hand towels
Salt and pepper shakers
Oven mitts
Ziplock baggies
Aluminum Foil
Wax paper
Plastic wrap
Cabinet Liners
Cooking Oil (vegetable, canola, olive, w/e)

Dining Room:
Chairs or stools
Place mats
Table cloths

Toilet Paper
Toilet brush
Tooth brush
Soap (bar and hand)
Body soap
Shower curtain and rod
Nail trimmers
First aid kit
Any other bathroom items you may need (like face wash, contact solution, so on)

Bed (mattress, box spring, frame)
Sheets (multiple sets)
Blankets (multiple)
End tables
Coat hangers
Alarm clocks
Waste basket

Utility Room:
Hanging rack/clothes organizer
Table for folding
Iron and ironing board
Laundry hamper
Laundry baskets
Waste basket
Dryer sheets
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener
More clothes hangers
Stain removal pen or detergent

Trash bags
Rags and hand towels
Dust pan
Rubber gloves
Multipurpose cleaner
Oven Cleaner
Air freshener
Toilet Cleaner
Glass cleaner
Antibacterial wipes
Wood polish
Paper towels

Light bulbs
Flash Lights
Matches/lighter/light fluid
Emergency Kit
Fire alarms
Fire extinguisher
Power strips
Extension chords
First aid kit
Back up chargers and cables

Note: You do not absolutely need every last thing on this list. This is just what I believe to be a pretty good list of what someone might possibly need in a new home. You can cross out whatever doesn’t suite your lifestyle.

Alright, I think that’s about it. I probably forgot some things, but I tried to be as thorough as I could. This is roundabout everything I had before moving in. It honestly made living on my own so much easier. Not only that but I cut back on costs by not having to run to the store every five seconds because I forgot something.

My bathroom closet (featured in the picture above) is just one of the placed I keep my stock. I stock up like crazy, on everything. What I bought before moving in lasted me a whole year before I had to stock up again. It was amazing and I’ll be breaking down where/how I found the best deals to do this.

I wish I was an extreme couponer (have you seen their stock rooms?!?!?) because they just do it better.

Any questions or comments (like “Hey! You forgot (blank) and I’ll add it to the list) are super welcome!

Doll hair care rule number one

This is the first rule because it its one of the easiest problem to solve and one of the most common mistakes.

You know those plastic brushes that come with every doll over $15 practically? Do not use them. They’re garbage and will make your dolls hair frizz. Avoid using combs and brushes with plastic teeth on your doll. the surface snags the hair and causes it to stretch and break. Instead use either a metal toothed doll brush that you can find almost anywhere they sell 18″ dolls or a wire bristle brush found almost anywhere with a pet care aisle.