tooth x bunny


My adorable little workaholic B-ship for RotG. Tooth gotta go somewhere, when I so rudely tear Jack from her dainty grasp. While I always loved her friendship with Jack, I frankly think these two would have a lot more chemistry and stability. If Black Ice is my pain-ridden powered-by-forsaken-children angst-machine, then Sweet Tooth is the cotton candy factory, spreading fluff and butterflies on the ashes. Just look at their 1 million babies aka eggs + fairies

Celebrating Easter (Guardians x Reader)

“It’s almost Easter,” you murmured, realizing how time flew as you glanced at the calendar on the wall. You were standing in the North Pole, hanging out with North, the yetis and the elves on some spare time you had from your own guardian duties. “I didn’t even notice how it was already that time of the year again…”

“I know what you mean,” Jack exclaimed, suddenly popping up besides you.

You let out a startled squeal. “Jack! When did you show up?”

“Just a moment ago, I stuck past Phil,” the guardian of fun said with a smirk. “Speaking of Easter, do you think I should make it snow again this year?”

“Bunny would not like that Jack,” North’s voice boomed as he entered the room. “He’s always jumpy around this time of the year, no?”

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