tooth's palace

For someone who was constantly berated to leave her work behind and get out of her palace sometime, Tooth left the gilded spires quite often. Just not at a time when anyone would see. Not for the ‘fun’, or ‘relaxation’, or ‘breaks’ her friends insisted were important.
No, this- This was different.

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The idea is the Tiannabeth, and only because I drew a good idea. In the event, the scene would happen in PinchUA. And in the words of Tiannabeth:

And this scene cam to my mind with Hiro and Tip in Tooth’s Palace, and the BabyTooths all excited because They are not many childrens who They can play and well, this is kind of random, but They get all too excited and dress up Tip , with Indian Clothes, and- When Hiro see her its like ‘Woah' 

 And that’s it. I hope you enjoy =)